Spring Treats Cashback Giveaway

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Spring Treats

That’s right TopCashbackers, it’s back! You honestly didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you?! It wouldn’t be spring without a special treat from us….be sure to hop along the website and pick up some spring treats to be in with a cracking chance of winning £2,000! The spring treats will be carried by a fun-loving flying Humingbird carrying an spring gift. Click on the gift and a spring treat will appear! From top retailers such as ebay to top insurance, who knows where you might discover these tasty treats. This game also comes with an added twist in which 5 players get the chance to win £100! Wow! We’re not yolking either, take a peek below at exactly how you can be in with a chance to make this spring eggstra-special…

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Instant win prizes:

There are over 29,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching treats which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £2,000 cash prize!

Buy to Win Prizes:

For the duration of the competition there will be a section of Buy to Win retailers in which 5 players get the chance to win £100. If you transact throughout the duration of the game then you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £100! If you want to increase your chances of winning, then get your friends involved too.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the MEGA cash prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So keep coming back each day during 23rd March to the 6th April 2018 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 6th April 2018 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Member4875781051088 April 2020, 22:45 The Royal Mint
Twiceamummy8 April 2020, 20:27 The royal mint. Stay safe
Networth8 April 2020, 13:33 The royal mint
markfraser8 April 2020, 11:21 Hugo boss
Member12831176598358 April 2020, 06:57 Oxbridge. Michael korrs. Talk talk.
Member4874793190558 April 2020, 01:18 Hugo boss
Renat907 April 2020, 21:39 Boss, Hugo Boss
Member4452258505107 April 2020, 20:36 Hugo Boss
Member4873686901557 April 2020, 11:52 Hugo Boss
Member4875122695046 April 2020, 22:47 Talk 💜🌹
Networth6 April 2020, 09:05 🗣️Talk 🗣️ Talk 🤞🤞
Networth5 April 2020, 09:22 Oxbridge home learning x
Katynico4 April 2020, 14:23 Debenhams
SUZY1563 April 2020, 20:17 Been missing this game grrrrrr
Member2411182577383 April 2020, 15:06 Its Debenhams
Member2411182577382 April 2020, 19:39 None of them work except very
Natalie23102 April 2020, 19:37 Can't for the life of me work out today's!!🤦🏼‍♀️
Julie7webb2 April 2020, 17:57 2 April's answer is Very
Member1574794417572 April 2020, 13:36 Can’T get today’S
Networth2 April 2020, 13:05 Thank you very muchly!!!!
Beverley Hirst2 April 2020, 10:13 Yesterday I got a Lamb on Very & A Lamb on Land's End also a Flowerpot on Zoom. Nothing showing on my collection list ????

i can see you did collect these and they are showing on your account :)

Best wishes,
cb51912 April 2020, 07:52 Anyone figured out todays clue?
Member4873274962171 April 2020, 21:44 Hello hows you
Member4873003915251 April 2020, 13:13 In my belly
Member38718001920229 March 2020, 20:31 This will b v good
Member38675813010029 March 2020, 18:42 Experian
HOBBES7129 March 2020, 11:47 Experian
Beverley Hirst28 March 2020, 11:46 Experian
196328 March 2020, 07:16 Experian
Member38687922124528 March 2020, 06:28 Experian
Ekaterina D28 March 2020, 01:18 Try cult beauty
Member31584025650026 March 2020, 11:45 I would like it for 87 old year grandmother
She alway be good to me
Really needs a little bit of help to make her life easier to make her laugh easier
JefferyRA26 March 2020, 00:26 Tell a lie, one just appeared on Nasty Gal.
SusieAsp26 March 2020, 00:22 Have we travelled back in time to 2018?
So far apart from the daily clues, My Vitamins, Boohoo and Exante diet I have only found one other bird on TopGiftCards.
Anyone else had any luck elsewhere?
Chris12121225 March 2020, 19:06 Foxy0711. Clear cookies and site data, under site settings. Then log back in😁
pkeating25 March 2020, 17:22 Howareyou all, what’S going on
daveuk8427 June 2018, 09:47 Because you post it in the wrong place... Old topic..."Spring treats"
Go please to current "Summer Treats"
Good luck.
daveuk8427 June 2018, 09:47 Because you post it in the wrong place... Old topic..."Spring treats"
Go please to current "Summer Treats"
Good luck.
foxy071125 June 2018, 20:12 I posted a comment on here yesterday 24/06/2018 titled "No longer see the competition banner" and asked for tips on how to get it back, why isn't it listed?
678loulou22 June 2018, 06:21 Fitflop
flaherty13 April 2018, 15:52 Congratulations to mega draw winner
flaherty13 April 2018, 15:50 Congratulations to mega draw winner
15577624478 April 2018, 11:04 So it's finished, but still showing there's £2,505 up for grabs. How do go for it ?
bethell36 April 2018, 21:37 Talktalk aswell today
simplyjude6 April 2018, 19:35 Woo hoo won 50p today, already won 10p, 20p & £1 - must be beginner's luck as this my first hummingbird hunt. Mind you I have done a lot of searching beyond the daily clue site!
simplyjude6 April 2018, 19:33 Woo hoo won 50p today, already won 10p, 20p & £1 - must be beginner's luck as this my first hummingbird hunt. Mind you I have done a lot of searching beyond the daily clue site!
lonpol6 April 2018, 10:18 Just one levis else more ?
lonpol6 April 2018, 10:18 Just one levis else more ?
rooneal6 April 2018, 08:22 Levi
Magzy995 April 2018, 20:41 I've only ever won 10p and 20p... Nothing bigger. .. And that's over several TCB treats occasions lol.
miniboombox5 April 2018, 17:25 I’Ve got 33(!) Entries and not won a single thing. Same for the last few “Treats” That TCB have done. I once won 50p which was unbelievable. Has anyone ever won more than a few pence? I never see anyone posting about Big wins...
Fiamma5 April 2018, 11:11 Booking.Com
Magzy995 April 2018, 10:31 I was searching for "spiced" (the wrong thing lol) ... Won 10p ... Yeahhhh
bethell35 April 2018, 09:20 Curry pc world
tooslownogo5 April 2018, 08:10 Just getting the dotted circle with no clue - any suggestions?
mqmb174 April 2018, 16:30 .... Wooo hooooo - found a pde today!!

Clifton6664 April 2018, 11:58 The last few days all you ever get is PDEs but its free and fun! ;)
tangler14 April 2018, 09:20 Never had more than 10p in winnings in all the years i've been doing these lol :(
rooneal4 April 2018, 08:05 Nowbroadband
eifs133 April 2018, 15:34 Found one in Booking.com and Superbreak
Shopaholic213 April 2018, 13:49 Superdry
rooneal3 April 2018, 11:30 Booking.Com
karenoz3 April 2018, 08:36 Booking.Com
djpots2 April 2018, 19:16 I can't find it............
Aleshka12 April 2018, 16:54 Ebay
moc14712 April 2018, 16:40 Allbeauty

Andy432102 April 2018, 15:25 When you find one how long do you have to wait to find another
Magzy992 April 2018, 14:59 Allbeauty
lorag19902 April 2018, 14:45 I think the answer is Allbeauty I found one there today
lorag19902 April 2018, 14:42 I think the answer is Allbeauty I found one there today
eifs132 April 2018, 13:59 Today's answer
MarkSmalley2 April 2018, 11:55 Anybody know todays answer (02/04/18) please?
mcaoinlean1 April 2018, 16:13 Move along now people, nothing to see here (well just PDEs).

elizabethdocarmo1 April 2018, 15:40 Just PDEs now. Tcb, take a bow.

MarkSmalley1 April 2018, 13:31 Lastminute.Com
peter dunne1 April 2018, 10:57 Todays answer is last minute.Com
rooneal1 April 2018, 08:57 Lastminute.Com
peter dunne1 April 2018, 00:52 Last minute.Com
jinjamatt31 March 2018, 11:42 + Currys pc World (seems like there's more than one every day)
MarkSmalley31 March 2018, 10:24 Todays answer is nowtv
Kudlata20x30 March 2018, 07:43 Only Price Draw entry every time? Something wrong 😩
Kudlata20x30 March 2018, 07:41 Only Price Draw entry every time? Something wrong 😩
30 March 2018, 07:05 Espa Skincare Cashback
rooneal30 March 2018, 00:21 Todays clue= Lookfantastic.Com
discusnorth30 March 2018, 00:08 Espa Skincare
Homer61629 March 2018, 10:35 For Glossybox
rooneal29 March 2018, 09:31 Todays- glossybox
metacritical29 March 2018, 07:54 Glossybox also found one on feelunique
moc147128 March 2018, 00:22 I vote that PDEs are done away with. I would prefer actually a note saying sorry you have not won a treat this time than these nonsensical PDEs that never do nothing.
moc147128 March 2018, 00:21 Nasty Gal.
discusnorth27 March 2018, 03:46 Origins
Ryansinclair8527 March 2018, 03:03 Origins
rooneal27 March 2018, 00:07 To newbie
Yes you can find many if you look enough
Billybob126 March 2018, 13:36 Can you find more than one in a day?
You can find more than one a day :) Best wishes, Matt
AdventureRob26 March 2018, 00:05 Go compare car insurance
Member25833373760425 March 2018, 23:37 M and m Direct
MarkSmalley25 March 2018, 17:43 Thank you.
grizl025 March 2018, 12:50 MandM direct
Shellie5225 March 2018, 11:54 Hi. It is m and m Direct
samanthajane4425 March 2018, 10:57 Yay I guessed m'n'm and got a treat from m and m Direct :)
MarkSmalley25 March 2018, 10:03 Anybody know what todays is?
84wojtkowskajolanta24 March 2018, 23:09 Interflora
Member35984118721324 March 2018, 18:13 Expedia
Fiamma24 March 2018, 15:46 M&S
Fiamma24 March 2018, 15:46 M&S
84wojtkowskajolanta24 March 2018, 13:32 Groupon
84wojtkowskajolanta24 March 2018, 13:23 I got one Groupon now
Wallymum_24 March 2018, 13:02 Ebay today's
Roperhouse24 March 2018, 09:39 Just found one on superbreak
Member74998037441324 March 2018, 09:06 Expedia
cchatzik24 March 2018, 00:53 Expedia
23 March 2018, 19:48 Ebay
Maaira_Myiesha23 March 2018, 16:31 Ebay
Maaira_Myiesha23 March 2018, 16:31 Ebay
monkeyT123 March 2018, 15:35 EBay
clareandrelan23 March 2018, 15:03 Great game to play with the chance to win instant spot prizes
lizjukes23 March 2018, 13:45 Zavvi too
Nikki061223 March 2018, 13:00 Ebay today
finlay11021023 March 2018, 11:20 Ebay today :-)
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