Halfords 12% payout bonus through Reward Wallet

12% Payout bonus

Get a 12% payout bonus for Halfords

At TopCashback we don’t just give you cashback on purchases, we now also give you a bonus when you payout though Reward Wallet.  You can get an extra 12% to spend when you payout through Reward Wallet with Halfords (8% for classic members but don’t worry you can upgrade your membership instantly to take advantage of this and other bonus payouts).

Why not make the comparison between our membership types before you payout to make sure you are getting the best out of your cashback!!

So go ahead and get your extra 12% and we hope to see you back using Reward Wallet soon!


Posted on 02 Jul 2018  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
I transferred my money to reward wallet and now can't access it because Reward Wallet doesn't work. I have contacted TopCashBack through their online form but they have failed to contact me back and deal with the issue. We are now delayed in getting our child car seat from Halfords and are still waiting for any contact from TopCashBack to sort the problem.
  05 Jul 18 - 07:09

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