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TopCashback's Promises To YouOur promises to you are much like a mission statement, something that’s usually defined as “a guide for the actions of the organisation, spelling out the company’s goals and strategies”.

To many though, a mission statement might sound like something that a business with nothing better to do would concoct, or something that sounds very nice on paper but that a company never puts into practice. We believe that TopCashback is different and so we want to tell you about our mission statement, which encompasses our core values and our promises to you. We hope you recognise it in the way that we treat you throughout your membership and interactions with TopCashback.

Why do we have a mission statement?As TopCashback grew following its inception way back in 2005, we were forced to make individual decisions more frequently. Not only that, but these decisions were getting bigger (and scarier) and would have impacted more and more people!

As a result of this we found that we needed to know exactly what TopCashback stood for in order to help us make those decisions. We therefore realised that we needed a mission statement and a set of core values, which we could use to steer these decisions.

Another important element about mission statements is that, in theory, they underline everything a company does. This is why most companies’ mission statements are deathly boring and talk about things like maximising profits in order to satisfy shareholders (not very beneficial if you’re not a shareholder!).

What we are trying to say is, the words you read below in our mission statement and our core values tell you what we are REALLY about and how you should expect to be treated by us as a company.

In every interaction with our staff, our members, our merchants or anyone else who we come into contact with, we aim to follow our own mission statement and core values, which become our promise of how we behave.

Mission Statement

TopCashback is, and will continue to be, the UK’s most generous cashback site, providing market leading cashback and money saving deals to its members.

TopCashback aims to grow as a company by building a reputation for being ethical and honest, and by treating our staff, members, customers and suppliers with the respect they all deserve. Or,in other words, always following the policy of ‘Fair Play’.
Core Values of TopCashback Fair Play The principle which should define all our interactions with our staff, members, customers and suppliers can be summarised with the popular saying, “Do as you would be done by” – or as we prefer to say, 'Fair Play'. This means that any decisions made by the business should consider how others would expect to be treated.

Honesty & Integrity As part of the Fair Play philosophy, we aim to be honest and act with integrity at all times.

Generosity Wherever possible, we intend to offer the most generous deals for our members.

Streamlining We aim to create the most efficient and streamlined organisation in the sector, wherever possible; through employing technology to its best effect.

Long Term View We are not aiming for short term profits but, rather, in a financially sustainable manner, to grow a popular website with a great reputation. We believe this is the best way to benefit everyone in the long term.

Customer Service We aim to build lasting relationships with our members through our customer service, ensuring that we deal with each enquiry with honesty and integrity, and focus on offering a consistent level of excellence.

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