Tips on travelling for less with Rachel Riley

Posted on 16 Jan 2019 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Travel
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Rachel Riley

Tips on travelling for less with Rachel Riley

If you are already fed up of winter and dreaming of soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere, this could be the perfect time to book a holiday.

However, with flights, accommodation, travel insurance, airport parking and more to consider, the cost of your dream trip could soon mount up.

That is where we come in as we have amazing deals on a host of travel services, which will help you cut the cost of your trip.

Our brand ambassador, Rachel Riley, loves using TopCashback to save on holidays. Here is what she had to say:

“I'm the chief travel planner in my house and, as we love going off the beaten track and away from the crowds, I've never booked a package trip, so with more pieces to our holiday jigsaw, there are more opportunities for savings,” she explained.

“I use TopCashback for everything from flight searches, hotel reservations and travel insurance to hire cars once we get there. I'll use blogs and review sites to find exactly where we want to go, then check out the latest deals and offers across TopCashback's travel websites to find just what I want — at the best possible price.

“I've even been known to book and rebook the same hotel as a better cashback special offer has popped up, once saving 20% of the price on a Caribbean stay. It's as simple as clicking through the link on TopCashback and continuing as normal to make your booking.

“I’ve told so many friends to try it and loads of them have converted — to save on cost but not on quality. It really is a no-brainer.”

As well as being able to earn cashback through us, there are many other ways you can ensure you don’t blow your budget when booking a holiday. Just follow these simple rules and you will be spending less on your next getaway.

Flights & Accommodation

When booking your trip, you should consider whether you are likely to get a better deal with a package holiday or by booking your flights and accommodation separately.

If you are going away for 7-14 days to a popular holiday destination, a package deal is likely to be the cheapest. If you are planning a longer trip, city break, multi-stop holiday or going somewhere off the beaten track, you will often be better booking your own flights and accommodation.

If you opt for a package holiday, you will probably find cheaper deals the later you book. If you are not set on a specific destination, you might find a fantastic offer a week before you travel as operators will be eager to sell seats on planes they have chartered or rooms they have reserved in hotels.

However, you should be prepared for the fact limited availability may mean you won’t find exactly what you are looking for.

If you don’t want to risk this, you should book as early as possible. Many operators offer early booking discounts, and with more options available up to a year in advance, you are more likely to be able to book exactly what you are looking for.

You should also check different dates, flight times and even departure airports as this can make a huge difference to the price.

Whether you are booking flights, accommodation or holiday packages, we have some superb cashback deals which will save you money.

Travel Insurance

Making sure you have adequate travel insurance is essential if you want to avoid being faced with hefty bills for medical treatment or to replace lost luggage.

If you know you are going to be travelling at least twice in a 12-month period, you should consider an annual policy as it will often work out cheaper than buying multiple single-trip policies.

If you are travelling with other people, combining cover for a couple or family will likely work out cheaper than insuring each individual separately.

Save on travel insurance with our cashback deals and cover yourself for any eventuality.

Travel Money

There are various options available when it comes to travel money, but buying it from the airport just before you step on the plane should not be one of them as you could be stung by poor exchange rates and hefty commission charges.

Whichever of the following options you go for, you should research the best exchange rates and lowest charges.

Travel credit cards can be a more viable option than your usual credit card, and many providers will offer introductory deals. If you do have to rely on your bank cards, use a debit card for cash withdrawals and a credit card for purchases.

Taking foreign currency means you will be carrying what you have budgeted for, which could prevent you buying things you don’t need, while loading cash onto a prepaid travel card could also help with overspending.

Many travel cards offer a competitive exchange rate, while you will also be able to cancel it if it gets stolen.

Get your holiday finances in order and put a little extra in your pocket with these cashback offers.

Airport Parking

If you know you are going to be leaving your car at the airport, you can drive down parking charges by booking in advance — even if it is the day before you travel.

The general rule is the earlier you book, the more you are likely to save, which could be as much as a third compared with paying on the day.

The key is to do your research to find the cheapest deals as there are plenty of airport parking providers competing against each other. Check comparison sites, though you might find it cheaper booking with the airport direct.

If you have an early flight or live a long way from the airport, many airport hotels offer room packages which also include parking for the duration of your trip.

Click here to view the fantastic cashback deals you could take advantage of when booking airport parking.

Car Hire

If you are planning on travelling around while you are away, don’t leave booking your car hire until you get to your destination as you might have a breakdown when you see the prices.

As with other travel extras, the key with car hire is to book in advance as you could save yourself hundreds of pounds, with the daily hire rates available on arrival likely to be double, or even triple, the advance online deals.

Work out what you actually need before you book as you are likely to be offered costly add-ons such as air conditioning, sat navs and additional driver cover. Taking your own sat nav or child car seat could save you money too.

We work with major car hire providers and comparison sites — meaning you can find a great deal and get a little back when you book online.

Days Out

If you need to entertain the kids while you are away or you want to visit those iconic sights with a loved one, you should search for excursion and days out deals before you travel as it could save you a packet.

You will often be able to buy advance tickets cheaper compared to on the day prices, while you should search around for vouchers and cheap tickets. Specialist ticket agencies often offer cheaper prices, so you should use the theme park or attraction price as a benchmark.

If you are planning on seeing a lot of sights, a city tourism pass will offer you discounted access to major attractions and museums, as well as public transport.

Check out great cashback deals, which will earn you money when booking days out tickets.

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