Estimated payout times.

We have recently changed the way that we display estimated time scales for transactions to become payable.

As you know, we used to provide an Estimated Payable Date for each of your transactions on your Earnings page. This was based on the average time it had taken for previous transactions with a particular merchant to become payable.

This date was intended to be used as a guide on when to expect your payout, but because we have no set payout timescales, it could not always be met - transactions could take less or more time to progress to payable.

We found that this was sometimes inaccurate and members would become concerned when their transaction had passed this date and was still pending or confirmed.

We have now changed this to an ‘Estimated Payable Speed’, which will show the expected timescale in a number of weeks.

We feel that this is a better way of representing it - you still receive the same information, but it is made a little clearer that this is just an expected time scale. We do not want you to expect to receive payout on a particular date which may not be met, and for you to then be disappointed.

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