Get £10.10 cashback with an Equifax Free Trial

Posted on 20 Oct 2011 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

UPDATE 30th Jan 2013: You may have received an email about this blog even though the cashback offer had actually ended. As a good will gesture, we've updated the Equifax cashback page and you'll still be able to earn the rate of cashback that was mentioned in the email.  Apologies for the confusion!

Checking your credit report online is the first port of call before applying for a loan, credit card, mortgage, bank account or mobile phone contract.

Some experts even suggest getting into the routine of checking your credit report at least twice a year to ensure nothing incorrect is recorded.

Inaccuracies could harm your chances of getting credit, or could lead to you not being eligible for preferential offers or cheap interest rates because you're deemed as high-risk. So looking after your credit history and insuring it's healthy with a regular check-up will save you time and money in the future.

The Credit Report Trial from Equifax is FREE for 30 days, plus get it via Top CashBack and you'll earn £10.10 cashback. You can cancel the credit report any time during the 30 days. Alternatively, if you find your report useful, you can continue to access it for £8.99 a month after the trial.

Once you have signed up for the free 30-day trial, you get:

  1. Immediate, full unlimited online access to your Equifax credit file
  2. Weekly alerts of any significant changes to your credit file
  3. Comprehensive support from the Equifax Customer Care team
  4. Expert tips to help you understand your credit report.
  5. The ability to quickly and easily correct any errors that may affect your score

Checking your credit report is especially vital if you're considering taking out a mortgage or re-mortgaging.

Errors, such as being listed as not being registered on the electoral roll or a late payment mark for a credit card bill that you paid on time, can result in you paying a higher interest rate - which could be £1,000s extra a year for many mortgages - or worse; you could be rejected completely by a lender.

Accessing your credit report is also a great way to alert you to identity theft. Equifax's service includes sending you a text message or email within seven days of any key changes to your report. Therefore if you get a message for a credit update that you know nothing about, this could be someone else taking out a mobile phone contract or loan in your name.

The service gives important reassurance that should you be a victim of identity theft, you'll be in the know and can take appropriate action quickly.

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caseUnauth130 Jan 13 - 14:39Hi guys,

Apologies for any confusion, it appears a technical glitch meant that this blog post was sent out again last night (29th January). We've updated the rate to £10.10 as a goodwill gesture, one of the team should post a full update above.


Mandapanda130 Jan 13 - 11:07Only offers £5.05 cashback on 30 day free trial, plus you have to put in your card details for future payments? And it is £8.99 per month not £6.99 as advertised in Top cash back article.
micke4930 Jan 13 - 06:08Thanks for the warnings i'm a newbie to cashback.
moggiemag30 Jan 13 - 01:15Thanks for all the feedback, I thought it sounded like a good offer but after reading the negative comments I think i'll give it a miss......Thanks guys
essem30 Jan 13 - 01:02On 29/1/13 I received an email promoting Equifax's cashback which prompted me to send a long overdue report on their m.O. - From the reviews seen, they are not playing fair at all. In my case, I had to contact them to validate my identity! Subsequently, I was told that if I sent in £3.85 I could have a printed report posted to me. I queried this and asked for confirmation of the amount I had to send in. I then told the customer service agent that officially a credit report posted to individuals costs £2.00 only and that I would report them for seeking to obtaining more by dubious means. (Topcashback please note.)L
Member5603065465529 Jan 13 - 20:58Seems only to offer £5.05 cashback, not £10.10 as stated