TopCashback reigns victorious at the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2020!


TopCashback reigns victorious at the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2020!

 Yet again, we are delighted to announce we have won the Consumer Moneyfacts Award for Cashback Site of the Year 2020. This victory comes for the fourth time in five years and we are just so grateful to be of service to you.

 First and foremost, we would like to say a big, huge, enormous Thank You to you, our wonderful members because we couldn’t have done this without you.

 At TopCashback, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s most generous cashback site. For the last 15 years our team have worked tirelessly to secure the best deals for you. Working with the biggest and best brands, we help you save you thousands on your everyday spending. Whether that be booking an exciting new holiday, purchasing a shiny new watch or simply buying your weekly groceries.

Our most popular brands were Amazon, Expedia, Nike, Very, Etsy, Just Eat, British Gas and With over thousands of brands you can get cashback on almost anything.

What are the Consumer Moneyfact Awards?

Being one of the biggest awards in the financial sector, the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards combine independent expert analysis and comprehensive survey results from hundreds of thousands of customers to determine who the winners will be.

Giving customers a voice, the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards aims to recognise companies that offer great products and services alongside exceptional customer service.

Why do we do what we do?

These awards are more than flattering, but we don’t do for the recognition. We do it for you!

At TopCashback, our fairplay ethos means we are always looking to give our customers not only the best deals, but also the best service. Here’s a quick word from Adam Bullock our UK Director at TopCashback…

"Being named Cashback Site of the Year four times in the last five years is a huge achievement, and one we are incredibly proud of.

At TopCashback, we are committed to fairplay, to looking after our members and striking the right balance of fairness for them, our team and the brands we work with. A huge part of this ensures we offer the most generous cashback rates in the market for our members.

We're delighted that this award demonstrates that the experts and public have recognised this. It’s a great start to our 15th anniversary year!"

Thank You, from the Topcashback team.


ZarinaRo03 Mar 20 - 21:11Fab! Well deserved ✌🏼💞
takoya02 Mar 20 - 14:48Congratulations, well done and deserved 💕
Robert_lee_49801 Mar 20 - 09:59Omg cute congratulations TopCashback💓💵💲🙊😉
Ashkakar29 Feb 20 - 11:01Nice, congratulations, best wishes
RjD106624 Feb 20 - 16:16Well done
Oskarek2122 Feb 20 - 23:40Thank you
Member24195378115122 Feb 20 - 22:41Well done for getting this award your site deserves it
SFD072322 Feb 20 - 21:08Well done x
angelaharris197222 Feb 20 - 12:49Great site Topcashback, always received my cash back Thankyou
georgeos9922 Feb 20 - 01:15Thank you
raskiukas21 Feb 20 - 20:47Thanks TopCashback !!!!!
Member107925421605320 Feb 20 - 19:51You are the very best
Inchy7320 Feb 20 - 18:49I've received great payments
Nicholas3777720 Feb 20 - 13:32It's ok and can earn extra money on shopping
zepiskye19 Feb 20 - 13:33Top site earned so much with purchases never had a problem so far. Five stars!! So many different company's to choose from love it 😁
tajna_misia19 Feb 20 - 12:58You need to track purchases better as too many of them are falling through with you saying "clear your cookies" and "we are sorry but you won't get your cashback" ... Why then with the same retailer one transaction is ok other is not??!

We want all purchases to track straight awya but we're in a much bigger system that needs to ensure fair play.

Clearing cookies can be essential in helping the tracking network seeing us as eligible which is why you'll see us advise this.

Best wishes,
Maria diggett18 Feb 20 - 22:04Be better if u did better deals with people all ready joined
We run lots of existing member offers, like our current pancake day mix offer on snap and save :)
Best wishes,
les0152218 Feb 20 - 18:38You are the best
shaquillia12318 Feb 20 - 17:02Well deserved
taffyboy9718 Feb 20 - 14:01Congratulations. By far the best cashback site. Really great effort by the whole team.
BASSLINEBARGAINS18 Feb 20 - 02:38Excellent
jameson99918 Feb 20 - 00:21Cash back does need to be faster . I mean 20 weeks for cash back is a bit much .
Hey James,

We promise to give our members the very best cashback rates and also promise to award the cashback as soon as we're paid. Please do reach out to us if you need us to check up on a purchase.

Best wishes,
chompoo1117 Feb 20 - 23:41Very good Company
Stefmichelle17 Feb 20 - 18:58Good job
negrusa ovidiu17 Feb 20 - 17:15Sorry,but 3-4 month for cashback is to much
i am really sorry you think that. Retailers do need to balance risk with payment speed and we'll always ensure you are paid as fast as we are.

Best wishes,
Member17066133252617 Feb 20 - 15:55Cash back needs to be faster
If ever your estimated payable speed passes please do reach out to the team so they can check this out :)
Kasby17 Feb 20 - 02:51Congrats
C_Heyworth08 Feb 20 - 19:39Congratulations, well deserved! I
teeny15608 Feb 20 - 14:45Well done 👏🏻
Great Cashback company
Anna110806 Feb 20 - 14:56Very good company. Well done
daisy231005 Feb 20 - 13:28Well done congratulations, great company 👏👏👏
Yodajean04 Feb 20 - 21:09Congratulations well done
mickos04 Feb 20 - 15:21Keep up the good work 😉
1978gayle197804 Feb 20 - 09:56Perfect Cashback site