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Posted on 23 May 2022 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Technology & Gaming
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Zeal are experts in kitchenware innovation, from unique storage solutions to handy gadgets like herb strippers and silicone egg rings.

Their products are easy to use and store safely, having all been designed to make your life simpler.

Whether you’re a keen baker or you’re just looking for ways to make washing up after dinner less painful, Zeal will have something for you.

We’re here to give you the rundown on some of Zeal’s most exciting products, from barbecue tools to eco-friendly food storage.

What’s more, if you order your Zeal cookware essentials through us, you could save yourself some money too. We’re currently offering an exclusive 10% cashback rate* for our members until the end of June.

Innovative designs to help you cook with ease

Zeal offer plenty of uniquely designed kitchenware products to revolutionise the way you cook and clean in your kitchen. 

Sick of dropping food on the floor when you transfer from chopping board to pan? If so, you need to get yourself a Straight to Pan Chopping Board from Zeal.

These nifty cutting boards have angled sides for a strong grip and a dispensing hole for food to go through, straight into the pan.

Check out their Rock & Drop Herb Chopper Set if you’re looking for a product to make prepping fresh herbs less of a hassle. This mezzaluna knife and curved chopping board combo makes cutting herbs effortlessly easy.

Or, for chopping and slicing garlic without making a mess, check out their multifunctional Garlic Dice Chopper.

Their Stack & Store Measuring Set contains nine stackable food prep products, including a one litre jug and range of measuring cups. What’s more, the Drain & Service Colander doubles up as a sturdy serving bowl. Handy or what?

And you can kiss goodbye to filthy oven gloves with holes in the fingertips and say hello to the Zeal Hot Grab.

This mini oven mitt is made with premium silicone and fabric to protect your hands while handling hot dishes and cookware and also offers non-slip grip.

Among Zeal’s most popular products are their Steam Stop Waterproof Silicone Double Oven Gloves.

These traditional oven gloves come with extra protection for your hands as well as inner padding for your comfort. They’re easy to clean and non-stick, as well as offering fantastic grip on even the most awkward of pots, pans and trays.

Or, why not check out their Hot Matt and Grabs which are oven mitts that double up as heat-resistant pan stands?

Getting barbecue ready with Zeal

If you’re planning to spend your summer in the garden barbecuing up a storm, you’ll need to stock up on barbecue accessories. Luckily for you, Zeal have everything you need.

Their Perfect Grip silicone tongs and flexible slotted turners will be ideal for flipping those sizzling burgers and steaks.

In fact, Zeal specialise in inventive silicone utensil solutions to make food prep less arduous. Some of their most handy silicone products include their Flexitech Masher, useful Spoon Rest and their perfectly sized Sauce Whisk.

As well as these, make sure you order yourself a set of handy stackable salad bowls and some salad servers. Zeal have a range of sizes and colours to choose from.

You can also buy a handy salad spinner to dry salad leaves and herbs in just a few seconds.

And don’t forget your silicone ice cube trays for keeping those summer cocktails nice and cool while the weather is nice. Nobody wants a warm Aperol Spritz, do they?

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Love Baking, Love Zeal

Get the whole family baking with the help of Zeal’s collection of handy baking utensils and accessories.

From mixing bowls to piping sets, you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect sponge cake or batch of brownies on the Zeal website.

Choose from Zeal’s wide range of non-stick silicone cake moulds and baking sheets which make removing cakes and washing up easier than ever.

Or, if you’re baking cookies, you can order cookie cutters in the shape of stars, hearts, or even cute dog bones.

These high-quality baking products come in a range of beautiful colours, enough to get anyone excited about baking.

Go for a duck egg blue spatula and whisk set or a pastel pink silicone basting brush, or perhaps a more bold colour like red, lime or aqua. Let’s be honest, baking never looked this good.

Eco-friendly food storage

Zeal are passionate about creating innovative, environmentally friendly cookware solutions.

For reusable food storage containers and bags, check out Zeal’s new EcoBagz collection. These eco-conscious bags come in a variety of sizes, from as small as 125ml, all the way up to two-litre capacity.

Their smaller bags are great for storing snacks like nuts and dried fruit, and the bigger sizes can be used to keep things like dry cereals and pasta fresh.

EcoBagz feature an air-tight ziplock to stop food going stale. What’s more, they can even be stored in the fridge or freezer.

So, whether you’re looking for reusable sandwich bags for your kids’ lunchboxes or a durable travel pouch for your holiday essentials, EcoBagz are the perfect eco-conscious solution.

Don’t forget, order your Zeal cookware supplies through us and you can earn 10% cashback* on your purchase.

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