FitFlop — The Science Behind The Shoes

The Science Behind the Shoes

FitFlop do not subscribe to the theory that you have to choose either comfort or style when it comes to your footwear. Instead, they design shoes which will ensure you look and feel good all day, every day.

Their entire range of comfortable footwear, designed using scientific footbed technology, will make your feet feel fantastic when wearing them, and with an exclusive 20% cashback available until Sunday, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new FitFlop shoes.

Their ergonomically designed, magic midsoles, which can be found in their shoes, boots, clogs and trainers, are made for cushioning and comfort, with FitFlop’s aim being to provide the best in biometrics.

All of their shoes are rigorously tested at the Human Performance Lab in Calgary, Canada, which is the world’s leading biomechanics research centre. It is where they study how their shoes affect muscle activity, while they can also optimise pressure diffusion and body alignment.

Which tech suits you best?

While they believe that all of the ergonomic engineering will leave you feeling amazing, there are various midsoles used throughout their range.

FitFlop want you to be able to enjoy the perfect shoes and understand that one may fit you better. So, if you want the ultimate in comfort and fit, here is how the various technologies differ:

Original Microwobbleboard: launched in the very first FitFlop sandal in 2007, this was engineered by two pioneering British biochemists. The triple-density construction delivers extraordinary comfort and will also help absorb shock, while it can diffuse underfoot pressure by instantly increasing the contact area between the foot and the midsole. It offers their widest, most generous fit and is perfect for those with wide feet, or people who have average feet but prefer a looser fit.

Standard Microwobbleboard: this technology offers a slightly narrower fit compared with the Original Microwobbleboard, though you will still find it generous. It is ideal for those with average feet who enjoy wearing a more roomier shoe.

SupercomFF: this is their narrowest fit, meaning it will really hug your feet, and was developed to deliver world-class ergonomics and all-day comfort. The dual-density construction allows them to discreetly engineer amazing comfort and cushion into traditionally slim shoe shapes. It is biomechanically designed to diffuse areas of high pressure and is super light and flexible.

Anatomicush: designed by their in-house expert biomechanist, Anatomicush midsoles are flexible and super light, with soft curves shaped to hug the contours of your feet. Ultra-supple and anatomically curved, it also has a motion-empowering grid of flex lines underneath. Footwear featuring single-density Anatomicush midsoles will provide you with plenty of space in which to wiggle your toes.

iQushion: their iQushion midsole is super light and curved to cup your feet. Featuring in the incredibly comfortable iQushion flip-flops, their latest midsole is unbelievably light and smart engineered with ergonomic arch contouring. It also features micro-bubble foam impact pillows for all-day heel and ball-of-foot cushioning. The iQushion midsole is perfect for people with average sized feet who love to be able to spread their toes in their shoes.

Now you have discovered which technology will suit you, hotfoot it over to our FitFlop page and earn yourself an exclusive 20% cashback when you buy online through us until midnight on Sunday.

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