Cashback Site of the Year : Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2016

Posted on 22 Jan 2016 Posted in  Cashback Diary

Cashback Site of the Year : Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2016

Here at TopCashback we are proud to have been named Cashback Site of the Year at the 2016 Moneyfacts Awards! We pride ourselves on helping our members get the best deals to save the most money when shopping online, allowing their money to stretch even further, so we are honoured that all of our hard work has been recognised. Whether it is a new retailer being added to the website or member signing up, we do try our very best!


It’s a Clean Sweep

To brag just a little, we now have a clean-sweep!  We have won all of the awards that we’re aware of – having recently also won at the Moneywise awards.  What is more, we have over 29,000 honest customer reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating at a pretty exceptional 9.3/10.  Other well known, independent review websites also consistently rate us as the best cashback website.


A little bit about the Consumer Moneyfacts awards

These highly coveted awards help the public make the most of their money by highlighting the best products and providers available when looking at their family, household and personal finances. Who wins the awards is determined by customer feedback, as well as Moneyfacts’ thoughts on which products and services are the best in their field. We are all in agreement that this year has been a pretty exceptional one for TopCashback as the feedback from our customers has helped make us the best Cashback Site of the Year! Woo hoo! It is not an easy award to win as a research team examine the website to ensure everything is as it should be, with technical strengths and weaknesses accounting for up to 50% of the overall score. The second part of the judging process provides the ultimate test as it highlights what consumers really think of TopCashback, how the website functions and what they think of the cashback deals available. Those two scores combine to reveal whether the website is a bit of a nightmare or a consumer’s dream.


A Little bit about TopCashback

Since its early inception over 11 years ago, and with a lot of hard work, we have been able to build up a fully functioning website, packed to the brim with everybody’s favourite merchants - some well-known and some unique - and by working closely together we have managed to save the public millions of pounds each year. Hard work, time and patience has allowed us to deliver what we believe to be a fantastic service for our members to enjoy and has created a happy online shopping experience which also gives you a little something back in return. We love hearing your thoughts and are constantly trying to improve the online experience, looking at new ways in which we can save you even more money each year. This being our priority, we are certain that we can offer the very best deals and offers to ensure you save the most cashback with us.

So what does the future have in store for TopCashback? It’s pretty exciting! Everything and anything is possible, so stay on the journey with us - we promise to save you the most money!


'Customer satisfaction is at the heart of TopCashback and we as a business couldn't be happier that this has been recognised with this award. We have worked hard as a business to become the UK's most generous cashback website without compromising our core values.' - Adam Bullock



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