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If you’re in the market for a new phone, it’s inevitable that the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max will draw your attention – but the phone you’ll really want to consider is Apple’s affordable iPhone variant, the XR.

With pre-orders starting on the 19th of October and sales starting a week later, we decided to take a look at the key features to understand exactly what you get with the XR.

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The XR Has the Same Internals, but at a More Affordable Price

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It’s a crucial point that will typically be missed in all the talk about the lower price point, but while the device is more affordable, it doesn’t mean that Apple have skimped on the things that make the phone work. The iPhone XR comes with the same powerful A12 Bionic processor included in the XS and XS Max.

There was talk prior to the launch that a cheaper iPhone would have cut back on the processor, which might have made it a less attractive option, but thankfully that isn’t the case.

FaceID keeps your Phone Secure


Another rumour prior to the launch of the new Apple iPhones was that the XR would come with the previous version of FaceID to help to cut costs. However, Apple proved all the rumours to be untrue.

Utilising Apple’s TrueDepth camera, its secure enclave and the Neural Engine, the XR uses the same FaceID technology that makes the XS and XS Max so secure. Not only can you unlock your phone using your face, but you can glance at your phone for Apple Pay, to log in to apps or accounts, and to install apps from the App Store.

The most Advanced LCD Display Edges Others Out

To make the new XR more affordable than the OLED equipped XS and XS Max, Apple developed the most advanced LCD display in a smartphone, creating the Liquid Retina display with curved edges and colours that are true-to-life.

The backstory to this is that LCD displays are difficult to manipulate – meaning that there was a genuine challenge in stretching the display to the far corners of the device – but Apple did it. What results is a screen that fills every corner and thanks to TrueTone, it looks great too.

A Camera that delivers great shots, day or night

The headlines during Apple’s phone launch focused on the fact that the XR comes with just one camera lens, when much of the current trend is for smartphones to come with two or more lenses.

However, Apple have used machine learning technology to make their single lense design work as well as competitor handsets featuring more. So whether you’re shooting landscapes or portraits, you’ll still capture fantastic photos. And thanks to HDR technology, you’ll see even more detail in every shot.

Great Materials, Greater Colours

Unlike the iPhone XS and XS Max – which come in space grey, gold or silver – the new iPhone XR comes in six colours to suit your personal verve. Whether you fancy the Coral Blue or the Product(Red) colour, you’re also guaranteed to get the same great build quality.

Apple state that their new screen is the most durable front glass ever used, while the band that surrounds it is built from aerospace grade aluminium, tinted to suit the colour of your phone. Add in the fact that it's dust and water resistant, and you have a handset for all conditions.

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