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Posted on 27 Oct 2017 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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Under Armour Unlike Any Blog

A few weeks ago, TopCashback and Under Armour ran a competition asking our members to submit stories of inspiration about personal fitness, along the theme of Unlike Any. We asked an independent adjudicator to select three of their favourite entries; all of which embody the spirit of Under Armour - Unlike Any. 

Congratulations to Emma, Shellie and Richard who will all receive £50 of TopCashback credit.

Now we need your help. We would like you to comment below this blog with the name of the person you think deserves to win the prize of at least £500 of Under Armour products. The winner will be selected on Friday the 3rd of November. (See Terms and Conditions for details.)

And even if you didn't win, you can still earn an amazing 12% cashback.


In July 2015 I married my superhero and life was just perfect. Later that year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after finding a lump just before my 36th birthday (please check your boobs and moobs regularly. Early diagnosis saves lives, and men can get it too!). Being told that I had an aggressive type of cancer, I thought my life was over.

However, I battled on through the treatment and surgeries with the support of my fantastic husband and I am still here today, making the most of life and looking forward to the adventures it will bring. It is little known that chemo can actually make you gain rather a lot of weight (2.5 stone in my case), so I still have some way to go to get back into my catsuit. But I am determined to get there! It's not what life throws at you, but how you deal with it!


I was unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. But I owed my daughter more than that. I owed her a mum she could be proud of. So I decided to do something about. I joined a local Couch to 5k group, I forced myself to go. Forced myself to run in the hail, hating every second of it. I hated it, hated every aching muscle, tight chested minute of every run I had to do. But I did it. I ran and I forced myself to sign up to my first 5k. I pushed as hard as I could go, my legs hurting, my lungs screaming but I ran. And I came last. I'd failed. But then I hadn't failed. I'd won.

I went out running, I fought through the aching muscles, the tiredness, the cold, the rain, the heat. I was a runner. The slowest runner around but I was doing it I was achieving great things. I was winning my race. Because sometimes the race isn't against other people, sometimes the race is with the voice inside your head. The one who doubts you can do it. I am doing it. I am becoming the person I want to be. The mum my daughter deserves, the one she now calls her hero.


Unlike Any is the given theme,
But like so many I live to dream.
Mine of days on hills and dales,
Be it England, Scotland, or mountains of Wales.

I've tackled many a challenging route,
The Pennine Way; which broke my boots
The Yorkshire 3 peaks; close to my heart
The National 3 peaks; so far apart.

I'm unlike any in how I walk,
My feet at "ten to two" is the talk...
...Of all my so-called friends who cluck,
About their mate who walks like a duck!

But my strange gait has carried me grand,
All over this green and pleasant Land!


Please vote by naming your choice of Emma, Shellie or Richard below.

toadfinder30 October 2017, 14:13 Emma
Elizabeth_Hope29 October 2017, 18:14 Inspirational and very determined and brave!
Mikeybean12329 October 2017, 00:11 Richard
leebutler28 October 2017, 21:27 Richard
Member24248478563828 October 2017, 18:26 Old ten to two feet himself...

Pidgeon828 October 2017, 11:28 All great stories and posts.

I'd like to pick Richard though please!
miss_dickson28 October 2017, 11:21 Richard
28 October 2017, 07:09 Good rhyming. Richard to win
Peasant_Soul28 October 2017, 05:20 For putting her daughter first and diving into the "discomfort zone".
muppet100027 October 2017, 23:26 Richard please
lufcsupporter27 October 2017, 23:24 Richard
Clairebear038627 October 2017, 20:38 I choose shellie
To do what you want for your children is what you got to do for them so you can to enjoy life
Clairebear038627 October 2017, 20:38 I choose shellie
To do what you want for your children is what you got to do for them so you can to enjoy life
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