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Posted on 28 Aug 2014 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips
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Top Upcycle Blogs from TopCashback

Here at TopCashBack we love upcycling. The process of transforming our old, run down items into something new is great – and saves money. You can give it a new lease of life with simple renovation or you can completely transform it into something different.

While we love the process of upcycling, sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration and can be difficult to know just what to do with your old stuff. But there are people out there who are brilliant at coming up with all sorts of creative ideas, and fortunately for us, they also don’t mind sharing their great ideas. Here are some of our favourite blogs:

A Thrifty Mrs

You can’t mention upcycling without mentioning A Thrifty Mrs. She recently took the lead for #TCBGetsThrifty Twitter party during which loads of great ideas were shared. Not only is she great at upcycling and coming up with creative ideas for her old belongings, but she’s also a keen money saver. She regularly shares her top tips, from getting the most out of your moisturiser bottle to the best bargains on the high street.

A Thrifty Mrs Blog


Upcyclists pride themselves on “restoring, recycling, reclaiming, reviving, remaking, repurposing, reusing and reloving” old materials and objects. This blog is full of incredible posts which showcase some exceptional work from very talented artists which the majority of us could never replicate. At the same time, there are some great ideas to take away and try yourself. X-Rays have been used as lamp shades and some remarkable things have been done with packaging tape. Check it out for some unbelievable inspiration for what is possible.

TailgateGMC Bench Upcycling

(Image Credit: by www.yesterdayreclaimed via

Claire Potter Design

Claire Potter Design is an award winning, Brighton based design company who also have a great blog sharing their eco designs. This company are truly inspiring with what they manage to create from old bits and bobs from around the house - they’ve even turned colanders into lamp shades. They take pictures of what inspires them from their travels and they are keen to share.

Colander Lampshade

(Image Credit: )

My Make Do and Mend Year

This blog was started as a way of documenting a family’s experiences during which they endeavoured to live a thrifty year without buying anything new for the entire time. While that year has now finished the blog continues on and there are loads of fantastic ideas on how to upcycle all sorts of stuff, from turning an old computer screen into a fish tank to transforming an old jumper into a cardigan.

How to create your own wall paper effect

(Image Credit: The Painted House via My Make Do and Mend Year)

Upcycled Treasures

Upcycled Treasures is a great little blog run by a couple from Georgia, USA. Their whole house is full of items that have been given a quick make over and are creatively made into something brand new. Check out some of their ideas for furniture here and become inspired by what’s possible when you’re willing and eager!

Chevron Walls and Upcycled Table~
(Image Credit: Jared Epps via Upcycled Treasures)

So, there are some of our favourite blogs for you to check out and enjoy. These guys know how to refresh and enliven their old objects and hopefully they’ll spark some creative ideas.

Remember to document your creations and please share them with us!

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