Are You Taking a Chance Without Insurance?

Posted on 29 May 2019 Posted in  Travel, TopCashback Tips & Updates, How To Articles & Handy Tips
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Are you putting yourself, your assets and belongings, or maybe even your pet at risk? Our new report reveals you might be.

There’s a 16% gap between the number of us who need insurance and those who have it. Almost half of people without insurance don’t have contents insurance, despite the average home containing £34,725 worth of items.

Nearly a third of people are putting their cash – and their precious pooches – at risk by not having pet insurance. But perhaps the riskiest of all, two in 25 of us who own a home are not covered by buildings insurance.

It’s our British boldness that is seemingly creating the gap as a quarter of people admit to being happy to take their chances without insurance.



But if something were to go wrong, you could face a huge expense you may not be able to afford.

Instead of risking it for a biscuit, follow our top tips to buying and understanding insurance.

  1. Get the right cover. Before you start looking at prices, and so you’re not tempted by the cheapest policy, compare insurances by what they cover – making sure they cover the things you need.
  2. Read the terms. Don’t buy a policy without fully understanding the terms and conditions. If you haven’t read them, you could find out you’re not covered for certain situations. Remember you have a 14-day cooling-down period after buying most insurance policies, so use that time to familiarise yourself with the t’s and c’s.
  3. Compare costs. Once you know which covers will work best for your needs, use a comparison tool to check which providers are offering the best deals.
  4. Check cashback. Once you’ve picked a provider and a particular policy, check as you can earn up to £700 on policies from life insurance to pet insurance, to see if you can earn cashback. The site offers cashback on everything from travel to contents, buildings and life insurance.
  5. Don’t lie. Although it may be tempting to tell a little white lie on the application form to reduce the cost, you could end up in big trouble when your policy is cancelled, or a claim is rejected in the future.
The_GrayMan13 August 2019, 12:50 Wise Words! Thank you x
malouspost1 July 2019, 09:40 Yes---excellent advice ,and a wake-up call to many people
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