uSwitch Exclusive: How to keep warm without burning through your savings.

Posted on 23 Sep 2019 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Just when you thought you could start to drop down your heating temperature – and your energy bills – the cold is coming back.

To ensure you don’t burn though money to keep warm during the winter, we thought we’d share some money-saving tips to stay toasty in the cold weather, while keeping your bills low.

1. Cold proof your home by buying draft excluders and thicker bedding and duvets. This can help to maintain warmth where you need it most and will be cost-effective in the long run, as you can use them year after year.

2. A popular method of keeping warm without turning the heating on is to simply layer up. Keep a stash of thick jumpers around the house and blankets for the sofa will help take the bite out of the air – while also giving you that cosy fuzzy feeling.

3. If you really must turn on your heating, you should look at switching your energy provider as you could be paying well over the average. By using uSwitch to compare, you can seek out a cheaper rate. With these savings as well as cashback, you can often save enough money to cover a couple of month’s energy bills.

4. If you’ve got a beautiful real fireplace, when it’s not being used, try to make sure you close the chimney funnel, as this is just one other way heat can escape.

5. Staying in control of your heating is essential to ensuring that it gets used effectively and only when you need it the most. By sitting down with your family or flatmates and talking through a timer schedule of when the heating should switch on keeps everyone happy and will reduce arguments.

6. Keeping bulky furniture like sofas and armchairs in front of your radiators will result in the furniture absorbing the heat they emit. So, make sure you clear the areas in front of your radiator to ensure the warmth has chance to heat the room.

7. Buying thicker, and more heavy-duty curtains may be pricey at first, but will definitely be worth it in the long run, as they ensure your windows are better insulated and not as much heat is escaping.

8. Shut the doors to the rooms in your home that are not used during wintertime and turn off the radiators in those rooms. Not only will the spaces you are using heat up quicker, you’ll also save on your energy bills by not heating unused spaces.

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