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Posted on 12 Jul 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Give your hair its much-needed new body, volume and shine today with Watermans.

Bestsellers in hair care products for all hair types and ethnicities, they have a range of solutions and biotin hair vitamins which will help keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling great.

Their products, such as hair growth shampoo and conditioner, include a mix of natural ingredients for optimal hair health.

You’ll find premium formulas which include the mixing of natural hair care ingredients like biotin, rosemary, argan oil kernels, caffeine, allantoin lupin protein, niacinamide and silica, which offer optimal hair benefits.

If you’re interested, we're giving you, our members, an extra incentive to buy hair care products — and more — from Watermans.

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Watermans Group

About the brand

Watermans was founded by Gail and Matt Waterman in 2014. The company, which is based in Yorkshire and focuses on hair-growth products, developed after they both suffered from different variations of hair loss.

Despite trying various products on the market, they couldn’t find anything which did the trick and decided to create their own formula.

Gail is a former hairdresser and salon owner who has been in the hair industry for more than 32 years, while Matt, a marketing expert, knew what high salon standards needed to be achieved when promoting the product.

After development, the product was tested by both of them, then taken into the salon environment to test on Gail’s customers — and a range of different hair types, textures and hair problems — to substantiate the efficacy of their products.

Watermans Hair

Hair care

The Watermans hair care collection includes treatments, hair growth products, shampoo, conditioner, hair loss concealer and more. Here are some of their bestselling products.

Grow Me Shampoo

Formulated with premium natural ingredients, Grow Me Shampoo makes your scalp the optimal place for hair growth.

It also contains vitamins and antioxidants, such as calcium pantothenate, which converts into vitamin B5 to moisturise the scalp.

Pyridoxine, which is essential for normal skin metabolism, helps protect the scalp and strengthen hair.

Condition Me Conditioner

Condition Me Conditioner helps deep moisturising, prevents breakage, detangles, smooths the cuticle and helps control frizzy hair.

If you want thicker, stronger looking hair, this is your perfect solution for any bad hair day. It’s also a great solution for over-processed dyed hair and can combat the damage from heat tools.

Elixir Boost Set

As well as Grow Me Shampoo and Condition Me Conditioner, this set also includes Grow More Elixir.

This follicle-strengthening leave-in natural scalp treatment will make your scalp the optimal environment for hair.

It’s best applied on a daily basis at night, directly to your scalp. The invigorating formula features an innovative blend of natural boosting ingredients, such as biotin, panthenol and cottonseed protein, which all work in harmony.

Watermans Afro

Hair care collections

Browse Watermans' hair care collections and you’ll discover tailor-made product ranges to help keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling great.

Grow Me: the perfect addition to your hair care routine, it’s more than just a shampoo — it’s a kiss of life for hair. Grow Me Shampoo is recommended by hairstylists and trichologists from all over the world to clients with problem hair. The unique unisex and multicultural formula revitalises dull, dry and lifeless hair, bringing back the youthfulness to thin, flyaway hair and returning your luscious locks to their former glory.

Afro Hair Care: detangle kinks, curls and coils with luxury afro hair products. These black hair care products will help your hair feel stronger and keep your beautiful afro hydrated. Curls can be erratic and almost impossible to handle at times. However, Watermans have a range of products which help you manage your curly hair more effortlessly and make it look and feel much stronger and healthier.

Condition Me: with Watermans' Condition Me Conditioner, frizz just isn’t a problem. It contains ingredients which smooth the cuticle to help control frizzy hair, meaning it will look revitalised, with added body and shine. It has a cholesterol-infused formula which helps your hair feel stronger. The cholesterol comes from lanolin (sheep’s wool), which is known to have antifungal and antibacterial properties to protect the skin from infection.

Buy any hair care, body care, gift set or bundle from Watermans through us and you can earn yourself an exclusive 15% cashback* until the end of July.

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