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Earlier this month, we announced the launch of the newest way that you can pay out your cashback; Marks & Spencer e-Gift Cards. This addition joins our growing list of bonus pay-out methods, alongside Gift Certificates, Love2shop High Street Shopping Cards, and Tesco Clubcard points -if you choose one of these when you come to make a pay-out, you’ll get a fantastic 5% payout bonus on top!

We added this new option after listening to feedback from you, so we shouldn’t really be surprised that it’s gone down a storm with our members. Many of you have been in touch to let us know that you can’t wait to fill your cupboards with goodies from M&S in time for Christmas, so we thought “why stop there”!

TopCashback Plus members were initially given Priority Access to the Marks & Spencer e-Gift Card pay-out method, but Classic members – it’s your lucky day, because we can now announce that we’ve made this option available to you too!

And now for some even better news…

We’re so delighted with how popular this new addition has been that we didn’t just want to leave it there. After all, why just stick with 4 bonus pay-out options, when we can give you…..Well, a lot more!

This week marks the launch of 2 more new and exciting ways of spending your cashback, (drumroll please…)

BQ Card

B&Q gift cards, and

Starbucks Card 

Starbucks gift cards!

How will these new methods work?

Once you’ve requested your pay-out from the Payments page of your account, we’ll process your request as usual and after a couple of days you should receive your B&Q or Starbucks gift card through the post. All you’ll then need to do before being able to use it, is come back to your TopCashback Account and confirm your card number (we like to make sure you’ve received your card ok before we send your cashback!). Then after you’ve done that, we’ll load your payable cashback on to your gift card and you’ll be ready to go shopping. Simple!

B&Q and Starbucks gift cards can be used to pay for purchases at the till in any UK store or cafe,  so why not treat yourself to some new home accessories, or a wonderfully-warming Pumpkin Spiced Latte? Yum yum! And you guessed it - picking one of these new methods means that your cashback will be bumped up by 5%, so you could even throw a chocolate brownie in for good measure!

What else do I need to know?

B&Q and Starbucks Gift Cards are available as pay-out methods to both Plus and Classic members. The first time you use either of these new payout methods, you’ll need to have a minimum of £10 payable cashback to order your card and initially load it with cashback. You’ll then be able to reload the same card with more cashback time and time again, and you’ll only need a minimum of £1 cashback to reload your B&Q gift card or £5 cashback to reload your Starbucks gift card. To find out more about these new Gift Card payout methods, please view our Help section or quiz our Customer Care team by leaving a comment on this blog.

So, we now have 8 wonderful pay-out methods to choose from, 6 of which will earn you an extra 5% bonus! We’re even hoping to announce more in the next few months, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for extra ways to cash-out your Earnings.

With so many options, the only difficult thing is going to be picking which one to choose. But we really hope you’ll love these new pay-out options and will find something that takes your fancy! If you can already think of a different payout method you’d like to see, then comment on this blog and let us know!

Kind Regards,
The TopCashback Team

Posted on 07 Nov 2013  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
I've waited patiently for my Homebase card number to be recognised on the site but still no joy....I emailed last week and was told to wait. Also can't understand why amounts don't move from pending to payable for months after the money has been handed over to the merchants. I'm a new user but already fed up with the delays and time involved in operating the site :(
  13 Jan 14 - 07:47
I have just received my giftcard and have tried to confirm the number twice only to be told they dont recognise the number, I know I have typed it in correctly and am now of the opinion that I will not receive my cashback. Also wondering why my double points bonus which I received over a year ago from you as an opening offer still hasn't become 'payable'! Losing faith in the site!
  14 Nov 13 - 00:11
  Hi there,

It looks like this was due to a delay in getting the site updated and it appears that you have now made your request. Can you reply back if you still have any issues?

Many thanks,
What no competition to go with the news? :P

Perhaps some b&Q vouchers for commentators would be nice ^^
  08 Nov 13 - 18:02
Great news - i'm gonna use mine to buy some nice new Xmas decorations from b&Q :)
  08 Nov 13 - 09:15

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