Vote For Us - Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2020

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Moneywise Awards

We’ve been entered into the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2020 again. This survey helps to reveal financial firms, banks and insurers that provide excellent customer service and great value for money.

For the last three years we’ve been voted the Most Trusted Insurance Comparison Site by Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017, 2018 and 2019 and with your help we’re hoping to make it four years in a row.

There is one survey which will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, depending on how many categories you qualify for. This gives you an entry to their £1,000 cash prize and five more readers will each win £100 in Amazon, John Lewis or Marks & Spencer vouchers. Surveys must be submitted by 5pm on Sunday 5th April.

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acurran198414 April 2020, 21:54 Awesome, wish this was about 20 years ago!
bernawn12 April 2020, 15:07 I love cash back
Kayleighs199112 April 2020, 10:53 Great app! It literally is free money! Before I make a purchase online I always login to TopCashback first to get my cashback.... I've just recieved £135 cashback just for switching broadband! Everyone should own this app!!
monita7710 April 2020, 14:27 Great app!!!! 😍😍😍
Mandyone9 April 2020, 17:32 Nothing to lose and cash to gain.So pleased I joined its money in the bank for little effort.
charoan7 April 2020, 19:32 Trusted site. Thank you
daralina6 April 2020, 08:09 If you can make money from shopping TopCashback is the place to use
jackboy186 April 2020, 06:31 Worth using even if your doing your weekly shopping online cash back for doing something we do every week yes fee cash back doing your weekly shop
NatalieMoe5 April 2020, 22:51 You're really daft if you don't use Top Cashback, if you're shopping online anyway. I tell people to get used to using the app as a search engine instead of the usual Google etc, as there's a huge likelihood the vendors you're looking for are on Top Cashback. The pennies soon add up, I bought myself a laptop with my earnings! You'll kick yourself for not using it sooner :o)
Ceren patterson5 April 2020, 20:50 I can see the benefits I use it all the more money in my pocket. Recommend this site
Raspberry1015 April 2020, 18:09 Free cash for a couple of extra clicks.
Mcgrawshaw5 April 2020, 17:57 As a new member i'm looking forward to buying on line and getting a bit back.
Member11812409261005 April 2020, 17:11 Still trying to get the hang of this app but getting there... Can definitely see the benefits of shopping through TCB...Looking forward to see what I have at the end of the year.
ccotton315 April 2020, 17:05 Brilliant site fantastic rewards
Bryonylou5 April 2020, 16:54 Over 8 years I ve earned almost 1000£ In cashback. Cannot rate highly enough. Beats all the other cashback sites. I love!
Gee1235 April 2020, 16:22 Outstanding!!! Best thing since sliced bread... As a single mother, I would definitely recommend xx
LauraPilborough5 April 2020, 15:29 I love TopCashback, it has changed how I online shop. I generally use it as my browser when shopping for gifts and diy supplies. Whether its ordering a click and collect, surfing Amazon or bulk buying patio slabs I always find a deal. I get a little cashback on every Ebay or Amazon spend and it all adds up. Within a year I had earned over £100 which I can convert to vouchers and earn more. I would definitely recommend TopCashback
Kevin Kayes5 April 2020, 14:47 I use TopCashback because they are the best money saving apps on the market. Saving money.
Member4161752830305 April 2020, 13:41 Great app
tuskers745 April 2020, 13:19 I don’T shop online without going through TopCashback. Recommended to my family and friends.
Louiselewis5 April 2020, 11:31 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫
philnewton1915 April 2020, 10:39 Amazing service. I always use TopCashback for shopping
Baggiedean 5 April 2020, 10:35 Brilliant service!!!! 10/10
KatMassey375 April 2020, 07:22 Topcashback is brilliant and I recommend all my family to use the site
zackyoung5 April 2020, 01:34 Just completed :)
mawwam5 April 2020, 00:37 TopCashback provides a great way to save on every day purchases with variety of different Cash back returns higher than other cash back providers
Member2858360021105 April 2020, 00:03 Good app
AliBaliBee01234 April 2020, 23:45 TopCashback is very good & I've been recommending it to all my family & Friends. I will always use this site now. Thanks.
Abbeystead4 April 2020, 21:44 Introduced Cashback to my family and friends. Best site i,vefoundon here. Thanks.
Member8776617362304 April 2020, 20:06 Great app
rogue584 April 2020, 17:45 Yes it is a good app and you can get cashback but word of warning do not take any notice of the forecast cash percentages most recently was expecting 8% Only got 3% So app not as good as it should be not the first for this to happensuggest you watch closely

If you are seeing a transaction looking lower than it should be please get in touch via support ticket and our team can take a closer look

Best wishes

Tobin694 April 2020, 14:52 Not only does Topcashback pay you to shop, it also helps steer you towards certain (supported) suppliers when there is too much choice in the marketplace. So it works both ways!
Pennilane4 April 2020, 14:43 Great sight, good cashback 😁
Member4874184265474 April 2020, 14:30 Better than expected
skint524 April 2020, 14:24 TopCashback provides a great way to save on every day purchases with variety of different Cash back returns higher than other cash back providers
Molly2224 April 2020, 12:57 Top cash back...Is fab..Easy to use...Its like having a little savings bank...Defo would not be without it now..
Silviyayankova4 April 2020, 12:19 Fantastic site plenty of opportunities to earn free money and alot of sites to use the cashback on.
Philcb4 April 2020, 12:17 Good rates, and excellent customer service
sabairam4 April 2020, 11:43 Its been 6 years am using cash back and I have no words to say I can just say super marvelous and amzing .Well done for your hard work topcaskback .Thanks
crazymum7774 April 2020, 11:32 Topcash is fabulous not only you do fabulous deals on your purchase, you have a great social page with fun and games and competitions
mrg1464 April 2020, 11:31 Love TopCashback
SJX4 April 2020, 11:11 Love TopCashback as you get money back for free and all you do is shop like normal.
Member3868792212454 April 2020, 10:59 Topcashback is the best. I know that I dont lose my all money. I can recoup some. Love 💸💸💸
Mrdunnill4 April 2020, 10:47 Love TopCashback its a no brainer basically free money.
Mickster74 April 2020, 09:45 I've made a considerably large amount of money just by shopping online via my usual stores! Its simple, just shop through the TopCashback website, super easy. Make £1000's a year just by doing your usual shopping... Love it love it love it!!!
Shahidmohammed3 April 2020, 23:18 I've been using TopCashback since Christmas and highly rate it. I have recommended the site to all my friends and family and will be using it for all my online purchases.
Member2857689464203 April 2020, 22:57 This app is great I buy stuff anyway and I get money back for nothing that’S cash back xxx
Clare Russell 3 April 2020, 21:35 Recently signed up and now use all the time. Brilliant brilliant site.
Mr_p_Simpson_3 April 2020, 21:02 Love Topcashback money for nothing
websterbrd33 April 2020, 18:11 I refer all my family membet to use TopCashback it's the best site what i'm see on my whole life really I recommended for everyone who look for save money
Ekflyer3 April 2020, 17:54 Ive earned over £1600 back for clicling links via TopCashback to the websites I normally use to buy the stuff I want !! Its brilliant!
port6823 April 2020, 13:20 Love Topcashback. Even talk about to my friends to promote. Never been disappointed
Marie Milne3 April 2020, 10:18 I always tell all my friends and family about them and a lit of signed up. Keep up the good work.
Johnny19003 April 2020, 09:59 Love TopCashback
deborahantonio503 April 2020, 08:39 I have recently been introduced to Top cash Back and was very unsure at first, but by simply checking in their app first before I buy anything, i’Ve already earned over £100 in a week. Wow money I would not ordinarily have by shopping else wear. Thank you Top cash back i’M amazed. This really works. Give it a go. What have you got to lose. Nothing 😁😁😁
Adelethomas1233 April 2020, 00:11 I use Top cash back routinely now.
What’S not to love.
You get earn cash just by buying what you need.
sineadesmae2 April 2020, 20:04 Fantastic site plenty of opportunities to earn free money and alot of sites to use the cashback on.
Member7499333500402 April 2020, 17:54 Fantastic site wouldn't use any other
amm1r2 April 2020, 16:53 So far earned £800
Member4734607882472 April 2020, 16:02 Wont use any other site. Well done team
kathieq2 April 2020, 15:49 The site is so easy to use with fab payouts. Great customer service when you need it.
"Simply The Best".
Chalky19662 April 2020, 15:42 Got to admit I was sceptical to start with. I thought what have I got to lose. Now i've earnt almost £750 within a couple of years. It's a no brainer. Great site.
Chalky19662 April 2020, 13:10 Got to admit I was sceptical to start with. I thought what have I got to lose. Now i've earnt almost £750 within a couple of years. It's a no brainer. Great site.
MARTA_EUSTICE2 April 2020, 13:07 Best Cashback site!!
Nanth 2 April 2020, 12:59 Excellent cashback service.
jofr2 April 2020, 11:54 Topcashback is great!
natashabalastair2 April 2020, 08:53 One word - Great
andy9090uk2 April 2020, 07:07 Top cashback, been using them for ages. Saved so much money. Surprised not everyone is using it!
benjammy002 April 2020, 05:22 I have been a member for many years now and have received hundreds ££££ In cashback. I’M constantly pushing friends and family to sign up. In the early days I tried a couple of other cashback sites but they didn’T come close to the ease, quick payout and support I got from TopCashback. I’Ve not used any other cashback site since.
Thank you 👍👍👍💪
cebula20012 April 2020, 00:49 Love Top Cashback
ellie_hudson131 April 2020, 21:44 Love Top Cashback.
Lozzan011 April 2020, 19:15 Wont use anyone else!
Sharonjetsteve1 April 2020, 18:40 I'm a new customer to TopCashback and its absolutely amazing that you can get money just by ordering stuff you would normally order anyway. Cheers guys
liuhaoyang19781 April 2020, 18:33 Cashback is a good way to save more money.
FrancesNewton1 April 2020, 18:12 I love the face you get 'something for nothing' as you dont pay inflated prices and get compensated anyway. Really professional company
Stacee3evs1 April 2020, 18:08 Super excellent great
Bigman17931 April 2020, 17:42 Finally a website that gives instead of taking. Long may it last!!
Rsutherwood1 April 2020, 17:34 Been a member for nearly 5 years now and have earned over £3000 during that time. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't use such a fantastic service!
jojo70701 April 2020, 17:13 I like to treat myself with the cashback I receive . Nice little treat to look forward to .
gary290919681 April 2020, 16:45 Every little helps and great offers for everyday things
Nickyjh1 April 2020, 15:44 What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing, you only gain ££££'S! What's not to like about that!
bella491 April 2020, 14:59 Cant give enough credit to this site I have earned around £2000
zonda1 April 2020, 14:38 Great discovery, earns money on products that I would normally buy. Customer care is good tracing any unconfirmed tracking. Fast payout. I was initially cynical but have been converted. Love the app.
maisyyx1 April 2020, 12:11 Beat cashback place ever
Azar20191 April 2020, 12:11 Brilliant app and payment tracking method is instant..
Member5615458154091 April 2020, 09:49 This app is brilliant I like having the choice of gift cards you can choose from, only had £25 of Argos vouchers but I treat myself to a new hair dryer 🤣
taratora841 April 2020, 08:47 Brilliant app. Make around £500 over the years. You can still benefit from some of the offers on websites and still claiming cashback. Make money when you spending money!!! High recommended
H0lly121 April 2020, 08:47 Love seeing the money total up but not sure how to receive it

If you need help paying out payable cashback please drop our team a support ticket and they can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

SteveyBoySJC1 April 2020, 05:43 I honestly don't know yet,or feel confident enough as yet to be honest, as still cautious, wary and dubious of you guys at this early stage,.Not sounding negative or anything. Not had any real good earnings yet, early days hey I suppose. Would be great to earn more great earnings maybe in future, if this truly works for me? I found surveys to be productive and work better so far and fingers crossed.
Richc71 April 2020, 01:23 Just started using this app through recommendation and really impressed :) 5*
Member128352071700631 March 2020, 23:36 Fantastic...Recommended to everyone I know. Very clear and fair.
ErinAllen31 March 2020, 22:38 Wicked app, always use :) x
carlyncoyle2431 March 2020, 22:12 This is my fav site ever. I've had £1760 cash back over the years. Brilliant
jade_parry531 March 2020, 22:11 Join asap i've saved so much
13patelj31 March 2020, 21:43 I use this as often as I can. Quick and easy to use to save alot of money
LTucks172031 March 2020, 21:07 Best app ever! Free money
Luffysan31 March 2020, 20:46 The best website and a very good way to save money 👌🏻
herdy7131 March 2020, 20:03 Best app ever.....Use it on every purchase. Free money
5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
donlonvickie8431 March 2020, 19:49 Love everything about this site, tell all my friends and family , free money basically :) whoop
SBL197331 March 2020, 18:21 Fabulous company
Kimawhalley31 March 2020, 16:13 Fantastic organisation what can I say money for nothing 🤗👏
jadeshepxx31 March 2020, 15:57 Brilliant app never disappointed
cheriechan166831 March 2020, 15:21 Extremely good app
Poshbird31 March 2020, 14:19 Tcb is top of the shots when it comes to choice, comparisons, customer service and earning cash while you spend. I won't live without it :-)
Hayleyxxbxx31 March 2020, 13:31 Fantastic app I use it whenever possible and earned ££ Easy to use and recommend it to friends and family ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
rozzer89031 March 2020, 10:57 I love it would not buy a thing without going through to TCB plus love the competitions too .
Member107973406091331 March 2020, 09:31 I was recommended this a while ago and now I don't buy anything online without buying it on this app its saved me loads of money and means I can also save while spending! Would definitely recommend
shaunc31 March 2020, 08:19 Great app, i've earned over £1000 so far
Robbie8930 March 2020, 22:25 A great way to earn on things
markemery30 March 2020, 22:19 Great way to earn a discount on everyday product you buy.
kab196130 March 2020, 22:11 Great app, have collected almost £600 so far and would be much more if I remembered to go through TCB every time. Love it
durga4u430 March 2020, 22:05 Great platform for many products, I will refer many
staceyscott5630 March 2020, 21:52 Love TCB, I use it whenever possible. Made a fortune back on my shopping.
Be savvy, Join up now!!!!
Azmatbi30 March 2020, 21:51 Great app always has good cashback deals
Hm0630 March 2020, 21:33 Excellent app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
ReBecky182130 March 2020, 21:08 Great app, amazing range, fine new things or make savings on things you would have bought anyway!
NathanHudson9230 March 2020, 20:51 Earned over £1000 cashback since I started a couple of years ago.
MRSSTORIE30 March 2020, 19:51 Love this app! Great way to save some ££ With online shopping
CaraGreen30 March 2020, 18:56 Amazing way to save some money. Thank you TopCash Back. Highly recommended.
Jennyblubonnet 30 March 2020, 18:16 Got over £100 this year alone back. Fantastic
bjaynee9230 March 2020, 17:14 Always check this site before I shop. Amazing offers and great cashback
mark_lynch199230 March 2020, 17:10 Brilliant website and great way to save money
BEAJI30 March 2020, 16:19 Great website and excellent way to save on purchases 🙂
Amie2530 March 2020, 16:19 Love this app. Wish payouts where quicker but apart from that love it
We'll always ensure you are paid as soon as we are :) Some retailers need a little more time than others to ensure you keep the purchase but we'll do our very best to help in the meantime.

Best wishes,
Member107971082805130 March 2020, 14:33 Very good app with such potential
auctionclear30 March 2020, 14:30 Started with Topcashback less than a year ago and I have seen the benefits of the App as it is simple and easy.
Member97868004181530 March 2020, 13:47 Great website and a very good way to save money 👌😊
Stel1630 March 2020, 13:24 If you buy online great way to get a bit of extra money back I have made +£900 saving amazing site to be on
annsomer30 March 2020, 13:24 Live this cashback site. Is a great way to save on things that you would purchase anyway with very little effort. Also love the little treats.
Ebpnypap010930 March 2020, 11:25 Love this site recommend it so many rewards value for money recommended this site
Thumpers130 March 2020, 11:14 Great way to save money and it’S great to spend on treats after 😃
Member107978869632730 March 2020, 11:10 I've earn £400 already sometimes can be slow to lay out but you will always receive it and always have good customer service
Misssarahfitz30 March 2020, 09:43 I love this. I’Ve earned over £600 so far. It’S been a great way of saving
Chloemehmet10030 March 2020, 06:18 The best
Kamila122530 March 2020, 01:15 A bit of extra money when doing the day to day shopping :) I Love it :)
Sobia Jabeen29 March 2020, 22:34 A great and handy app to have. Love playing the humming bird game throughout the year it’S amazing, just waiting for a big win. Have made quite a bit of money, also love the ‘Snap and save’ Whereby I have had a fair few free goodies and money back. Have referred almost all of my immediate family to TopCashback. Go TopCashback Go! A huge thank you for my prizes, freebies and money, very much appreciated
Alina201829 March 2020, 21:10 Could have saved so much money if started using it earlier.
Best rates from cashback sites, always good customer support & Love the treats games.
Thank you for getting the customers money back on their purchases.
Amcgowan29 March 2020, 19:38 Money for nothing
No Cons
No Scams
No Gambling
No Clauses
What better way to get money
Udo29 March 2020, 19:24 A bit of extra money when doing the day to day shopping. Good rates compared to other sites
Jumm4kh4929 March 2020, 19:23 Hi People,
This is not a call centre scam, so far I made a grand, which can’T be bad. I don’T make or try any purchase without going through them.
Tyeboy29 March 2020, 15:41 Saves me money an there nice about it ya cant get any better then that
mrobertson16129 March 2020, 14:01 Great cash back site. Before I buy anything online I always check here first. Have made a lot to spend on other things so thank you
Robbinsz29 March 2020, 12:51 Always check topcash before I purchase anything, i've earnt over £160 so far. Highly recommended
ashraf3m7829 March 2020, 11:13 Nice cashback website.
EllaFleming4329 March 2020, 00:42 Best cash back ever! Earned money whenever you shop so far I have earned close to £100 and have just joined not long ago.
Tine190328 March 2020, 21:43 Check topcash before you buy great to get money back
Dre14328 March 2020, 17:54 Before I buy anything I check here 1st and if any issues with claims response is always very quick which is awesome. I tell everyone about it!
Charliebear220528 March 2020, 17:13 I think it’S such a brilliant idea I always check here first before I buy anything. Thank you TopCashback!
Lornih28 March 2020, 16:42 Love TopCashback. Use it on most non line purchases now
Supergem3128 March 2020, 14:28 I love Top Cashback, if I ever want to buy anything online I always check through here first, nothing to lose and wither a little or alot to gain x
trishryan28 March 2020, 13:33 Brill site to us lots of offers so easy to access your money
Daniel Nichols28 March 2020, 10:08 Such an easy and fab site to use
Don’T understand why everyone isn’T signed up to earn yourself cash back on purchases you were going to buy anyway
dianelove0927 March 2020, 19:55 Done. Good luck 🥇
janetski27 March 2020, 19:15 Worth returning to see what has changed, usually good :-)
harjinder156127 March 2020, 15:58 How longer takes get my cash back

If you do wish for our team to look into a transaction please submit a support ticket and they will certainly check things out for you

Best wishes

hlcamr27 March 2020, 15:54 I joined Top Cashback this year after a recommendation. I’Ve had no problems and best of all, I am earning money by simply buying the things that I would normally been buying online anyway. It is hassle-free and there are no awkward gift cards etc. I feel safe and secure using it too which I like. I would highly recommend the Top Cashback app.
rhess27 March 2020, 12:59 Just love it! My Bestie ❤️
Monika9527 March 2020, 10:21 Always switch my Internet with TopCashback £100 for free!
johen300727 March 2020, 05:25 Wow! Money for nothing really!
Shebbyy27 March 2020, 00:45 Easy money
kimdown26 March 2020, 22:06 Very very easy to use, no scanning of receipts needed, saving my cashback for Christmas
Tami_mt26 March 2020, 22:05 Used TopCashback for about 4 years and made over £450 ... Bonus
KatiePeel26 March 2020, 20:24 Easy to use and fantastic way to help save money
surendiran26 March 2020, 18:58 Excellent service and benefits
AliFHB426 March 2020, 17:28 Great way to save money
martymart26 March 2020, 16:58 Great way to buy things and get benefits
Petercourtney26 March 2020, 15:25 Would love this x
Oflynnd_26 March 2020, 15:22 The range of cashback options is very extensive and cashback is delivered to my account quickly which shows that there is a good relationship between retailers and TopCashback
annandtony26 March 2020, 14:48 Great money for nothing !
Who wouldn’T want that
chenky126 March 2020, 14:26 Such an easy and fab site to use
Don’T understand why everyone isn’T signed up to earn yourself cash back on purchases you were going to buy anyway
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommend
maisyyx26 March 2020, 14:10 Best and most reliable cash back website ever xx
Member128346438842926 March 2020, 13:48 People should join TopCashBack!
xlisacainx26 March 2020, 13:45 Brilliant site always tracked and had payments
s4rahhammond26 March 2020, 12:30 The best cash back website ever! Highly recommend people of the uk and Ireland! 5 stars
Muhammad moiz26 March 2020, 12:29 Word best cash back site every one trust him love this
Agnieszkakepa26 March 2020, 12:08 Top Cash Back is simples!
Jayjayharrychops 26 March 2020, 11:12 It’S a no brainier to shop with TopCashback, one click & You get money back. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is free money on TopCashback. Don’T take my word for it try it!! Xxx
leanneebyrnee26 March 2020, 10:31 Me and my partner use TopCashback all the time and have gotten back over 5 grand between us! What’S not to like between that! You can get cash back anything from shopping online groceries take aways insurance utility bills! Everythjng it’S great!
Vinnie197426 March 2020, 09:54 Always my first stop to shop! Easy and simple to use thanks TopCashback you paid for my new smart tv 4K
mmcanea26 March 2020, 09:25 Love this website.
shaunlightyear26 March 2020, 09:17 So easy, why wouldn’T you do it...?
Ashandisaac26 March 2020, 08:14 So happy to be on this website. It’S so easy to use and you get money for shopping - a win win situation!
LisDen26 March 2020, 07:50 Fantastic app, so easy to use, I have earned nearly £500 cash back on purchases, from asos orders to car and pet insurance, such a great range of outlets, so happy my friend recommended, I couldn’T be shop without it now and checking for the cash back, I let it build up and use the cash back as extra holiday money, thanks TopCashback😁
Poppy 201126 March 2020, 07:29 Easy to make extra money on TopCashback
walters0526 March 2020, 07:17 Chuffed to bits with finding this site
KashaM7926 March 2020, 06:22 Easy to use , so many sites offer cash back on and a great platform
SteveHerd26 March 2020, 01:33 My wife and I have made over three grand using TopCashback what is not to like
DEBBIEHULL26 March 2020, 00:51 Best Cashback site ever
mssharon25 March 2020, 22:01 100% Back It Cant Beat TopCashBack
Brai1925 March 2020, 21:44 Great, Easy to use platform and almost all online shopping are covered for cash back. Fantastic way of saving money as we shop online!
Krazykatzkaz25 March 2020, 20:31 Fabulous cash back site they are simply the best. I have already recommended to friends and family and will keep on recommending them too . 10 out of 10
louisehepton25 March 2020, 20:20 Great service
Millersgarden12 25 March 2020, 20:14 Easy to use I do all my eBay shopping And more through TopCashback with the best cashback rates
Member128344923991825 March 2020, 20:14 First thought it was a joke. Then turn into a trust. So happy to save more on other original websites together with extra bonus cash back through TopCashBack. More way to earn as refer lot of friends and all win - win achievements. 😍
carolineparrott25 March 2020, 19:42 Great way to save money, you can’T beat Top Cash Back!
Stuart_burton25 March 2020, 19:29 Simple to use most shops and stores you'd normally use and great cashback offers also quick payouts
Marvell25 March 2020, 18:39 Love that I get money back for buying things I would usually buy.
ellablanthorn25 March 2020, 17:30 Great service, always have a quick response and keep you updated with cash back offers
klloyd25 March 2020, 17:22 Great platform and easy to use.
bbcalton1_25 March 2020, 16:31 Easy to use , so many sites offer cash back on
Member66223581334525 March 2020, 16:03 Best cash back ever! Earned money whenever you shop so far I have earned close to £100 and have just joined not long ago.
Carolinelhigson25 March 2020, 15:31 Top Cash Back is simples!
John485625 March 2020, 15:00 Excellent site
Ray25825 March 2020, 14:18 Always has options and makes life so much easier! I love saving up my cashback as extra holiday money!
Marytc25 March 2020, 11:37 A great way to get extra cash on your everyday or regular spending as well as gifts or treats. I love it!
Firestarter325 March 2020, 10:03 Topcashback is the simplest and best money back website out there. It's jam-packed full of all the sites you need and very often offers the very best rate out there!

Quick to register, quick to help sort out and issues and quick to pay you when you cash out - what's not to love!
xxnicgxx25 March 2020, 09:49 Amazing site!!!! Cash back is unreal.
myltonpants25 March 2020, 09:48 I've earnt nearly £1000 in last 2years can't rate TopCashback high enough
Willmorrall12325 March 2020, 09:37 Best cash back site out there !
Dallynj198225 March 2020, 08:19 Paid for a trip i'm now not going to go on to Ibiza 😔
wez93 25 March 2020, 07:32 Only been using it for around 6 months, probrably one of the best things I have discovered! Extremely happy, could not recommend more!!
misseyjulie24 March 2020, 22:24 Had an account for around 10 years, cannot recommend more highly. Always happy to help if there's a problem with tracking.
Member108042189133224 March 2020, 22:00 Amazing love it!
Mills131124 March 2020, 21:37 Amazing I love TopCashback 😊
DECIALOUISE24 March 2020, 21:37 Why wouldn’T you use TopCashback? It’S a no brainer!! Cash back on all your purchases. I’Ve had over £4000 back so far. I keep recommending as it’S the best reward scheme around!!!!!
R4zi424 March 2020, 21:07 TopCashback saves everyone money with a reward of cashback which is better for a customer & The businesses out there, so therefore it is a genuine TopCashback site so join today as it is Awesome!!!
yorluc24 March 2020, 21:05 Awesome app 100% Recommended, very helpful and always resolve any missing cash back.
Member87761276214424 March 2020, 20:30 Wish I had joined sooner...I’Ve only used TopCashback and wouldn’T go anywhere else. The Cashback is always useful
pinkgirl11824 March 2020, 20:21 Loving TopCashback I have earned so much money back, there are so many places to shop with highly recommend it
Greystanes7624 March 2020, 19:52 No brainer!!!
Member47289434171924 March 2020, 19:34 Absolutely brilliant best one i’Ve ever used!!! Bargains all the time
manglerm24 March 2020, 19:22 Earn money every time you shop, simples :-) over £1000 earned so far thank you TopCashback
emmajane93124 March 2020, 16:56 Over £400 back TopCashBack is the best !!!!
vicnav2724 March 2020, 16:40 Love TopCashback! Earned myself a nice amount since starting this. My own little way of a treat without feeling guilty lol x
Madalina2624 March 2020, 16:29 I have earned over £1000 by just shopping via TopCashback. It’S simple to use and Great way to save money
Lindaslou24 March 2020, 15:55 Brilliant
lulah24 March 2020, 15:28 Topcashback are superstars! Always sending emails to advise the best deals and work their little socks off to resolve anything that has gone a bit wrong. Thank you guys. Xx
4082blackcat24 March 2020, 15:09 Was recommended by my son best thing ever
racheladams24 March 2020, 15:09 I have earned over £1000 by just shopping via TopCashback. It’S simple to use, and the pay out has never failed to reach my account. Easy money!!
Wendy2624 March 2020, 14:50 Great way to save money
OllieSlocombe24 March 2020, 13:07 I have always used Top Cashback for my purchase and they cannot be beaten on the percentage returns you get back. When i’Ve raised an issue they have resolved it very quickly and professionally.
Terry831924 March 2020, 12:59 Excellent service although some companies take their time in confirming transaction (pending)
Thanks for the support :)

As you say some retailers need a little longer than others just to ensure you keep that purchase but we'll always ensure you are paid asap.

Best wishes,
Beckychel24 March 2020, 12:56 Easiest way to make feel money while shopping 👍👍
fil130024 March 2020, 12:33 Great system for tracking missed
Magid Basely24 March 2020, 11:07 Not great service like before.

I am so disappointed with a number of payouts which have been declined recently.

Fault on website and always an excuse to not payout.
i can asure you we keep an eye on mass declined to ensure these don't happen so I don't think it is that the retailer just doesn't want to pay you.

If you reach out we will check this out for you.

Best wishes,
Gigivasile 24 March 2020, 10:32 Smart ,easy,cash back ❗️❗️❗️
vstaffen24 March 2020, 10:30 Brilliant survey
SHAUNK24 March 2020, 09:17 Been using TopCashback for years earned over £2000 on what I would buy anyway simply superb 👍
djmaliyackal24 March 2020, 09:09 One of the best rewarding cash back app available in market. Outstanding customer service experience and customer friendly.
Member118116646552124 March 2020, 08:05 This is the best app ever I feel in a good mood when getting money and going into the app this is the best app ever 👍😎
Pammy5724 March 2020, 07:49 Great app, just need to remember to go to app when buying online !
Nikkilou7424 March 2020, 07:39 I love TopCashback as i’M getting cash back when i’M spending money on things I was going to already buy and I get money back.
Win win situation, i’Ve suggested my friends and family join TopCashback, now they’Re also saving money. They also love it, it’S so easy to use.
alexowenxx24 March 2020, 07:15 Love this website, have earnt over £700 in cash back!! Always draw out to my bank it’S perfect.
stuartevison24 March 2020, 06:10 Excellent
tomrumble124 March 2020, 05:30 Need to have a better customer service system. You start a claim then can send one nudge but after this you can send anything! We have £500 we are waiting to get for nearly a year now!

A claim isn't something we can resolve internally. We are not the people who decides who is and who is not eligible for cashback,. This is the tracking network. We will press them as much as we can and this does lead to the majority of claims being resolved within the estimated time period we provide.

Best wishes,
Member38660793962524 March 2020, 03:01 Great app
safertohatehim24 March 2020, 02:11 Gutted about some of my denied cashback claims, i’M meticulous in ensuring I meet the t&C’S. Made loads of money, drank many a free coffee from my overall cashback though!
Be sure to clear cookies right before using our site as it may be that other sites are earning the commission and this is why our cashback gets declined.

Best wishes,
dscartwright24 March 2020, 00:29 Haven’T been disappointed, much more vigilant with what I buy to ensure I get a little something back. Simple and easy to use!
JESSBEATRIZ23 March 2020, 23:56 Love this website has almost all of my favourite retailers
Charlotte4423 March 2020, 23:46 Best moneyback website on the market. Tried others but TopCashback is the winner!
Georgedufc23 March 2020, 23:34 Great app
martinagarrod23 March 2020, 23:19 Love this app. Great for saving pennies where you can for a rainy day
korim123423 March 2020, 22:58 Better than the competition, 100% Recommended
martinagarrod23 March 2020, 22:51 Best cashback website out there. Good for saving all the pennies you can
Wije4123 March 2020, 21:55 I love TopCashback I shop online a lot and always use it.I have earned just over £600 for just shopping a woman’S dream more money for more shopping.
Emmajamming 23 March 2020, 21:38 Never had a problem, massive cash back deals! Recommend +++
Hornydawny23 March 2020, 21:25 Absolutely love this got all my family on board
Sha55a6923 March 2020, 20:36 Fantastic website so easy to use
NahidaBegum23 March 2020, 20:28 Amazing i’Ve been using it for a good few years now and to get cash back for stuff i’M going to buy anyway. Amazing idea love it.
Debisirose23 March 2020, 20:27 My earnings are nearly at £2,000 ..... What would I do without you?!
Member107923731373123 March 2020, 20:16 Genuine website, used it once and claimed back £15.00
Diamondsylv23 March 2020, 20:00 Your simply the best better than all the rest
alyciamay0823 March 2020, 20:00 Genuine website , really happy with my commission been using about 2 years now x
SanthaD23 March 2020, 19:49 Genuine website to get cashback as promised! Have saved a lot of money in the last 12months using Topcashback. Highly recommended!!
murphdec23 March 2020, 19:09 Have been very disappointed with a number of sizeable payouts that have been declined recently.

Topcashback / Retailers looking for any excuse not to payout it seems. Hugely dissappointing, it's a zerosum game at the moment and i'm losing out hugely.
gobbiest123 March 2020, 18:19 Any purchase that qualifies (insurance/Shopping/Energy) will always be done via TopCashback - I trust them 100% And they always do what they say they’Re going to 👌
Tegankingston23 March 2020, 17:52 Very Highly recommended site! Great offers
Krazykatzkaz23 March 2020, 17:46 This site is the best cash back site I have used.
Well done TopCashback . I can highly recommend you to friend s and family
Skirmutee23 March 2020, 17:11 The fastest cashback site! Really like this site, if there is an issue will be always sorted and they will always come back to you.
Moor31park23 March 2020, 17:10 Top cashback is my first choice for any ins. Or financial product purchase.
emrain23 March 2020, 16:48 I have been using TopCashback since 2016. So far I have over £2000+ Cashback paid out I mean that’S a lot of money but simply shopping online . Cashback rate / Payout rate is higher than other cashback side most of the time . I love this company and I highly recommended .
Lolly6723 March 2020, 16:28 Can't beat the cash back
Top Top Top
Abbiesky12323 March 2020, 16:18 Best cashback site ever! Never had any issues I use this on everything I possibly can!
Madrid_8523 March 2020, 16:13 Best site i’Ve used. I would recommend this site to friends and family
imrhed0623 March 2020, 16:03 Brilliant site go through site to buy almost everything very easy to transfer earnings into cash or vouchers have done both so glad my daughter recommended site to me
vikkileigh23 March 2020, 15:54 Best site I have ever used
Drgardiner 23 March 2020, 15:50 So happy I found your website!
aasma78923 March 2020, 15:36 Easy to use
Lhr12323 March 2020, 15:03 Doing good job
jessh24323 March 2020, 14:52 Amazing site!!!!! 😻😻
Simba7723 March 2020, 14:37 Brilliant and easy use site
Tymczyna23 March 2020, 14:30 This is a great app. I’Ve been using TopCashback for years and keep telling all my friends to use it as it’S a no brainier. I’Ve saved hundreds of pounds. I always check this site before purchasing. You’D wished you’D used this app a long time ago.
dborowik23 March 2020, 14:23 Great app. Would definitely recommend to everyone. You can save yourself hundreds £££
Tamngaz140823 March 2020, 14:10 I have earned e
Nearly 1 thousand and all for doing what I normally do shop and click the link ,, TopCashback is so easy and user friendly
sophie050623 March 2020, 14:06 Started using this a couple months ago and i’Ve saved so much already wish I knew about it sooner!!
Adamwatts23 March 2020, 13:52 My family, friends and I have been using TopCashBack for years now , thanks to my recommendations and now I recommend it to everyone. These days I don't buy anything online without first checking if there are cashback deals. 10/10 amazing website
Yorkshirerose6723 March 2020, 13:41 Variety of cash back sites, easy to use and easy to claim
Loaksy7723 March 2020, 13:13 Easy transactions. Has got all the stores I use. Quick turnaround of cashback
Donna4723 March 2020, 12:47 Brilliant site
villan78623 March 2020, 12:33 Excellent service
dulal09223 March 2020, 12:12 The TopCashback site, tops all the rest of them, money towards a holiday. I had shared with others.
Stemag8223 March 2020, 12:10 Excellent 👍
SidUK23 March 2020, 11:58 My family, friends and I have been using TopCashBack for almost a decade now and I recommend it to everyone. These days I don't buy anything online without first checking if there are cashback deals. 10/10
salmaismail23 March 2020, 11:56 Topcashback has helped me to earn money for goods and services that l would have bought anyway
kerrydale23 March 2020, 11:55 Great app and earning money for nothing. I’Ve earned over £1000 since joining. I don’T understand why everyone isn’T on here. 👍
badsanta_9523 March 2020, 11:55 10/10 quick pay out, the customer service is 11/10 always quick to respond and chase missing cash back
Dradleg23 March 2020, 11:41 I love TopCashback one of my apps I open multiple times a day i’Ve made nearly £900 and been with them from their early the start well done TopCashback
Rangee23 March 2020, 11:03 Amazing App ever used .Helping me in saving lots of money and getting free money sometimes. 👍👍Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Zrandall23 March 2020, 10:54 Great site, amazing customer service when required.
bimgmail23 March 2020, 10:46 Great app and I want to say thank you as I have saved so much ever since I have started using it. I am happy to vote 👍👍
fnadeem197123 March 2020, 10:41 Best cash back side
Lady_Cha23 March 2020, 10:16 Love TopCashback, i’Ve made over £150 just buying online and get paid fast and it’S helping people that’S not got a lot of money. Brilliant idea
mammypig23 March 2020, 09:31 Brilliant!! Earn cash for shopping what could be better 😀
Cassie E23 March 2020, 09:17 I’M happy to vote for TopCashback.
We have had some amazing deals and great amount of cash back so far
catherineart23 March 2020, 09:16 I am happy to Vote for TopCashback 👍🏻
I want to say thank you to TopCashback for being Perfect
The Money i’Ve earned from TopCashback has helped me to pay for Bills, Holidays and Food and Clothes.
I’M a Single Parent and the help with Finances means a lot.
Thank you
Humanegg23 March 2020, 09:16 Amazing app love it well run also
siswfc810123 March 2020, 09:14 Amazing App, almost too good to be true
Chanbelle134 23 March 2020, 09:09 Great app I order monthly prescriptions for my dog and it’S great doing it via this app and gettting a little something back!
Nic375623 March 2020, 08:54 Really good site and app
robert_keir23 March 2020, 08:47 Great app for collecting free cash
abienya23 March 2020, 08:36 Great app, so easy to use !! And great cash back
anwarhussain1023 March 2020, 08:31 The best cashback company
becktara23 March 2020, 08:01 Earning money back for every day items is fantastic. Everything from everyday shopping to holidays.
Easy to use site. Payment into bank quick and easy. Top cash back site for me. 👍😊
Paulalb23 March 2020, 07:46 Earning a little extra for doing what you’Re doing anyway. Takes a matter of seconds to divert your online shop via TopCashback to reap the rewards. #Nobrainer😃
Jumm4kh4923 March 2020, 07:41 So far I gathered over £1000. Can’T be bad, it says everything as little effort goes long way. Or look after pennies & Pound will look after itself.
lottie17923 March 2020, 07:39 Brilliant site. Never had any issues with it at all.
Great way to gain a bit of money back from my purchases.
Jcook1323 March 2020, 06:26 Grrrrrrrrreat
gas_meter23 March 2020, 06:19 Great site can not beat it 👍👍
Dean907123 March 2020, 06:14 I always check TopCashback first before online ordering, it all adds up
Kimkhandi23 March 2020, 06:08 There's a lot of store's to choose from , the site is easy to use also .
Jamie197823 March 2020, 05:23 I have used this site for years, it offers the best cash back and payments are quick. With everything going on every penny counts. I will be using the cash back to buy shopping for the elderly and Vunrable down my street if I can
ilil041023 March 2020, 05:14 So pleased I discovered Topcashback... Over £700 in just over a year for purchases I would be making anyway.... Customer Service is always spot on aswell 👍
kirstylewis1023 March 2020, 03:16 I shop nearly every day on this site I love it and so easy to do xx
Szulerus23 March 2020, 02:49 Fantastic site to use x
jazzyshazz6823 March 2020, 02:11 Top cash back for a top site best ever free money site I e been on love it 🎉Free money in my pocket easy peasy thankyou
AmyCPritchard 23 March 2020, 01:57 Love, love, love everything about TopCashback!
Baylontwins22 March 2020, 13:33 Easy to use, no problems so far!
claimtcsham22 March 2020, 12:16 Best cashback site ever. Do your shopping as normal, buy through Top Cashback and you receive money very quickly. What have you to lose?
linz197922 March 2020, 11:56 Fantastic site to use x
Nikki_fdalt22 March 2020, 07:16 If you are an online shopper and don’T use this service you are missing a trick.
ethanruby21 March 2020, 19:18 Easy to use site amazing to be able to get money back on purchases
emmapiddock21 March 2020, 14:11 Great easy site to use, can't complain for free money! Any issues and the team are always helpful and resolve the problem quickly. Very happy with the service. Earnt £200 in a year!! Thank you TopCashback!!!
HANDLER520 March 2020, 22:19 Easy to use and I am happy to earn cashback on my purchases. Would be useful to be advised the reason cashback has been declined, automatically, when this occurs.

If you do receive a decline, please ask our teams as they can see if there is an inital reason or lodge a claim so our claims team can get a reslution for the transaction and dispute any declines

Best wishes

Elmlea198120 March 2020, 19:55 Love using this site, it's so easy to use and pays out so easily.
2410401020 March 2020, 14:39 Great way to save money very easy to use also payout done with no trouble, been a member for years
Tanb1320 March 2020, 12:58 Great site, easy to use and its rewarding to get cashback on my purchases.
milestone9920 March 2020, 11:46 Useful site for cashback and good customer service! They will always respond to queries.
oshigataiwo20 March 2020, 11:46 Very easy to use.
alvel20 March 2020, 09:07 Good one !
Kishc19 March 2020, 21:02 Been a member since March 2011 and claimed cash back of over £2,000.Refered my son who managed to claim another £500 for himself for his first time mortgage deal. What more can you ask for!
Kinger19 March 2020, 17:01 Easy to use survey, no issues.
dts0da19 March 2020, 13:01 Too intrusive, the questionnaire is a sales pitch

I am sorry you feel this way. I will get this feedback passed on but we do not create this survey.

Best wishes

Tracker40419 March 2020, 12:42 Easy to use lots of choice
smistry8218 March 2020, 15:17 On average this site the best cash back rates available. Claims are quick and easy. Any issues with claims missing have been dealt with successfully. Don't know how my friends and family don't use it as much as I do! Great for when shopping for utilities, broadband, sky/Virgin/Bt offers and many more!
666awy18 March 2020, 12:18 The best cash back site. Simple as that. Wide range of merchants. Great service. Plenty of redemption options and swift service when you do redeem. So glad I joined up. I've earned well over a grand in cash back over the years and will be aiming to add to that. Use it every time I shop online.
Millburnfarm18 March 2020, 10:26 I was bought up with the saying
"Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves"
Topcash is a great way to help me do this, who doesn't like money back on things they are going to buy anway
JOYCEHYSLOP17 March 2020, 20:05 It's so easy, just got another £50 on top of £150 last year. I know this is small fry!
I wish I could convince my friends - I keep on recommending them! My family are converts.
thomascash17 March 2020, 18:01 Super, amazing company. TopCashback is the Tops for best selection of money saving deals.
gormac117 March 2020, 15:30 No question, TopCashback gets you the best deal.
TMOODY17 March 2020, 10:46 To me it is a win win situation using Top CashBack - Have used over 5 - 6 years.
SThan 17 March 2020, 04:55 Many thanks indeed. One of my work colleagues ‘ Wife kindly told me about this website as her husband is using this website for 4 years and earning cash back or vouchers. Because of her kindness and help I start to use this TopCashback website and unbelievably earn cash back which is amazing and saving my expenditure. All I want to say is many many thanks ..Keep helping us .Now I spread the news to my friends about this website .

Thanks for the kind words. It's great to know you are loving the offers our team works hard to get to members :)

Best wishes

JMW10116 March 2020, 21:28 Flashback is Amazing. Just got £1000 cash back. Great offers, quick, fast and efficient service x

Thanks for the kind words, we will continue to work hard to get the most generous offers for all of our members

Best wishes

58565002116 March 2020, 14:02 TopCashback Does exactly that, nearly £2500 cash back over several years Thank You....
Traceyp7216 March 2020, 13:51 Fab site, easy to use with great benefits. Would highly recommend and often recommend. Long may it continue. :D
brpservices16 March 2020, 12:08 Loving Top Cash Back - Just got to remember to use it all the time!!!

To help you remember you may want to use our Cashback notifier which can be found on our home page

Best wishes

dickavis16 March 2020, 10:42 Used TopCashback for several years, much better than the previous cashback site I used.
Ward2816 March 2020, 02:35 Just started using Top cash back.Got my first pay out today.So I am happy.Great site.Thank you.
blackbridge15 March 2020, 21:55 I have just taken he cash when it is paid in to my account I will be back on here
Kania5715 March 2020, 09:27 Is their a better way to get free money many thanks
Salza114 March 2020, 23:51 Received nearly 1K from Top Cashback. Excellent site.
johnlee0714 March 2020, 22:45 It is great getting cash back on your purchases, but don't count on it being tracked and getting nothing!
jaytyler1614 March 2020, 18:54 Brilliant way to save as you spend best site going
adydhani14 March 2020, 16:04 Great and highly recommended cash back site I have ever seen... Great way of saving some extra cash.. Love it..
SHAZ78609214 March 2020, 11:38 Fast, efficient, reliable....
& Absolutely no hassel.

That's why TopCashback is the
No. 1 cash back site!
nawazish78614 March 2020, 09:55 Great site pays faster than the other big cashback sites
agm200814 March 2020, 02:03 Great site giving great cash back for doing your normal shops 🏬
kosytoes13 March 2020, 21:07 Very helpful site, saved well over £1000, since I joined any problems soon sorted 👍
Twizzle30313 March 2020, 17:07 TopCashback is great way to get free money as well as a good service using search engines. I always check this site especially good for insurance and holiday packages.
TB0513 March 2020, 16:40 I've been using Top cashback for a few years now and have earned a few hundred pounds just by doing my regular online shop. It's no brainer completely honest and simple to use
theyellbird13 March 2020, 15:36 I've earned £923 in one year of using TopCashback, just wish i'd known about this scheme much sooner! Fab website. Informative and fab way of putting some pennies aside for Christmas. Fantastic setup and customer service is great too, only ever had one time I needed help and I was responded to very quickly.
Ninvern113 March 2020, 15:06 £300 just transferred for doing what I probably would have done anyway - Winning!!
bonbon199213 March 2020, 12:26 I have earnt over £1200 since being with Top cash Back.
Abhishek_13 March 2020, 08:59 I have earned £1300 until now. That says it all. Also, missing cash backs are traced well and credited
Freddie060812 March 2020, 21:50 A most efficient team in every area. Would highly recommend.
hobbitcat12312 March 2020, 17:41 TopCashBack is great - earn so much money spending money!! I use it for everything I buy!
vijay1430712 March 2020, 15:37 Have been a TopCashback member for the last 3 years, never know that I could get this much reward for what I am buying a saved lot of money.
Never had any issues at all
Hey Vijay

Thanks for the kind words

Best wishes

sandybabs12 March 2020, 15:20 Will always use topcash because ,it is so simple to use and collect saving that build up over time
Member115464854335912 March 2020, 10:02 Always use TopCashBack, the saving are great on purchasing & Helps towards reduce spend on items
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