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Fair Play Policy At Top Cashback we follow a simple strategy and even better we realised this strategy could be summed up very simply with the words "Fair Play".

Now we fully realise that it is very, very easy to come up with nice sounding slogans and pretty words with the aim of fooling most of the people most of the time – but we are deadly serious in following our “Fair Play” philosophy. Many of the merchants and affiliate networks we deal with will have heard us talking about this idea for a while. In fact many of you, our members, will have heard us mention it to you through our enquiry system – especially if we have managed to reach a resolution on a particularly difficult enquiry.

Dare I say, even more importantly than telling our members, we have been talking about this concept to our staff too. It has generally been one of the first things we have discussed with applicants during their interview process. We did this because we are determined to build a company of like-minded individuals who will all value the "Fair Play" concept. What is more – we know this means that our staff will hold us to account if they feel we aren’t ‘Playing Fair’ with anyone else.

Fair Play is a very simple concept for us – because all it involves is putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and determining what we would expect in any given situation. So in fact, another way of stating our philosophy is: "Do as you would be done by".

Now, please note, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will always be able to resolve every problem and pay for every untracked sale. It does mean, however, that if we feel there has been a deliberate avoidance of paying cashback by a retailer – then we’ll do our utmost to chase. If however we feel we have made clear warnings of possible issues – then whilst we would certainly chase up claims, we wouldn’t feel quite so duty bound to come up with a resolution when all else had failed.

Our “Fair Play” philosophy however, doesn’t just extend to our members – but also to our suppliers and merchants (not to mention the most important people, our staff).

We always wish to make sure our merchants understand the cashback concept. The last thing we want is for any retailer to be unhappy about any aspect of their listing. Furthermore, if a small minority of members are abusing an offer – then that isn’t being fair to anyone. It goes without saying that we would always seek to halt such behaviour and we have many systems in place to help us to identify fraudulent activity.

We may not always get everything spot-on – being human, we are bound to make mistakes at times. But by following our philosophy and always seeking a Fair Play solution, we will have done our best!

Just to absolutely drive the point home – these are NOT simply words written to try to make ourselves sound good. We really are governed by this ethos. How else can we prove this – well, it is in our Company Mission Statement. In other words, the Fair Play principle underpins all of the decisions made within the company.

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