I have a question about the £5 annual deduction for Plus members.

1) How is the £5 for Plus members deducted from earnings?

If you are a Plus member, we will deduct £5 from your account. Once you have reached £5 payable cashback in your account, you will be able to payout your cashback, and the £5 will be taken out of your earnings during the payout process. After the deduction, your payouts will continue as normal for the rest of that year.

You will be able to see a breakdown on your account of when the £5 deduction has been deducted from your earnings, and once it has been paid, it will not be deducted from your earnings again until the following year of your Plus membership.

If you do not make a payout throughout a whole year of Plus membership, the £5 for that year will be carried over and combined with the deduction that you owe for the following year.

2) As a Plus member, how will I know if the £5 has been deducted?

If you are a Plus member, £5 will be deducted from the first payout that you make. You will be shown during the payout when £5 is being deducted from your payable cashback, and you will also be able to see a breakdown of when your £5 has been deducted for each year on your Payout History page. This way, you can clearly see when this year’s £5 has been deducted, and when next year’s will be due.

3) As a Plus member, what happens if I don’t earn over £5 payable cashback in a year to cover the annual deduction?

If you are a Plus member, and you don’t earn £5 or more after one year on this level of membership, then you won’t have enough payable cashback to cover the £5 annual deduction.

However, don’t worry – if you haven’t earned any cashback at all and your earnings are at £0, then you won’t have anything deducted for that year.

If you have earned between £0.01 and £4.99 payable cashback in that year of membership, then you will not reach the £5 you are required to earn before you make a payout. Whatever you have earned that year will be carried over and added to the annual deduction for the following year. So, for example, if you only earn £2 in your first year of Plus membership, the following year you will need to reach £7 payable cashback before making a payout so that the £7 deduction for both years can be deducted.

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