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Search Lotto Reviews
All good, payed in 2 weeks, and I get 2 or 3 lottery tickets a week with my searches
  veemax | 14 Feb 2014 Report Abuse
Perfect... 50P easy and 2 free lotto entries in a syndicate of 20 people keeps my dream alive every week. Won a few pound recently too! set the url on your favourites bar and search away. I no loner buy lotto tickets now, so it saves me £4 a week! ;-) v happy!
  gingerjoe | 03 Jan 2014 Report Abuse
Tracked and paided after 4 weeks
  dolapostone | 13 May 2013 Report Abuse
Easy and quick to sign up. The 50p cashback tracks when you get your first lotto ticket. I got 2 tickets in the first week and have already qualified for another one. If you use the install toolbar page on their website with firefox browser, it automatically detects firefox and can set up your search engine for searchlotto (you do not need to install the toolbar). I was dubious when I signed up but I am pleased to say that this is a genuine site which works well and is a lot of fun too!
  JonoClouds | 23 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
Tracked fast and now payable within six weeks. Super!!!
  cassa1978 | 14 Sep 2012 Report Abuse
Got 50p cashback within 5 weeks and won £1 from the 2nd ticket.
  newbarker | 27 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
Receiving free lottery entries for summits I do anyway! altho u only share a proportion of the ticket, but anything is good, especially when it's free
  Dvyboyuk | 10 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
Tracked and payable quickly.
  TipTiger | 25 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
Cashback confirmed very quickly - and what a greaet site searchlotto.Co.Uk is too!
  jenniejay | 18 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
This is a trusted site. I am currently using it and hope some time ill win the lottery on it!
  ashleysly | 02 May 2012 Report Abuse
I have received 4 tickets since joining in january 2012 and i've won 3times although it was pence rather than £s,but its a win for nothing and i'm ver happy thank you very much. Who knows someday I might just hit that jackpot!!
  magdall | 13 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
50P and free lottery tickets who can complain. Just looking forward to my first win. And even a 10% win for no purchase I think is fantastic
  simon_118 | 07 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
5 Stars, can't rate high enough! 100% genuine, depending on how much you search you get up to two free lucky dips per week, lottery or euro-millions (your choice). Cashback (only 50p) paid promptly. Some have complained that their searches haven't tracked - i'd suggest that they read the rules! maximum of 10 searches per day, and 50 per week, will track. At least two minutes must be left between searches or they don't track. Only unique searches each day track, so no searching for 'chelsea' (or whatever) ten times, and if the words are similar it won't track (so you can't just change it to chelsea1 or 'the chelseas' either). If you go online three or four times a day and search as you would with google, you'll definitely get a free lottery ticket, probably two, every week, and the search engine is as good as any i've used. Search as normal, get two free lucky dips a week, and 50p cashback, or use google and get nowt. Not a hard decision to make, really.
  DuncanDisorderli | 04 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
Good search engine had a free lottery ticket well worth using this site
  baby_doll | 21 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
Love search lotto!! use a search engine anyway but to get free lottery ticket syndicate entries...? Bloomin brilliant. And cashback too!! nice one :-)
  bailey789 | 10 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
A great site,you can find anything you want,also have a chance of winning the lottery while you are doing so.Highly recommended.
  juliev | 03 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
Easy cashback and good merchant!
  Hari_Menon | 01 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
Excellent search engine and I won on my first ticket. Great way to benefit from an everyday activity
  gapp1uk | 24 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
A novel idea - instead of using a normal search engine (and that company keeping all the search revenue generated from advertisers), searchlotto gives back a share of the revenue generated, in the form of lottery tickets (maximum 2 free tickets per week from searches). You can choose either the lotto game (where your ticket is in a syndicate with 9 other people) or the euromillions game (where your ticket is in a syndicate with 19 other people). I do a lot of searching so easily generated the required 25 valid searches (maximum 10 searches per day) and have received my first lottery ticket. No cost + no risk = slim chance of winning a lottery prize. Looking forward to my first share of a winning ticket!. No problems so far so can only recommend this company and their innovative approach to searching the web.
  tell_a_friend | 20 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
I've won twice on this site in 3 months of being a member. Both winnings are just £1 each but at least i've won something for free.
  axelandpixel | 13 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
I think it a good you got a free lottery {2} ticket for some thing you would have to do any way some thing for nothing is all ways a good deal
  tracy10 | 10 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Seems a good site. I got entered into syndicates for my two tickets. Can#t complain.
  sign_up | 09 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
If you opt for a euro millions ticket, you are in a syndicate of 20. I won 2 numbers on a euro millions ticket, the prize being £3.50 That week, which worked out at 18p each. I assumed it would be a syndicate of 10, but only realised it was 20 when the payment was made. I could not find where it tells you this anywhere on the website. Is it worth bothering with?
  Emmay | 03 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Worth a search
  Sh0rtcak3 | 24 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Did the 20 searches and cash back in account next day
  boneyard | 21 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Free lotto tickets and cashback, can't be bad. 25 Searches equals 1 lotto entry, numbers are sent to you in an email.
  tkw | 21 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
I'm hesitant to give feedback as I feel this is my secret discovery! oh ok then, 2 free lotto tickets a week plus cashback too! and all you have to do is use the lotto search engine which produces more or less same results as google.
  LibbyN | 07 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Good cashback and free lottery tickets can't be bad! :)
  scunio | 29 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked and paid quickly (8-9 weeks)
  BlueMacy | 29 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Excellent site. As someone who does several searches per day already using this can easily fit into usual routine. Have not yet received any lottery tickets from it but am interested to see how that works.
  texas63 | 27 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
  rovers99 | 26 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Great for doing searches and then getting a free line on the lottery. You just never know, this might be the lucky line!
  ChrisBlue | 22 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Cashback was received quickly - would recommend.
  rammers | 13 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
What can I say? simply I have got my £0.50 Cashback with no problem
  Maniek453 | 05 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
50P cashback is paid for signing up and after that, you can get free lottery ticket when using their search engine.
  shop | 01 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Lotto tickets for free. Whats not to like. Tracked quickly too
  browndad | 25 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Got my 50p tracked and processed fast
  Noki | 21 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Really good! tracked and paid quickly
  enzocas | 21 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Received cashback no problem, i've got two lottery tickets this week, great site!
  r0cky | 21 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Good site to replace your existing search engine and get lottery tickets for doing them, haven't won yet but you never know! cashback tracked and became payable quickly (around 2 months). Would recommend
  BS9 | 03 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Tracks well and good site as well , free lotto tickets . Cool
  runninggoose | 01 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
This is a great search site that rewards you with a lottery ticket when you have made 25 searches. What's not to like!
  contrary | 19 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked no problems after my first 25 searches.
  dgilbert2 | 18 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked & paid no probs
  justlookin | 16 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked and paid easily. Will need 25 searches before it tracks. Can take awhile to track. Lottery tickets issued every friday. Good site I still use it for searches. As any winnings are money for something I do anyway.
  ellier1000 | 13 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Good cashback.
  HoldemandOmaha | 05 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked the following day after qualifying for cash back.
  Bradders13 | 04 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked & paid quickly. Also got a winning lottery ticket in my first week. Bonus!
  redcat1 | 30 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
Very quick to track and confirm. Search engine results are not too bad. Be aware of the restrictions on the number and time frame on qualifying searches and you will easily get the two free lottery entries each week.
  elhombre | 21 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
Getting a bonus for something you do anyway is a nice freebie. After my first 25 searches were credited I quickly received my one tenth share in a lotto ticket [better than nowt] and my fifty pence tracked the next day. Who knows, maybe one day it will lead to one tenth of a big winning ticket!
  P_Jordan | 20 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
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