Creative ways to say I love you with Blurb

Posted on 31 Jan 2014 Posted in
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With Valentine's Day on the horizon we've been immersing ourselves in (book) matters of the heart and we LOVE what we've found—so many creative ways to say '"I love you" we can't even begin to count them.

Love. It's been the inspiration behind many a story throughout history, and continues to be a key theme for writers of all types. Novel. Memoir. Poem. Children's book. Whatever story you have inside of you, chances are there's an element of  love involved. We have brought you the authors of three beautiful Blurb books that feature gorgeous illustrations and layouts to tell their tales of love. You may even be inspired to tell one of your own or purchase their books as a beautiful and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.


By Young Ju Choi

Young Ju Choi's Love tells the story of a little girl who planted a seed in her chest and learned all about love.

Blurb Valentines Books

The Old

Man in Love

By Charles de Bernard

The Old Man in Love features Luke Jervis' illustrations alongside a Victorian tale of an old man in love with a younger woman.

Mary Love Blurb Photobook

Mary Love

Elliott Lossett

By Gary Gruby

Wouldn't it be lovely to preserve a love story in a book, perhaps by showcasing old love letters? Well, in Mary Love Elliott Losset, Gary Gruby did just that.

Blurb Love Letters Photobook

Who wrote the book of love?

We did. (And you can too.)

Blurb Valentines

There's nothing quite like being in love. From puppy love to everlasting love, few things define the essence of humanity more than two hearts beating as one. But as universal as the feeling of love is, everyone's experience with love is still unique.

Start thinking of your love idea.....

Once you have a fairly unified design in place, you can lay out the various pages in Book Smart, Blurb's free downloadable book-making tool. Some careful proofreading and editing later, and you will be ready to publish.

So, in short:

  1. Ideate
  2. Create content
  3. Design and lay out the book
  4. Edit and proof
  5. Publish

Of course, you can make a book for someone you love at any time of the year. But if you want to go rogue and break free from the flowers and candy gifts that typically define Valentine's Day, consider making your own unique book of love for the one you love.

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