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Posted on 19 Jan 2022 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Utilities
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Energy Saving

It’s Big Energy Saving Week!

We are here to help you cut your energy bills with some quick but effective lifestyle tips that will significantly impact your energy usage over time.

Save energy doing laundry


The washing machine is one of the most heavily used appliances in the home. A 7kg washing machine used 4 times a week will cost typically between £25 – £35 a year to run. Cut down your costs with these simple tips.

1. Wash your clothes on a cooler wash, you can also buy bio laundry capsules/ detergent which are better at breaking down the dirt and stains on your clothes as they contain enzymes that can be activated at a lower temperature. Do bear in mind that they are harsher to your skin compared to non-bio detergents.

2. Hang out your clothes to air dry instead of using the tumble dryer, in the summer hang them on a washing line and in the winter hang them indoors infront of a radiator – don’t forget to ventilate the space to avoid damp.

Save energy in the kitchen


1. Switch your appliances off at the plug instead of leaving them on standby, doing this can save the average household around £30 a year.

2. Only boil as much water as you need and do not boil using a pan on the hob, your kettle is much more efficient.

3. Choose energy efficient appliances, the highest rating is A+++ and the lowest is F or G. Older appliances are likely to be less efficient and can negatively impact your energy consumption in the kitchen.

Save energy in the bathroom


1. Cut down on your time in the shower. Spending one minute less in the shower each day could save a family of four £75 a year on energy and water bills.

2. Upgrade your shower by replacing an inefficient shower head with a water efficient one. This could save a family of four around £70 a year on their gas bills and around £115 a year on their water bills.

3. Turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth and wash your face – doing so can save more than six litres of water per minute.

Save energy on lighting


1. Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. If you switch a light off for just a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again.

2. Replace your bulbs when you can with energy efficient ones – on average it could save you about £35 a year on your energy bill.

3. Install dimmer switches. They can also extend the life of your light bulb.

Energy help schemes

Energy schemes

Make sure to visit your local Citizens Advice office to get advice on how to reduce your energy bills. If anyone in your household is receiving benefits, contact your energy supplier and see what support they can provide.

Nyzak22 February 2022, 07:44 I recently insulated my outhouses which is now part of my house which I converted to a d/Stairs wc and a utility room. I hadn't realised how cold it was until it got to winter and it was like an ice box. I added an internal door to where an arch used to be. It's a lot warmer down stairs. My fault for trying to have that open plan feeling. Doesn't work well if you house is not insulated properly. I've also started addressing cold spots around the windows. Ensuring that there are no gaps and caulking around the windows and replacing the silicone on the window frames. Its made a massive difference.
Nyzak22 February 2022, 07:37 If u are buying led light bulbs, keep your receipt, they generally have a 2 to 3 year warranty on them. If they go before the warranty ends, u can simply take them back for a refund or replacement bulbs.
FHM13 February 2022, 10:20 Since changing all my lightbulbs to led's I haven't noticed any saving to my electric bill!

Also, they claim that led bulbs last 10 years, but they don't!
gboston8 February 2022, 07:52 We recently bought two solar powered pir (motion activated) lights for the rear of our property, one next to the back door. They are surprisingly bright (though not as bright as a powered light), weren't expensive and far easier to install than cabled ones, so saving money and energy.
Redarrow257 February 2022, 17:22 Laundry Capsules cost more to buy in the first place , so using these and turning down temp is not going to be a saving ? In my humble opinion
tawnyowl684 February 2022, 22:14 We have bought 2 rechargeable led sensor lights so when we go to the bathroom on the middle of the night we don't need to switch the big lights on thus saving money and not having very bright light waking you up properly. Lights are about £15. For 2
great advice there :) Best wishes Phil
Radoz3 February 2022, 00:10 Great tips on this blog,i also have led bulbs,i didnt realize using the washing machine could cost so much,i have a full wash everyday....I dont know where it all comes from....Also slightly turning down the thermostat for the central heating can save money
Bernie927222 January 2022, 13:46 I decided last year to change all my light bulbs to led. The out lay initially was expensive. But given that the bulbs are meant to last for 10years that’S a saving in itself. And everything I save by using the led bulbs … Bonus !
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