Mega Tell-a-Friend up to £20, plus a £5 Tesco eGift Card for your friend

Posted on 26 Jul 2019 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
Tell-a-Friend Mega Bonus

Starting today (29th July 2019) and running for 2 weeks (until 10am 12th August 19), we've got an extra special Tell-a-Friend bonus for you and your friends. If you've been making the most of cashback on all your purchases but your friends are yet to find this shopping gem, now's the time to tell them!

You and your friend will get a hefty bonus when they sign up and earn £10 payable cashback (see the breakdown below).

Plus Members – Get £20 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback
Classic Members – Get £15 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback

Your friend can get a £5 Tesco e-Gift card bonus for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.

To receive your bonus, follow these instructions:

1. Tell your friend about TopCashback and why they’re missing out! When you do, make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page (they must use your unique referral link , if they don’t we won’t know you referred them!).

2. Your friend will then need to sign-up using your link.

3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback and the cashback reaches payable status, you will receive your Tell-a-Friend bonus.

The increased bonus finishes at 10am 12th August 19 – so, make sure you tell your friends soon!

* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring. *

See Terms and Conditions

Member87744357172211 Aug 19 - 17:02Brilliant
dolly197610 Aug 19 - 16:22Well worth doing
dianneconnor6110 Aug 19 - 13:49Great and easy way to make money
Julia_Nowland10 Aug 19 - 10:32To be perfectly honest I find the referral complicated.
Hey Julia

I am sorry that you have found the tell a friend bonus a little complicated.

If you would like help please submit a support ticket on your account and one of our lovely team can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Member87736210734609 Aug 19 - 11:23Yes I will
Member87733988992508 Aug 19 - 07:44Im loving this
Member87726855741505 Aug 19 - 22:15Thank you. Member877230329309
Member87723032930904 Aug 19 - 17:18Thanks you

No problem :)

We hope to continue giving you and all our other lovely members the most generous offers around

Best wishes

Nath119403 Aug 19 - 01:58For the watch

I'm sure all of the nights watch at Castle Black would agree.

Best wishes

Muhammet Karaguzel30 Jul 19 - 11:27For my family
elorac5429 Jul 19 - 22:13For my family
Hayley_Smith29 Jul 19 - 18:53For a close friend
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Member77693802134129 Jul 19 - 13:34My comment is cool