How to Earn Cashback – from Start to Finish

Posted on 20 Mar 2008 Posted in  'How To' Articles
Here at Top Cashback, we have been thinking that we might put together an occasional series of ‘How To …’ articles. These would aim to cover all aspects of the use of Top Cashback – starting from the very basic.

We hope that by putting these articles into this blog, members who have “been there and done that” can add their thoughts and comments. In particular, members could perhaps mention anything that confused them initially.

So, where better to start, than at the very first stage – joining Top Cashback and earning your first ever cashback – Woo Hoo!!! As I write this, I am trying to imagine that I have landed on Top Cashback, perhaps after having heard it being mentioned, but not really understanding what it is all about.

Top Cashback has tried to make joining ridiculously simple. To join, all I have to do is to click one of the ‘Join Here’ buttons (for instance from the homepage). Then I simply provide my email address (which, from now on, will become my username) and think up a password. Simple. Job done. In future, I can sign-in using these details – or I can click the ‘Keep me logged in’ option, in which case I will be signed-in automatically whenever I use the same computer.

Earning Cashback
Now I can earn cashback whenever I do any online shopping. We will suppose that I already know I want to buy, say, a computer from Dell for instance. So now, I simply sign-in and find Dell within the site. I can either browse the categories until I find ‘Computing’ and then find ‘Dell’ in the list – or I can search (using the text-box at the top left of each page). For instance, I personally would search for ‘Dell’ and then look down the list for the correct retailer.

Having found Dell, I then click through to the retailer page. Here I can read up a little on the retailer, and view some of its click and tracking statistics if I wish to. Then I click the ‘Continue’ button to be taken to Dell’s own website. From now on, and irrespective of which retailer I have chosen, I simply have to purchase exactly as I would do normally. But importantly, I should complete my transaction immediately and wholly online. If I end up having to telephone the retailer, then the chances are that my cashback won’t track.

What happens now, ‘behind the scenes’, is perhaps the essence of the whole cashback ideal. The retailer reports to Top Cashback that I purchased from their site, having clicked through from Top Cashback. Therefore, the retailer agrees to pay commission to Top Cashback for providing them with my business. At Top Cashback, we pass ALL of that commission back to you – and we call it ‘Cashback’. Simple. (Oh, and in case you are wondering, Top Cashback makes its living from the clearly marked adverts around the site – so remember that none of these adverts will earn you cashback).

It really is that simple – but there is just a little more to tell.

The retailer will now tell us that this commission, or cashback, will be on its way – so we report this fact to you in your Account View area. We haven’t yet received the commission however, so the cashback is marked in your account as ‘Pending’ – meaning you can’t actually claim the cashback yet.

It generally takes 2 or 3 months for the commission to become fully confirmed and passed over from the retailer to us. After this time, your commission will show up as ‘Payable’ in your account view – and you will then be able to click the ‘Payments’ button and choose how you wish to be paid. You can be paid either by BACS (the payment will be sent straight to your bank account), by Paypal or by cheque.

So there it is - how to earn cashback from start to finish. You will notice that ‘all’ Top Cashback really does is to report (and pay) your cashback to you – as reported to us by the retailers (in the form of commission).


p.s. Do let us know what you think of this article and the whole process of earning cashback – and let others know if you have any experiences which you think might benefit them.
ronnie_e19 May 13 - 12:08We get all the cashback?
My £299 purchase from pcworld @ 1.51% Should return £4.50 but I received £3.78. Maybe you need a new calculator?
29 Jan 13 - 15:46I'm trying to get my cashback-filling in my profile and bank details for bacs.I keep getting told there is an errow-latest one no.3197609.I originally booked last April with l egal & General-still waiting.
craigr3521 Jan 11 - 19:32For over 2 months now not a single of my transactions have even tracked in my account, these include, confused.Com, virgin media, eon and many more.
My account was working just fine, then about 2 months ago non of my transactions show as tracked in my account, I even used 2 differnet computers at my friends home and at work and still nothing, realy really frustrating.
Any one else know of this and any help would be appreciated, I have already checked my tracking cookies and they are all fine

Thanks in advance

pod8627 Apr 10 - 17:53Scottish power link not working any ideas?
01 Apr 10 - 11:57Hi guys, anybody joined cos of this great offer,please report progress of said cashback, lookin like 3 months
Fern5011 Oct 09 - 13:05I'm new to this site & Have put in a query, but nowhere does it say how TopCashback will make contact. Do they e mail, or is there somewhere in my account for me to pick up correspondence?
footylad03 Aug 09 - 22:05Im trying to do my car insurance but the the link to more than through TCB does not seem to be working an error msg comes up can anyone suggest anything im using TCB for 1st time and need to sort out car insurance asap

28 Feb 09 - 08:47Hey,

My boyfriend is the one who normally does the shopping online so I am kinda betting on my referalls to make me some money. I referred my mom and know she did sign up but I can't find how to see a balance to see if it worked. I want to put time into this but it has to work. Also I thought when I signed up that you got paid for browsing the net, not just for shopping. Does anyone know of other programs I can join for free. I'm trying to make some extra money and the more the better. Thanks!!!
Skillz2PayDaBillz17 Sep 08 - 13:51Hey folks,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but a question for everyone including the TCB team... This new Firefox 3 web browser - is it reliable for tracking? Been usin the old Firefox for ages now no probs but this newer version claims to be more secure for ur privacy and cookies etc (sorry i'm not very tech) and before I install it I wanna know if my purchases will still track relaibly. Anyone help? Cheers
18 Aug 08 - 16:33Joined the aa (auto assoc!) With 'cashback' last year - should have received £25 - received zilch!
Whats going on???
destiny716 Aug 08 - 20:26Have now tried several times now to purchase esure home insurance but the link keeps failing, anybody else tried.
masher81616 Aug 08 - 15:09When ever I try and access the Kelkoo site I get a bad request message. From the comments field it appears that others maybe having the same problem. Has anyone found a way of getting round this problem?
26 Jul 08 - 22:14Hi FionaT

We have been updating on the Pru Health situation in the "Online Diary" section of this blog.

Certainly don't give up - the fact that your £85 has tracked and is showing means that you will receive the cashback - it is just a question of when.

We are looking to reduce the wait for our members - we can't make it any less than the 120 days specified by Pru Health, but we can work to minimise delays after that period.
FionaT21 Jul 08 - 11:27This is the first time I have used the site but I won't be recommeding it. I joined Pruhealth/Virgin gym in Jan with my £85 cash back due to me on 31st March.

Still no sign of it even though it's finally showing up on the first part of the tracker ... After lots of chasing from me.

More hassle than it's worth. I'll be suprised if I see my £85.
jumapech13 Jul 08 - 09:22Have we lost Buy Central for good this time?
It was such a good site and I for one will miss it.
04 Jul 08 - 19:35For those of you 'blogging' recently, thank you for your positive feedback. It is always great to hear. Please pass on the good word to your friends and families.

We were featured on Radio 4 yesterday, which was fantastic. If any of you are happy to be used as case studies for interviews please let us know.

Enjoy spending your cashback!!
happybunny18 Jun 08 - 10:06Hi fellow 'TopCashbackers'!!
I'm a relatively new member & I love it!!
I just wish i'd known about this site sooner! The amount i've spent on online purchases before joining TopCashback could've earned me 'loadsamoney!!' ;O)
Have a good day everybody! ;O)
17 Jun 08 - 08:43Hello
NicNocs10 Jun 08 - 17:18I just wondered why TCB aren't set up with Amazon, especially since Greasy Palm offer (a measly!) 1.25% Cash back on purchases with Amazon. Would it be worth going back to them and asking if they'd like to be part of TCB? I just feel like if they can do it, why can't we?!!

TeeCee10 Jun 08 - 12:56I just wanted to say thank you to Olly and the rest of the team. I only joined this site at the end of last year and this week I requested my first pay out - just over £370 has now arrived in my bank account! I can hardly believe it. Thank you so much - keep up the good work.
05 Jun 08 - 15:58John Lewis have stopped offering cashback unfortunately. I believe it was part of a wide management review and they felt cashback didn't fit in with their business model (for whatever reason).

Sorry if you're missing it!
05 Jun 08 - 15:57Hmmmmm - from some of the comments it seems that perhaps another 'How to' is needed...Explaining the Ins and Outs of chasing up Missing Commissions.

There will always be situations where cashback doesn't track automatically. In these situations, we need you to tell us - and then we can chase up your claim for you (which can be a lengthy process at times).

For instance, the post from Mat above... The order date was 2 April - but Mat only submitted his missing commission claim to us on 22 May. It is only after the claim is submitted that we know there is an issue which needs chasing. In this case, we then submitted the claim to the retailer 6 days later on 28 May (and sent an email to Mat informing him of this at that time).

I'm sorry Mat if you didn't realise that we needed to be told of the problem before we could do anything. Having received your claim however, we have acted on it and kept you informed.

Issy - i'm sorry about your troubles with the aa. That was a problematic program for us as the aa haven't looked into any of the claims. In our defence, we were the only cashback site to post a clear warning on our site stating that it was likely that the aa wouldn't respond to missing commission claims. We also warned that they might apply a strict 'de-duping' process. Unfortunately, despite our requests, the aa have been true to their warning and not processed any missing claims.

Lolabelle - thanks for the constructive criticism. I think you have at least had an email from us for all of your claims telling you when they were submitted to the retailers. After that, we more or less have to wait for the retailers to come back to us (although most now work within defined time limits).

I hope that helps a little...
05 Jun 08 - 09:51This is the first time I have used TopCashBack for claiming back against a PruCover Insurance Policy. Cashback?!?! Not had any yet.. Joined it about 2 months ago and TCB reconise that I have used them, however still no cash back! How disapointing! Ive used the recovery tool, to recover lost money, but not heared anything!

Who is pocketing this cashback, eh?

02 Jun 08 - 09:41Hello any body
nday101 Jun 08 - 17:09Whats happened to John Lewis, seems they disappeared from TopCashback?
22 May 08 - 20:44I joined the aa through Top CashBack last August and was expecting £25 cashback. Ten months and several 'nudges' later i'm still waiting. I could have joined other Breakdown services at a cheaper rate but this seemed very attractive at the time as it ought to have cost only about £8.00 - had I received my cash back! What a disappointment.
22 May 08 - 13:47Sssssss
22 May 08 - 13:39Ggggggggggggggggggggggg
paskwalle22 May 08 - 11:31Hi,
I've changed from RPoints to TopCashBack, since the Cashback-rate seems so much better, but am honestly very disappointed. Out of 3 orders, only 1 was tracked and awarded. So I put in a missing claim, but nothing happend so far (and that's already 6 weeks!). The second claim I can't even put in, because the cashback is below 1£. I often order little things online, and that all adds up for me. So I find it very annoying that I can't put in a claim for that amount. Which means, even though the rates are very good on this site, i'm going back to RPoints, since they are very reliable and at least I know I really get my money from them.
Lolabelle20 May 08 - 15:36Great site guys, so far have made over £116 since December 2007...And on stuff I needed anyway!! One criticism...When purchases don't track and missing commission claim is submitted....Have had no contact from you guys despite several nudges and i've had a claim in since 19th Jan 08!!! I know it takes some time ..But 4 months and nothing????? Please speak to me..Even to say i've been unsuccessful!
Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you have not had any information about your claims recently.

I have asked one of my colleagues in the Claims Department to update your claims.

Please could you kindly allow 7 days for your claim to be updated.

Many thanks,
08 May 08 - 22:57Just got my £95 cashback from prudential although it took a couple of months from date of purchase,but so what at least I got it.Although it is not paid into your credit/Debit account until you!!! Tell it to do so.Set a reminder into your mobile when it's due to be paid in case you forget.Then log in and tell tc to pay it in.Excellent.
killbill08 May 08 - 15:00To the person complaining about the advert scrooling down the page - TopCashbackreplies on ad to gets its fee as they dont charge a yearly fee like quidco or skim some of the commision of

If you dont like the flash adverts then disable it within your addons within iexplorer -its very simple

A quick question for TopCashback - how do you secure the commision amount from the merchant. On quidco for example they had a £48 cashback for talk talk but you only had £24

07 May 08 - 14:02My girlffriend recently got a cheque through the post for £105 from her Prudential car insurance policy! So it really does work. Although Prudential have cut their cashback offer now so I tried aig. I Will let you know how I get on.
04 May 08 - 13:50Really annoying claims direct ad that keeps springing up and down the page!!!
whit03 May 08 - 19:32God how annoying is that claims direct ad that keeps springing up and down the page!!!

Please remove it TopCashback!!
Cinnamon01 May 08 - 08:32Hi Everyone
Top Cashback is brilliant, so glad I found this site and I have been telling everyone about it. There is one point I would like to raise. I reached £100 recently and was over the moon, however my total suddenly dropped and it now only shows £88. I presume this is due to some time scale and that cashback earnt more than 6 months or so dissapears. I feel that knowing how much you have earnt spurs you on to make more and that a running total should always show. Don't know how other people feel, but for me seeing £88 is not as exciting as seeing £100. Hoping to make it £200 by this time next year. Many thanks, take care.
Carmen30 Apr 08 - 15:41Hi, I think this website is brilliant, although I have read something about a minimum amount but I can't figure how much. Please add to the explanation how much you need to make before you can get paid.
15 Apr 08 - 13:33Really like this website, it's a genius way to make some good many for very little effort.

I'm making it my mission to find all the risk free, scam free, easy ways to make free money from the internet and having discovered this site I can definately say this is one of them!

I'm going to document my successes and (hopefully not) failures in my blog so that anyone can give it a go themselves.

Check it out at :
14 Apr 08 - 17:54The No-Purchase section of our site has been updated to remove any retailers who no longer have free signup offers. Please do let us know if you notice any more.
bazwaldo_the_1st10 Apr 08 - 17:56The useful link for No Purchase offers isn't really useful at all as the list contains retailers where you need to purchase.What gives there.
08 Apr 08 - 15:37How many success stories have you read here? I have used this site and have signed up with Elephant and Green Flag. Neither of these companies appear to be playing the game and do not appear to be replying to TopCashBack! It is a brilliant idea...Just don't hold your breath. If you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere (not taking the cashback into account) go for it! You may never receive your money!
HANSON04 Apr 08 - 11:51Cant wait for my 80 pound cashback from Golden Palace. Sign up spend twenty get hundred back! Great job by TopCashback for securing such a deal
Diamondgirl26 Mar 08 - 19:14Hi to anybody reading this,
I have only been with TopCashback since Jan 2008, and I wish I had come across it much sooner,what a load of money I have made, from buying clothes, dvds etc that I would have bought anyway and getting cashback is a big bonus!.
Top cashback is the perfect name for this site!!!!
justmeasyousee25 Mar 08 - 21:44Hello everyone, I would just like to say I think this is a brill site and thanks everyone,
Jan x
hoppper25 Mar 08 - 16:15There is a new offspring of similar sites; however keeping the process as transparent as you can is one way of differentating from the rest - so keep up the high visibility!
whit25 Mar 08 - 12:10The tracking for this seems to be playing up over the Easter holiday!!!
21 Mar 08 - 12:37I think it could be helpful to have this on your HomePage as I found it all rather confusing when I first stumbled onto this site and feel like i've pieced it together as i've gone along! I've tried to refer 4 people to TopCashBack but so far none of them have registered despite clinking on my link, I wonder if that's because it's difficult to work out how it all works (espcially as people are wary of internet cons and frauds - getting free money might sound too good to be true unless people know how it works)

I think the website is good once you know how it all works and perhaps i'm just a bit slow off the mark at working these things out!

catnip21 Mar 08 - 11:57I for one am relieved that you have done this. Gosh how sad am I writing on a blog on Good Friday! I am procrastinating from my work. Writing this is so much more interesting than trying to write an assignment. Anyway enough of that. Will this blog be visible for people from now on to look at? I only ask because in the past I have sometimes found it difficult to explain to people how this system of cash back works. I have found it easier to show people what to do rather than explain it to them it. I think you have explained this well, and will try and direct friends and family here.