Common Questions and Answers on Credit Ratings

Credit Rating Questions

In May we ran a Twitter party asking you to get in touch with Experian CreditExpert “James Jones” with your questions on credit ratings. It’s a topic that can really affect you, especially if you’re applying for a mortgage, loan or even a mobile phone contract but you might not know much about it.

We had some fantastic questions from everyone who took part and some really useful answers from James, leaving us feeling far more comfortable with Credit Ratings and hopefully everyone who took part too.

That’s why we decided to take the best questions from the Q&A and put them onsite, so all our members can benefit from the quick and easy responses from James. We currently offer cashback on Experian CreditExpert, so if you want to trial their tool, then make sure you get cashback too!

Checking your Credit Rating

Q: How much does it cost to check your credit rating? Is it a simple procedure?

A: You can receive a copy of your report in the post for £2. More interactive support services such as CreditExpert cost more. You can get a 30 day free trial of Experian CreditExpert and get cashback.

Q: Does a PPI claim have any effect on credit ratings?

A: No, although if you get money back and pay off outstanding debts then yes!

Q: I have kids, so at what age do credit scores start to apply, 18+ or is it younger?

A: Credit scores take effect from 18; make sure they register on the electoral roll.

What Effects your Credit Rating?

Q: I pay by cash and don’t use credit as I’m scared of debt; I have heard that makes me a bad credit risk too, is this true?

A: It’s important to build some history for when you do need a good credit rating. Bank accounts and utilities count towards your history.

New accounts negatively impact credit score in the short term until established but pay on time and they have a positive effect in the long term.


Q: Would changing a current account affect my credit rating, and if so, for better or worse?

A: Unlikely to be an issue but avoid consenting to many credit checks in a short period.

Q: Would a credit check for a mobile phone contract risk a negative effect on a mortgage application?

A: Applying for a new credit during a mortgage application is not advised, other finance can impact the decision of the lender, ask your mortgage advisor for advice on this.

Q: Does my credit rating (which is bad) affect my husband’s credit rating (which is good) if we want to borrow?

A: Yes if your credit reports are linked by joint credit activity, your report will tell you this.

Q: I recently got married, will my husband’s credit rating effect mine?

A: Getting married will not negatively affect your credit rating but applying for joint credit will link credit histories together.


Q: I have a mortgage but when I renew it will my partner’s credit rating effect what I canborrow?

A: If it’s a joint application then definitely, if it’s just you but you’ve got existing joint accounts then very likely. In this case it’s best to speak to your mortgage advisor.

Q: Will a bank overdraft hurt my credit score?

A: Lenders do look at level of outstanding debt so paying overdraft down is likely to help your credit rating.

Q: I’ve had a few payday loans, will this affect my credit rating and if so, for how long?

A: Find advice on payday loans here.

Q: Why does rating go down when people search for mortgages and have credit checks – it seems unfair?

A: Applying for credit can affect scores, multiple applications equals’ higher risk. Quotes don’t count towards credit.

Credit Cards

Q: I’ve a couple of credit cards so I can earn different rewards, would having more count against me?

A: Keep card balances low and multiple cards shouldn’t negatively affect your credit score.

Q: Is it good to keep extra credit cards you do not use to get green marks on your credit score?

A: It is good to have some mature accounts, high limits and low balances can really help your credit rating.


Q: Are cashback credit cards really worth it or does it encourage more spending?

A: My credit card gives “cash back” and I avoid paying them interest, so it’s basically free money.

Q: When does having multiple credit cards become a credit negative? Ie. More than 2, 3, 4?

A: Not always, your payment history, usage of available credit and amount of available credit will all be considered.

Q: Do partial payments on credit card balances impact your credit score and do late bill payments affect your credit score?

A: On cards you need to pay at least the minimum payment on time each month to protect your credit rating.

Q: How long does it take to recover your credit rating; are we stuck with a bad credit rating for life?

A: Your credit report only goes back six years so anything negative will eventually disappear.


Incorrect Information on your Credit Report

Q: My credit report shows 1 late payment due to direct debit fault (not my own), should I correct it?

A: You can add a notice of correction (up to 200 words) to explain issues like this to lenders.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to remove incorrect information on your credit report?

A: This is something Experian CreditExperts work with lenders on, find advice on rectifying mistakes here.


More tips on improving your credit rating.

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I have a good credit score. But I have never applied for credit in the past.
Some have suggested that if I apply for credit my credit score will go down.

Is it possible to apply for credit without affecting the credit score?
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Hi all, I would like to add some important information to some of the questions answers

Q: i’Ve had a few payday loans, will this affect my credit rating and if so, for how long?

Ans: The anwer to this is that it will not impact your credit rating if you make the payment on time, but taking a payday loan may impact you ability to obtain credit with some lenders, even if you pay it back on time. The reason of this is that it looks like you are desperate for credit, so if it appears on your credit report regardless of whether you paid it back on time, you will be declined for a loan. The best thing to do is never take a payday loan.

Q: Would changing a current account affect my credit rating, and if so, for better or worse?

Ans: The answer to this is yes. Its not worth changing your current account if you are looking to take credit on in the future (couple of years) as you may well be declined as the length you have held your current account gets taken into account when deciding whether to lend to you or not and it also taken into account when calculating your credit rating.

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It's good to understand the effect of multiple credit cards on my credit rating.
I hold a few cards purely for miles and cashback. Keeping my balances at nil ensures that I do not adversely affect my credit rating. In fact, it appears to be a good thing,
You do need to have good control over your accounts though - careful not to get carried away and build up credit balances. Charges cards, such as American Express, take the full balance off you each month which avoids building up debt.
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