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What is a refurbished phone?

This is a question that we often get asked when selling our mobile phone contracts. There is often a misconception that they are second hand products. This is definitely not the case though!

Refurbished handsets from e2save.com are unused mobile phones that have been returned by our customers within 7 working days of their initial purchase. This is usually due to the customer changing their mind about which handset they want.

When a handset is returned to us, you would hardly be able to tell that it had been sold before. Just to be on the safe side though, and using military grade software, the handsets are completely wiped of any data. Impressive huh!


Once this has been carried out, the phones must pass a rigorous quality check to make sure that every major component is in working order. All parts used are original parts from the relevant manufacturer. Any faulty parts are replaced and the handset is quality checked again to make sure it meets all industry standards.

The handsets are then boxed in white ‘No Frills’ packaging, to keep the costs to a minimum. They are then shipped via next day delivery to our wonderful customers!

Phone Box

We can’t guarantee that the original headphones or accessories will be sent out with the phones, but batteries and chargers are always supplied.

Here is the process we follow in 5 simple stages.

  1. The handset is returned to e2save, in an unused condition
  2. Military grade software is used to wipe all data from the phone
  3. The handset is put through a rigorous quality check to make sure all components are working
  4. Any faulty components are replaced and the handset is thoroughly quality checked again
  5. The handset is re packaged and shipped to our savvy e2save customers


Should I buy a refurbished phone?

The answer is simple. If you want to keep the overall cost of your mobile phone contract to a minimum yet still want a quality, high end handset, then a refurbished product from e2save.com is the best option for you.

We see that customers who purchase refurbished phones save themselves between £5 and £10 per month on their mobile phone contract. Remember, you will also receive money from Topcashback too! We currently have up to a huge £28.35 cashback on refurbished phones!**




With a full range of refurbished phones, from manufacturers such as Apple, HTC and Samsung, e2save has the biggest collection of refurbished offers available.


*Sponsored advertorial, written by e2save.com
** Cashback rate correct at the time of writing. For up to date rates, please visit e2save.com's merchant page

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