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What Can Go Wrong? We don’t want to try to pretend that everything always goes completely smoothly. In fact, we want all our members to understand that there are things which may not go as smoothly as we would all like. This is why we are at pains to say that no member should make purchase decisions based on the expected cashback, as with any cashback site, it isn’t always completely guaranteed.

Having said that, the vast majority of cashback transactions proceed exactly according to plan – and even in those cases where they don’t, we have many advanced systems in place for chasing and recovering the situation.

We’ll start with the 'biggie':

  • There is a chance that any transaction you make may not 'track'. (i.e. it may become an untracked sale).
  • Whilst the vast majority of transactions do track, there will always be situations where, for instance, anti-spyware, anti-virus or other protection on your computer might prevent cashback tracking back to your account.

    If this happens, then firstly – Don’t Panic . Please wait at least a week or two – as some transactions take a little while to be reported to us by the merchants. Then, simply complete a '
    Missing Cashback Claim ' – the button for which can be found within our Enquiry System. The claim form should only take a few minutes to complete – but you will certainly need your order number as supplied by the merchant you purchased from.

    Having received your cashback claim, we will then chase up your cashback on your behalf with the merchants. The vast majority of claims are resolved successfully within 2 or 3 months. Even if your claim takes longer, we still expect to be able to resolve it in due course.

  • A merchant may reject your cashback, even after it initially tracked to your account.
  • Again, Don’t Panic. Occasionally merchants will decline cashback for many and various reasons – but we have all the systems in place to chase this up with the merchants. Simply proceed to submit a Missing Cashback Claim – exactly as above.

  • A merchant may not pass over the cashback at the expected time.
  • This is a reasonably common occurrence, and is more of an inconvenience than any cause for worry. In many years of operation, we haven’t ever had a situation where a major retailer has simply refused to pay for transactions which had tracked smoothly to member’s accounts. In some cases, retailers have delayed and delayed payment – but they have all come through in the end. More often however, payment might slip by one or two months over the expected payment date.

That really is it in terms of any big issues that can go wrong.

Of course, as you use our service, you may think of many more questions.

In this case, we would advise you to browse our
help section – or send us a General Enquiry – which we aim to always answer as quickly as possible and certainly within about a working day.

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