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Virgin Money Travel insurance Reviews
After confirming amount of £8, this suddenly became payable £0. Will make a claim. Virgin don't want to pay on their promise.
  darren79 | 09 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
Cashback tracks but you do not get the cash! only chose this supplier for the cashback - will not use again!
  OTTER31 | 07 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
The transaction showed up on my account, however virgin never paid. Wont be using them again
  picturepaint | 20 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Waited from 11 aug 10 and thought I was never going to get cashback. Took months to confirm but now 11 july 11 its paid out. Took 11 months
  pbb | 11 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
Was considering purchasing virgin travel insurance because of the cashback - however thanks to all the comments from those who have never received cashback i'm not even going to use the cashback options. You actually get a cheaper quote going through the comparison sites. Topcashback - you need to remove the sites that don't pay out. Its not instilling confidence in using your site
  Chickabee | 07 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
Great deal, tracked within a day. Perfect
  gpwhatley | 25 Aug 2010 Report Abuse
  Bar123 | 14 Aug 2010 Report Abuse
Good service -thanks
  lindsey_star | 08 Aug 2010 Report Abuse
Bought an annual insurance policy. I originally went through a price comparison website and then later clicked through from here, so I was prepared not to receive any cashback. I did have to put in a claim, but it was accepted. Took a while to pay, but it got there in the end.
  rcselby1 | 02 May 2011 Report Abuse
Fast tracking in 2 days, discount code worked
  castleland | 23 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Took a while to track, topcash back chased it up...No problems after this
  lmn | 02 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked quickly
  bella49 | 04 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Bought annual policy on have cashback for single trip policy at the moment. Feel mean by raising it...
  neville | 14 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Product was fine and reasonable price but despite cashback tracking within 1 day, 3 months later it still shows as tracked but unconfirmed. Would not use virgin again.. Also tried to submit a claim for alternative transport as ferry was cancelled and got an email full of spelling mistakes from their claims agents which said there was no cover for cancellation for "airline cancellations" and I wa claiming for a ferry crossing!
  Carol120401 | 29 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked next day,good price,but check what the insurance covers ie baggage etc.
  wurzle | 05 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Was one of the better quotes I got for travel insurance in august 2010 for trip to eygpt but cashback due to be paid october is still pending despite tcb chasing it a couple of times. Forget if only using because of the cashback.
  clarice | 14 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Purchsed insurance in september 2010, still waiting for cash back to move into confirmed 4 months later! not the best.
  Twipster | 13 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
9 Feb 2011 - cash-back was not recognised without many nudges & enquiries with top cash-back. Purchased policy in mid august 2010 & still haven't received cash-back at time of writing - still having to confirm order number etc.
  cripley1 | 09 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked ok. Have waited 8 months and it has only just moved to 'confirmed' probably another 8 months before it becomes 'payable'? disappointed
  Seb_Blanco | 16 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Had to chase this up several times and got to the point where iiwanted to give up as I am new to this site. But I persisted and eventually after being referred to the retailer, some time later they paid out. It has taken months to get the cashback and the holiday for which I purchased this travel insurance is a distant dream. I would not use cashback for virgin again. The other 3 experiences of cashback have been good and prompt
  oceandeep | 19 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Absolutely dreadful. They do not pay out. Top cashback should stop carrying these jokers on this site. Avoid if you are looking for cashback, go with a quote which is cheaper. Will never use again. The insurance itself was bog standard, virgin do not offer anything out of the ordinary.
  MB444 | 20 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Like everyone, cash back is £0.00. It's pants!
  danadanny | 11 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Took out travel insurance and after being confirmed at £4 odd, it later went to £0 payable. Dont use if you want to get the cashback!
  alexandercooper | 10 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked on a single trip policy only to get zero cashback payable.. Wtf not happy! only reason I chose the policy was because the cashback made it the cheapest by a few quid. Waste of time
  christophergillies | 10 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Two policies bought, tracked ok, revert to £0 when payable.... Same as everyone else. Rubbish!
  mattheww2 | 09 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Absolute disgrace to topcashback. Tracked for five months at £4.04 And then changed to payable at £0.00. Avoid virgin insurance.
  ianross100 | 09 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Purchased in sept 10 and still waiting for payment despite it being estimated to be paid in november. Do not buy from virgin you will not get your money!
  krislittlewood | 01 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Absolute joke! took out insurance over 12 months ago still not had cashback -dont bother!!!!!
  8101113532 | 26 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
As with everyone else that has reviewed these con merchants I made the mistake of thinking virgin may actually ever pay out. 5 Months later, not a penny and judging by everyone else's experiences, I won't ever get anything. Virgin shouldn't be on topcashback as they don't pay. Sort it out or we will go elsewhere.
  Chris1014 | 13 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
My cashback has been sitting in pending since october, I have also chased top cash back on this, o.K only a small amount but if this was the first merchant I had used through top cash back, I would not have used top cash back again
  Sue_Foley | 10 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
Look at the reviews. Cashback may track but it won't be paid. Sorry people, no point hoping even if it has tracked. It will revert to zero and vanish.
  Steve59 | 17 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
After almost a year of chasing, tcb confirmed this retailer will not be paying out. Tcb offered to pay half but this is not fair. A company the size of virgin should pay what they say. Do not purchase from them. You will not get your cash back.
  Steve59 | 17 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Haven't got anything yet for half a year. Very poor!!!
  stevwan | 10 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Don't bother! purchased travel insurance 24/07/10, tracked ok, then became payable 30/09/10. Still waiting to be paid at time of writing 03/01/2011!!
  arrowsdeb | 03 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Didn't pay. Avoid this one.
  Steve59 | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Didn't track so submitted a claim. Cash appeared as tracked then went to zero. Still chasing 2 months on.
  Steve59 | 06 Jul 2010 Report Abuse
Ditto everyone elses comments. This was tracking through at £4.04 And all of a sudden has gone to £0 payable. Don't use if you want cashback.
  loopy77 | 11 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Travel insurance came quickly, but not tracked, had to get tcb on the case but did get cash back eventually.
  Grumpy_old_women | 05 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
If you want cash back then chose another company. All the reviews regarding non payment are true. I've been waiting since november last year and doubt it will ever pay out. Followed all the usual channels.
  lornat | 09 May 2011 Report Abuse
Bought a travel insurance policy in october 2010. Still waiting for cashback. Less than impressed.
  Storrow | 06 May 2011 Report Abuse
Same as everyone else. It tracked but then never paid out. It's been over a year now and nothing . .Avoid
  Gee_Force_1963 | 22 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
I like everyone else have been waiting many months and received no cashback from 4 policies I took out with them. I thought I may have to travel and have the policy expire before the cashback came through but no we travelled in january and still no cashback. You should take them off the site, they are letting the side down.
  JILLDODDS | 14 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
So fast order process
  SUKHYHEER | 04 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Purchase insurance in august showed as tracked, within day or so but now january and has not gone to confirmed (5 months later). I paid over the odds for this insurance thinking I was getting cashback, would not do so again.
  pbb | 19 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Been waiting for over 2 months... Submitted missing claim over 2 months ago and now has been set at £0.00. Not very happy.... Swayed to buy a policy due to cashback and end up getting nothing in return
  Lollypop80 | 29 Jun 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked quickly.
  swas_2429 | 24 Jun 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked ok at first. Then went to zero with no explanation or reason. Put in manual missing cashback claim and was paid out successfully. Got there in the end!
  louisendaz68 | 01 May 2010 Report Abuse
Had it with in the hour very good
  wattser | 10 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked on the 2nd of purchase, good so far?
  Toshieboy | 04 Mar 2010 Report Abuse
Did not track whatsoever. Have submitted a claim to tcb.
  Pantsy | 26 Feb 2010 Report Abuse


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