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Fireplaceworld Reviews
friend icon Excellent service , great value for money. Helios electric fire is very nice. Customer service was also helpfull . Would recommend. Thank you.
  peterm1 | 01 Apr 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Fast payment
  Neil_Cottrill | 05 Oct 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon No problem
  donedancing | 18 Sep 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Great retailer, quick on all things, delivery, cash back etc
  sue29107 | 04 Aug 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Excelllent service a1
  Member21715861439 | 15 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Dear simplysue, thank you for buying your cast and hearth from fireplaceworld. We are very sorry to hear of the problems you encountered with your purchase and would like to apologise about the poor level of service received. As you will hopefully appreciate there are instances where a delivery is made and regrettably an item may have been damaged in transit. In situations like this we endeavour to rectify any problems as quickly as possible with a replacement being sent, where possible, within 10 days. On this occasion this did not happen and for that again we apologise. We would like to reassure you that we constantly monitor our home delivery team’s performance to ensure that the level of service we expect from them is met and for the most part they consistently meet and exceed the service level demanded from us and our customers. In your case there appears to have been a number of avoidable problems. We have reviewed this issue, discussed your case with our delivery agent, and are confident that we have implemented procedures to ensure this does not happen again. We would like to reassure you and any others thinking of purchasing from us that this is not indicative of the level of service we offer here at fireplaceworld. Please accept our sincere apologies. If you have any further comments please do contact us on 0844 8809 301 or email our support team at customer.Support@fireplaceworld.Co.Uk
  | 07 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Dear topcashbabe123, we are very sorry to hear that you have not received your cash back from topcashback.Co.Uk following your purchase from fireplaceworld.Co.Uk. We have double checked our records and can confirm that any commissions owed on your purchase have been provided to topcashback.Co.Uk on time and any monies owing should have been credited to you. We have raised this issue with topcashback.Co.Uk and hopefully they will resolve any outstanding payment issue with you as soon as possible. We only work with carefully selected partners as part of our affiliate marketing programme and are keen to avoid similar incidents in the future. We have not encountered this issue before with topcashback.Co.Uk but will be reviewing our partnership with them should this problem not be resolved. If this issue is not rectified in the coming week we would appreciate you letting us know. Please email me at elaine.Tan@firedupgroup.Co.Uk should this problem persist.
  | 07 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon No problems with order, but cashback never reached payable, so after 8 months, got in touch with topcashback, who payed it themselves straight away
  Ryanr | 20 Dec 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered a new gas fire from this supplier. Whilst no problems with the fire itself, the advertised cashback has not been paid and has been 'waiting for supplier response' status for 7 months now, despite constant nudges. Would be unlikely to order from this supplier again where the advertised cashback made them slightly more competitive than other suppliers.
  DaisyJ124 | 10 Apr 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Still waiting on cashback! for june 2015! they said order was canceled and returned ! have sent photos of this in my living room , its only a few quid but the cashback was the reason I choose this shocking company rather than someone else! shop elsewhere
  pcollings7 | 08 Apr 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon I unfortunately do not have anything positive to say about fireplaceworld.Co.Uk. The price was right but that's about it. Saying that, the price is irrelevant if the service is poor. Firstly, I had to chase up the delivery as the stated time was not adhered to. Then when the fire place arrived, it was completely wrong. The delivery company left two minutes after I inspected, I contacted the office straight away but no collection was made. After two more weeks, i'm still chasing the collection and refund. I'd give this company a miss if I was you.
  | 16 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered a fireplace over a year ago and am still waiting for the cashback. I have sent several "nudges" to the topcashback team over the past year but have not had a substantive response from either them or fireplaceworld. Getting a bit ridiculous now!
  benjyfellows | 03 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Buyer beware indeed! I tried to buy a cast and hearth from fireplace world early last december. Cast comes in about 8 pieces, but only received half of the right parts as the delivery men gave me half of someone elses. Had to wait in till they fetched it back from the other woman but still didn't get any bolts or fixings. Plus the hearth was smashed during transit. Wasted another two days waiting in for replacement hearth. This time no one showed up. Rung to find out that once again the had broken in transit. Fireplaceworld knew this by lunch time but didn't bother to ring and tell me!! after being fobbed of continually about stock due dates & potential delivery times I gave up. It was now december and they could not guarantee a hearth for xmas. For 3 months I had a hole in the wall and floor of my dining room and a heavy cast blocking my hallway. Fireplaceworld didn't seem bothered about fulfilling my order or the inconvenience this caused. Why should they? they already had my cash since september and it wasn't them who would have to look at a construction site over xmas!! getting a refund proved even more difficulty, over 2 weeks and 4 broken promises to refund. I eventually got my money back after the 5th attempt. The customer always votes with their feet and their keyboard- you have been warned!! p.S. Fireplaceworld also supplys the casts sold in homebase- except homebase charges 2 to 3 times the price and gets fireplaceworld to fill the order (the mix up order I received had homebase on it).
  Simplysue | 30 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Nearly a year on and still nothing. Have submitted a claim and now "waiting for retailer", however, I notice that others have had their cashback show in their accounts. Buyer beware!!
  topcashbabe123 | 16 Aug 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon My neighbour used the company and so pleased have with product I decided to get same product and from same company at a well discounted price, compared to high street or other trade services localy
  leng1579 | 21 Jul 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Still no cashback received after 4 months. I notice that nobody else has left any comments after my last one! has fireplaceworld gone bust? is nobody ordering from them any more? no respose from tcb either despite many nudges. Buyer beware this one looks like a no-brainer now. Perhaps tcb should remove them from their pages.
  topcashbabe123 | 28 Mar 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Now 10 weeks on and still no sign of any cashback. Fireplace arrived eventually (5 weeks instead of 2) but it is very nice. Looking at other comments, I seem to be the only one whose order hasn't tracked!! tcb now chasing - watch this space!
  topcashbabe123 | 31 Jan 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Fireplaceworld said I would be contacted within 7 days to arrange delivery and fire would be delivered within 2 weeks. 2 Weeks later and no contact has been made (no cashback either!) will start chasing them tomorrow (sigh)!
  topcashbabe123 | 22 Nov 2009 Report Abuse
friend icon I am still waiting on stock for my delivery but they do have a lovely collection of fires to choose from. Tracked quickly
  Simplysue | 04 Oct 2009 Report Abuse
friend icon Never again! ordered a surround and fire which arrived promptly but the surround was damaged so arranged another to be delivered, however, I had to ring them to confirm delivery date. Again, surround was damaged so arranged for yet another replacement. I had to ring them again the day before the expected delivery date as I had not received any confirmation and was told it would arrive the next day.I waited till noon then I rang customer services to be told that my surround had not actually been re-ordered! I had to take another day off the following day and was offered £10 as a goodwill gesture! poor packaging, hence the damage to 2 surrounds. Definitely not worth the bother.
  NB2013 | 25 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Cash bach never tracked but the support guys done there job and got my cash from them. So all in all I did wait awhile but I did get my cashback
  kevann1966 | 27 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Ordered electric wall mounted fire online on the friday - delivered monday morning. Liked the fact they offered free delivery, 14days to decide whether it was suitable (instead of the usual 7days) and free returns. Very happy with purchase. Cashback tracked pretty much immediately. And as with all companies on tcb, if I get the cashback its a bonus, as I was going to buy the product anyway.
  auntieM | 01 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Strange, would you expect a refund if you'd worn a pair of shoes. Why did you fit the fire surround if you hated it, cant really expect them to take it back. I've bought a fire from them and thought it pretty good for the money!
  | 24 May 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback showed up within a week. Have used before and would recommend again.
  transporter | 07 May 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Took a little while for the cashback to "confirm" but it was showing as "pending within 48 hours from purchase.
  Simon_Harrison | 21 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
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