Have you seen our NEW TV Ad?

Posted on 16 Oct 2017 Posted in  Cashback Diary

We have some exciting news to tell you about - our new advert is about to hit TV screens across the country.

While the top-hat-wearing fibreglass hippo may have gone (surely you remember that from our last advert), we think our new one is bigger and better. The message remains the same - to tell people of the great savings they can make when shopping online through us.

If you want to find out more about our ad, you will find all the details below.

Our fifth TV commercial aired for the first time on Sunday, October 15th and will feature on prime and daytime TV channels covering ITV1, Channel 4, Five and Sky! So, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it over the next few months.

However, if you just cannot wait to see it, why not watch our new ad on YouTube below? You can be entered into our prize draw to win up to £300 for watching and commenting on the video:

New TopCashback 'On Top' TV Advert Competition - 2017


If you don't want to enter our competition, watch it on YouTube here.


The Top Concept Behind the Ad


You will notice that the word top is regularly mentioned by the ‘TopCashback Man’ (played by Rich Keeble) as he strides seamlessly from scene to scene. For extra brownie points, tell us how many times we mention the word top in our new advert (leave a comment below if you think you’ve got it).

While we thought it would be a great idea to play on our brand name, it also helps us to get across, in short, how cashback works: cashback on top of your online shop and explains our company ethos; to be the top cashback site to save money, with the top rates and retailers around.

You may notice some of our badges and awards in the advert; we’re glad to say, with feedback from our members that we’re the top trusted cashback site, with the public voting us Cashback Site of the Year for two years running in the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards and our members giving us a score of 9.3 on TrustPilot. It’s something we’re exceptionally proud of and want to share with people yet to discover the cashback craze.


Behind the scenes with the Top Team Behind the Ad

With our new top concept to demonstrate categories and savings to be made, we needed a top team to work their magic on the new TopCashback ad. Joining us again is the star of the ad, Rich Keeble who you may remember from our previous advert. Can you spot the hippo's cameo in this ad?

Directing was Phil Hawkins, an award-winning director from Manchester, working with director of photography Ed Moore, whose main unit credits include Shetland, Vera, Red Dwarf and Drifters, while he has also worked on Doctor Who and Poldark as second unit DP.

As you’d expect there were a few bloopers which you can view here.

A lot of work has gone into the advert and we hope you all like it. Why not let us know what you think in the comments section below?

Radoz05 Nov 17 - 23:54 Top is mentioned 21 times the advert is entertaining
yorkie03 Nov 17 - 11:20 Looks a good add
Etripney29 Oct 17 - 01:47 Top advert for a top website! Hard to top it really !
Northdirect26 Oct 17 - 22:32 It's on top
Meerkat10026 Oct 17 - 08:21 Good, flowing advert; maybe could have played with the words 'Cash' and 'Back' too?
Fothers3324 Oct 17 - 23:10 Mint advert top to cash back 🎩🏧⬅️(^_-)K
Adzz198824 Oct 17 - 12:46 Top is mentioned 21 times. Love TopCashback ive earnt £159 since August wish id of known about this before :)
CMilbourn22 Oct 17 - 15:19 Useful to get extra cash back on things I am going to buy and also sometime there are extra discount codes which are always a bonus!
leedsbargaintart6422 Oct 17 - 12:48 Top ad with a top message !
Erica_Steele21 Oct 17 - 16:04 It's like having the 'key to the door'. 21 times top is mentioned, 21 reasons to be happy with saving. Topcash is an excellent concept, a great way to save without having to put tangible money away, you don't notice the savings which soon add up, I use mine as a Christmas savings scheme. I have to be honest the advert is a tad cheesy but it's certainly memorable and to the point. Great work
rhannah20 Oct 17 - 04:29 I like cashback. I don't like adverts.
sgray3420019 Oct 17 - 21:08 It was ok but a bit simple to.Be honest
seaviews19 Oct 17 - 07:12 Great!
lt76719 Oct 17 - 00:31 So there's a limit to the number of original ways to use 'Top' but when you have already seen past adverts it is repetitive and unoriginal. Also, I find that bloke a bit irritating. Need to be more original.
shirleyhbuk18 Oct 17 - 21:28 Nobody will forget the name, it's top Cashback.
seaviews18 Oct 17 - 17:44 Great!
NINGALOO18 Oct 17 - 17:32 Great advert, love using your site and earning a little cashback reward everytime I shop.
Lydia_McN18 Oct 17 - 17:13 Top is mentioned 21 times :)
Overall it’S a fun and entertaining advert. I liked how it flowed in between scenes, and all the shopping categories were covered (fashion, food, insurance, etc).
The dog that he took for a walk was very cute too.
martyn290618 Oct 17 - 11:37 Great advert, light hearted, funny and to the point!
sandramay18 Oct 17 - 11:21 Fantastic advert! Top is mentioned 21 times
mariemedler18 Oct 17 - 09:52 Clear, to the point and best of all, promoting the best cashback site i've used in year. Winning all round!
YogaGirl18 Oct 17 - 09:48 Great advert, colourful, interesting, easy to follow and memorable
rees1118 Oct 17 - 09:20 I like the new advert, its fresh, it's currant and it should attract new members.
Maybe in your next advert you could get Rich Keeble to interview long term TopCashbackers who will always go through your website to do there shopping.
With the word top in your advert, Rich Keeble said it 20 times and then it was said once in the song at the end so total 21 times
I wish you could air the bloopers version on tv, I love it
bigblueamazon18 Oct 17 - 09:19 Great advert - simple, direct, to the point!
The word top is mentioned 19 times.
bigblueamazon18 Oct 17 - 09:16 Great advert - not too annoying, nice and friendly, simple and direct - not like so many other adverts that are so pretentious and complex you haven't got a clue what they're promoting! Love it, love Topcashback <3

Top is mentioned 21 times!
kl9018 Oct 17 - 09:12 Wow!!!Wow!!!Wow
Top was mentioned 21 time.
This is great advert. It's stays on your mind.And it's very easily shown where you can get cashback. It's will defenetly get new members with this new advert.
I love Topcashback advert.Ideas and competitions.
I will defenetly show this advert to my family and friends.See if they join Topcashback. Xxx
Beth35318 Oct 17 - 08:00 It is a great advert! And Top is mentioned 20-21 times?
bbeagrie118 Oct 17 - 07:24 Great advert. Love Topcashback
WonderSharon18 Oct 17 - 06:32 Love this advert!
I like the walking though a journey idea!! It's top!!
bonstermunch071118 Oct 17 - 06:21 It will stick in your mind, as it won't let you forget Top Cashback, so will lure in new users.
andythw17 Oct 17 - 22:22 No doubt what the advert is for.
antheacarol17 Oct 17 - 21:04 Top advert for Top Cashback
Top is mentioned 21 times .
The advert is fresh and entertaining
antheacarol17 Oct 17 - 21:03 Top advert for Top Cashback
Top is mentioned 21 times .
The advert is fresh and entertaining
shabbird17 Oct 17 - 20:53 Like all the main sections like fashion, insurance, retail gets covered just like the website.

Good advert and getting people to identify top with TopCashback.
Missed opportunity of maybe a shopping trip of getting a "top"

shabbird17 Oct 17 - 20:24 Nice advert. Didnt spot the hippo man. Saw it 3 times.
Nikita517 Oct 17 - 19:43 I like the way what Rich is holding changes as he goes into a different scene, it's clever.
Ronnie180217 Oct 17 - 19:20 A top advert for a top company. TopCashback is tops!
Ronnie180217 Oct 17 - 19:18 It’S a great advert which certainly gives a top company some great airtime. TopCashback is just top!