What do the statuses 'pending', 'confirmed' and 'payable' mean?

When you click through from TopCashback and make your transaction on a merchant's site, your action is tracked by the merchant and reported back to us (along with your uniquely identifiable code – letting us report your transaction to you).

When the transaction is first reported, it will be given a ‘Pending’ status. This means that the merchant has tracked your transaction and indicated the cashback to be awarded. They haven’t yet, however, confirmed that all criteria have been met or that they will actually send the cashback.

After a certain number of days, your transaction will normally switch to ‘Confirmed’ status. This means that the merchant has pretty much agreed that all is fine with your transaction and your cashback will be forthcoming at some point. At this point, the merchant may not yet have been invoiced by their affiliate network (so your cashback will certainly not have yet reached us).

At a later date still, the affiliate network will have invoiced the merchant and should have received your cashback. At this point your transaction will switch to ‘Payable’ status. Once your transaction has switched to Payable status, you can claim your cashback at any time. In other words, you can ask us to send your cashback to you at any time after your transaction has become Payable.

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