April Tell-a-Friend Cashback Terms & Conditions

17/04/2024 until 29/04/2024

To be eligible for the April Tell-a-Friend Bonus and £10 Sign-up bonus, new members must join TopCashback.co.uk via a valid referral link, as a new member between 17/04/2024 10:00 and 29/04/2024 10:00.

This clause applies to both the new member sign-up bonus and referrer bonus.

The use of TopCashback.co.uk is bound by the standard Terms and Conditions and existing Tell-a-Friend Terms & Conditions.

Some brands on site don't count towards the £10 threshold required for you to receive the bonus. More information on eligibility and other general referral conditions can be found here, after signup.

Terms and Conditions applying to the Referrer (Existing TopCashback Member)

The referrer will be awarded the following bonuses once the new member has reached the £10 payable cashback threshold detailed below:

Plus Members: £35 Cashback

Classic Members: £30 Cashback

The bonus for referring a new member to the TopCashback.co.uk website will only be valid if the new member signs up through the referrers Tell-a-Friend link (found in member’s account).

The referred member must earn £10 payable cashback before the referrer is awarded the bonus cashback. The sign-up bonus earned by the new member will not count towards the £10 payable cashback threshold.

The Tell-a-Friend Bonus can be withdrawn via BACs payment only.

Terms and Conditions applying to the Referred Member (New TopCashback Member)

To be eligible for the £10 Sign-up bonus, the new member must sign-up via the referrer (existing members) referral link.

To then be awarded the bonus, the new member must first reach the threshold of £10 in payable cashback. The sign-up bonus will be redeemable via the member’s account and can be withdrawn via BACs payment only.

There is no cut-off period by which you must earn the £10 payable cashback to release your £10 sign up bonus, provided the member signs-up within the promotion dates. £10 sign-up credit is non-transferable.

If the new member signs up to the full Plus Membership, £5 cashback will be taken from the cashback earned already in the account. If the new member wishes to avoid this charge (and benefits that are included within the Plus membership), they may alter their membership to become a Classic Member via their TopCashback account.