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Equifax Reviews
No purchase required. A bit slow to pay out though.
  sarahhunt79 | 30 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
No probs with great bonus trial offer. Tracked confirmed and no probs cancelling
  thomelo | 24 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Amazing cashback discount - would highly recommend
  humphris | 09 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Good to see what and if any problems I had, got cashback no problem,and cancelled contract no problem
  hawkeyehank | 03 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
The site is well equiped and I have a good well organised experience
  omotade23 | 25 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Excellent free trial received to obtain my credit report. Cashback tracked quickly and then cancelled free trial. Great deal!
  mnpoljjs | 15 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Brilliant overall experience. Very easy to do. Signed up to the free trial, had a mooch at my credit report. Tracked within 24 hours. After the weekend I phoned them up and cancelled my free trial. No hard sell. Very easy cancellation process. Simples. X
  surgerysimon | 04 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Initially had to phone to answer a few questions. Declined to purchase over the phone, but the lady made sure I could log on and purchase online. I don't think she understood what topcashback was, though. Use the land line no given at saynoto0870. After this phone call and logging in again it tracked the next day.
  imsmum | 03 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
This is really amazing
  isokenakhigbe | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Excellent overall. Earned £7 for signing up for 30day free trial which was easily cancelled over the phone
  newbiegp | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Excellent.Quick to track
  hell17 | 25 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked and confimed within days.
  ChristianBarber | 08 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Very slow but the cash back eventually arrived.
  Sandy777 | 30 Oct 2016 Report Abuse
Waited the extra 4 weeks to the 9 weeks original quote plus another 1.5 Weeks and finally got the payment but was faster than some i've experienced.
  galfromuk | 22 Oct 2016 Report Abuse
Previously reviewed one star, now 4 stars as it has confirmed. Good product but always forgets my log-in details no matter how many times I reset the password etc.
  webbedfeemaestro | 16 Oct 2016 Report Abuse
Large amount of cashback and the trial was easy to cancel. However cashback was slow to become payable, and took several months.
  cb12345 | 03 Aug 2016 Report Abuse
It wasn't right for me and cancelling was a bit of a hassle but other than that it was fine
  Flickwill | 27 Jul 2016 Report Abuse
Great service. Had to submit cashback claim, but paid no problem.
  Dmbopping | 20 Jul 2016 Report Abuse
Tracked wel. Quick paying
  YoyoLon | 10 Dec 2015 Report Abuse
No problems with tracking. Took 4 months to become patable
  louby40 | 25 Oct 2015 Report Abuse
Better explained than I expected. Certainly took much of the mystery out of credit checking
  Member422425309306 | 28 Jul 2015 Report Abuse
Didn't track but customer services helped and successfully paid out a month or so later. Well worth signing up but top tip - put the cancellation date in the diary.
  ROISINDUBH | 14 Jul 2015 Report Abuse
Cancelled the free trial with relative ease. As I was calling from my mobile, I didn't want to use the 0845 number. Instead, you can call 020 7298 3000 which takes you to the equifax switchboard and there you can just ask to be put through to customer service. The entire call took 5 minutes.
  Greg276 | 01 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
This is my first time and although the cashback is a decent amount the amount of time spent trying to get through to the customer service to cancel the subscription is hard work. Ive been on hold for the last 20 minutes and still not got through to them which is eating into the cashback amount. So all in all its a goood idea but I think its not worth the hassle.
  pubmouse | 25 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Took exactly one month to show up, but its there so can't complain too much ! :-)
  BENJAMIN0411 | 19 Jul 2012 Report Abuse
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