72 Hour Tell-a-Friend - up to £20 Bonus, plus £5 for your friend

72 Hour Tell-a-Friend Bonus

Starting today (1st March 19) and running for just 72 hours (until 10am 4th March 19), we've got an extra special Tell-a-Friend bonus for you and your friends. If you've been making the most of cashback on all your purchases but your friends are yet to find this shopping gem, now's the time to tell them!

You and your friend will get a hefty bonus when they sign up and earn £10 payable cashback (see the breakdown below).

Plus Members – Get £20 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback
Classic Members – Get £15 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback

Your friend can get a £5 bonus for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.

To receive your bonus, follow these instructions:

1. Tell your friend about TopCashback and why they’re missing out! When you do, make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page (they must use your unique referral link , if they don’t we won’t know you referred them!).

2. Your friend will then need to sign-up using your link.

3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback and the cashback reaches payable status, you will receive your Tell-a-Friend bonus.

The increased bonus finishes at 10am 4th March 19– so, make sure you tell your friends soon!

* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring. *

See Terms and Conditions

Posted on 01 Mar 2019  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
kemp paula123
Amazing benefits.
  03 Mar 19 - 15:37
Grant Henley
Use this app when you buy online
  03 Mar 19 - 13:45
Use this app to buy online its deffo worth it
  03 Mar 19 - 10:01
Hi hun xxx
  02 Mar 19 - 09:42
Free cash for what you are buying anyway, win win!!
  02 Mar 19 - 08:17
Sign up to earn some free cash
  02 Mar 19 - 07:50
Sign up to earn some money
  02 Mar 19 - 07:48
Cheese cake x
  01 Mar 19 - 21:51
This one Bridget
  01 Mar 19 - 18:03
Melanie Carol
  01 Mar 19 - 16:32
Sign up hun
  01 Mar 19 - 14:29

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