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Mobile Cash Mate Reviews
Fast service and payment - however, as always they didn't pay anywhere near the amount they originally offered but overall - still happy with the service and what I got. Thanks
  orchidshop | 12 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
Cashback eventually tracked following claim (took just over a month to track)
  balmcake | 02 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I've used a few of the different mobile recycling companies in the past, but these seem to be the most organised; posted the phone on monday, received an email re-negotiating the offer on tuesday (and it was a really fair offer as well), and had the cash in my bank account on friday. Would definitely consider using these again.
  balmcake | 21 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Didn't track, so have put in a claim
  balmcake | 21 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
I had a few mobile phones that I no longer needed, and looked at many retailers to compare offers before sending any of them. Out of all those handsets, which were all working and in good if not excellent state, I had a nokia 6303 classic which I wasn't even sure if I wanted to sell, as it was as good as new, even still have its original box that it came in, and all its accessories, still shiny and brand new, hardly used. Mobile cash mate offered on their website the best price for it. The other models that I had were in a less perfect state, and were priced higher on other websites, so I sent them to best buyer, and sent the 6303 to mobile cash mate. They were the first to reply with a message saying they received the phone and it has scratches on the screen and the outer casing, and its value dropped from the £25 advertised on their website, to a £20 take it or leave it. It was my first time so I thought they would all be doing the same, and I agreed to the £20, although I knew exactly the state of the phone and how new it was, and had bubble wrapped it myself before sending. The surprise was that, all other retailers came back to me when they received the other phones, saying a payment has been sent with the exact same price they had on their website for a working mobile of the same model, without any complaints about scratches or marks, although some of them did have those. Bottom line, other retailers might offer higher, similar, or even lower amounts than mcm for the same models, but it seems that they just pay what they said they would, providing the phones are in good state, while mcm seems to offer a lesser amount anyway, no matter how good the condition is, once the phone has been received by them. Add to that no tracking of the cashback showing on the account, and the need to submit a claim for it, which I just did. I wouldn't recommend mcm unless you are selling them a brand new mobile in its original sealed box, and still don't mind to be paid less tha
  Marwan_N | 11 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Gobsmacked!! I sent off a perfect phone and like most other people in this forum got told there were scratches on the case and on the phone! they knocked off 25% off the offered price! this is the only site i've seen this tactic with! if they want a brand new phone out of the box for the 'not really that competitive' offer price then they need to state this! wasted my time in the hope I was desperate enough to suck it up! the phone came back with a 2 inch scratch on the screen that wasn't there to begin with! I guess this was to try and endorse their trump up inspection! do not use these people!
  adriancardoo | 17 Mar 2014 Report Abuse
Like so many of other reviewers - when they get the phone they give nowhere near the price offered when you fill in the online form. I rejected the offer and asked return of my phone - their response was they'll send it back royal mail within 7 days or, of course, I could pay £10.00 And they'll send it straight back. I don't care if I get nothing for the phone, I hate being misled and out of principle i'll have my phone back. Let's face it, it's phone recycling and hardly unlikely that any phone will be in it's original condition - the phone I sent back was used very little, never been dropped or damaged and was in as good a condition as you could get for a used phone. Don't waste your time with these people!
  maxinewilde | 17 Feb 2014 Report Abuse
Money offered was cut in half for my phone after they received it. I asked for it to be sent back as I was not happy with a tenner for a working samsung galaxy mini gt. Nearly two weeks later i'm still waiting for my phone. Not happy...
  janthony | 02 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
Be very careful of this merchant.They hook you in with a good price on your old phone, only to then make a ridiculous low offer with excuses like scratches,chipped paint,etc.Having read some of the other reviews,they seem to do this quite often.They offered me £12 for a good condition working nokia 6310i which had a few paint chips to the outer casing but nothing major.Taking into consideration the phone was 5 years old,it's entitled to have a few knocks.They offered me a miserly £5 which I think is a total rip off and I will be asking them to return the phone to me.I don't like companies that operate like this as it is sharp tactics.So cashback lovers you have been warned.Don't waste your time with this merchant.
  thriftyg | 19 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
Dont use .. Offer top cash back for mobile phones then email with a far reduced offer 'due to what they say are scratches on phones' one of the phones was in pristine condition had not even light dames, got the same email for the three phones I recycled.. Do not use
  Member812031196403 | 12 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
Topcash tracked rapid, mcm sent the freepost bag fast, I sent it back recorded and promptly received a mail telling me there were scratches on the phone! considering the phone is two weeks old and was bought new as a present I was quite suprised!therefore my original 'quote' dropped by £15, I have asked for the phone back as am interested to see the scratches, which I have never seen! I recommend taking a picture of your phone before sending, showing condition of casing and imesh number. I await my return but do not recommend this firm as they seem to constantly drop their 'quote' price.
  jockmoor | 15 May 2012 Report Abuse
Still waiting for this merchant to track on my account, it has been 3 weeks now.
  Carol_McNeill | 06 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
Like everyone else who has written a review, why did I not read them first. Do not use this company. Cowboy rip off merchants. Yes I too fell for the highest price. I received an email confirming the low offer and the alleged scratches, and had the option to go ahead or return the phone to me. They just prey on the people who cant be bothered with the messing round and go ahead with the ludicrous offer. I requested the phone be returned and went with a reputable company and got just £5 less than the inflated cash mate offer.
  Member918323793941 | 19 Jan 2015 Report Abuse
Do not use these guys! go to a more known agent to sell your phone as this company does not give you the price they advertise and cut you down after receiving your phone. I gave them an immaculate phone and they made out it had cratches and take up to 7 days to return if I did not go with them.
  Member1118703302341 | 07 Nov 2014 Report Abuse
Why did I not read the reviews on this site, they are rip off merchants offering you a price for your phone then after days waiting finally email a much lower price saying it is scratched and scuffed when it was not ??
  Member918126930632 | 11 Sep 2014 Report Abuse
As with many others really, advise you don't use them. I sent off an immaculate ipad with an offer price of £67. They responded saying it had 'scratches on the screen' - I am not joking when I say this was factory fresh screen-wise.... They cut the offer in half. So I have requested my device back. Don't be conned by these guys, waste of your time and effort.
  MikeD700 | 26 Jun 2014 Report Abuse
Sent phone to them they offered lower amount than expected so I asked for it to be returned,after emailing them constantly it was eventually returned minus the charger ,box etc!im again awaiting an email from them.
  donnagriff12 | 06 Jan 2014 Report Abuse
Like many others on here I wish I had read the reviews before sending my phone to these chancers. Was quoted £85 for phone which was sent on 3rd december using prepaid envelope and label. Phone wasnt received by them until 11th december. Was a further 6 days before I received my 'offer', which was, surprise surprise, £25 less than originally quoted due to, and I quote; 'your phone has a crack on the bezel around the outer edges. Your phone has scuffs/chips/scratches around the edges of the bezel. Your phone has light scratches/marks on the outer casing and on the screen'. Hmm, interesting, as the phone had a screen saver on from new and also a hard casing from new and was well looked after! took a further five days to receive money through. Will stick to ebay from now on or one of the more reputable phone recyclers which I have used before. Please avoid these rip off merchants.
  PaddysMidden | 23 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
Rip off - don't use. Sent in a phone that was three weeks old and barely used. They offered the highest value out of any competitors but then sent me an email offering me half the value claiming damage. Load of rubbish. Looking elsewhere I have found similar reviews/complaints. For your own sake look elsewhere.
  adamluck | 23 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
Absolute farce, robbing scheming con merchants do not use!!!! sent mobile off in pristine condition for the top price offered only to receive an email offering a fraction of the price as my mobile was chipped and scratched, this is utter nonsense and a complete lie. Judging by the review it's obviously a common scam, this sight was recommended by martin lewis's money expert sight, a real sham!!
  Craigo33 | 12 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
Terrible cowboy company - sent my perfect (2 months old & had been in case) iphone 4 in without stupidly reading the reviews on this company - and initially said i'd get £87 - they said i'd get £87, confirmed this on delivery, then dropped it to £60 saying there were scratches on the screen and corners of the phone (absolute lies for this pristine phone) - i've just emailed them telling them to return the same phone to me in the same condition, without damaging it on purpose to make out that it was already damaged. Hoping I get a good result & I get it back & they don't steal it. Will keep this site updated with what happens. Really angry and sad about this & gutted I didn't read the reviews but I thought they'd be ok as they were on a price comparison website sellmymobile. Do not use!
  Member1113055890525 | 25 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
I got a better price for my phone than most sites but had to ring them and haggle. They will claim your phone is damaged. Bad
  shopper12345678 | 23 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
Do not use the knocked £75 off the offer for my galaxy note 2 for phantom scratches then when I asked for it to be sent back they are saying it must be lost then said they are insured for up to £50. When I said id get my solicitor to deal with it they are now offering a replacement note 2.....I will keep you posted on outcome
  deemc01 | 16 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
Do not use! its a complete waste of time. I sent my iphone 4 which was in mint condition. On the website they offered £127. I understand they never normally offer that much but when I received the email from them they offered me £75 due to apparant scratches. If there was any scratches they were certainly minimal and did not warrant a devaluation of £52. My question also is if they are a recycling company why do they care so much about the appearance of your phone? after receiving the offer I requested they send my phone back which they said they would and it would take 5-7 days. However, 2 days after that they offered me a re price meaning that although I had requested they send my phone back they still hadn't! I am still awaiting my phone now and hope to receive it soon.
  Emmzbobo | 03 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
Sent my phone off (not even that classy - a galaxy android but brand new) and eight days later I am still waiting for an email from them to say it has arrived. They told me to contact the post office. As I never paid for tracking (why should you if it's a freepost service?! if they advise it, it's like an admission of guilt - they can just say it 'went missing') I have no idea if it has arrived. They say it hasn't arrived. But that it also might have. But could be 'waiting to be processed.' Which one is it? anyway safe to say I am rapidly thinking they could be completely fraudulent and need to be investigated by a consumer journo pronto. And taken off all money comparison sites (that includes you moneysavingexpert - you're just as bad for listing this 'company'). They aren't a viable option. Yup - wish i'd read the reviews. I am a journalist so I will definitely recommend to consumer journo friends to look into this. Or I may even do a piece on scam sites myself. They deserve to be held to account. If you believe in unicorns or fairy dust this is the company for you. Anyone who wants money in return for recycling decent hardware, go somewhere reputable.
  LondonnyR | 24 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
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