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Hastings Direct Car Insurance Reviews
Immediately tracked at £0. Very disappointed.
  Leia0785 | 27 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
9 Months and still no sign of cashback.
  kimephears | 01 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Ifonly took out 2 policies at once. Only one registered for £40 cashback. Topcashback logged lost claim !!!. Spoke to hastings customer services who lost interest in correcting mistake, seems they dont know who in their office deals with tcb claims. Both agree in principle with my claim. My advise is do not do multiple purchases at the same time to avoid costly disappointment.
  791382159 | 01 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Oh please dont go anywhere near this insurer. I have had cause to speak with the financial ombudsman re them and they immediately told me that they have many complaint against this company. Their customer service is disgusting. Just avoid.
  302321 | 28 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Seemed to be easy but still awaiting cashback for this offer after 3 months.
  Gaz8772 | 14 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Tried to insure two separate vehicles with this merchant and on each occasion got to the last stage and then told to phone them to complete the transaction. Of course if I do this I lose the cashback. Very annoying, wasted an hour of my time.
  AdrianJ | 03 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
Paid by tcb as retailer failed to pay after 12months. Thanks tcb - but no thanks to hastings.
  Frazz8 | 13 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
I have been on the website to get home insurance however once I reached the payment part it would not work,i phoned hastings on the number provided explained situation to young lady called elizabeth who was helpfull,she advised that they can use a code to enable cashback to go through now all I have to do is wait to see if this actually works fingers crossed.Will report back either way.
  skibuddy | 18 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
Just attempted to get insurance but after filling in all details and accepting quote 15 mins later it still hasnt processed, but did get a phone call from them direct to talk about my insurance. Is this a ploy to avoid paying out through a cash back site?
  madka | 11 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
Customer service in my view is abysmal. I inadvertently left off a no claims discount protection (my view on this is that the site is not customer friendly and "extras" should not be included by default as legal expenses are and one has to work out how to remove unwanted extras before buying) and to add it to the policy, which was not even in force for 4/5 days they wanted £10+ for the protection and £35 to amend details. This for a new customer, it was cheaper to cancel the whole thing and start over with the same insurer.
  lfc | 08 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
I got cashback successfully last year and therefore tried again this year. Feb 2011 transaction tracked quickly but was set to zero. Waited and waited and now the transaction has disappeared june 2011. I don't hold much hope to actually getting any cashback this time.
  donnathompson | 21 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Been waiting since 18/1/11 still no sign of payment should not be allowed on this sight
  ivymay | 29 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Still waiting for cashback 6 months later.
  safclyndz | 31 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
Good product but don't be fooled into thinking you will get cashback! house insurance tracked back in october but still (5 months later) not progreesed one bit. Car insurance did not track in november and i'm still waiting for it even to appear in 'pending' i will certainly not use again if I expect to get cashback. Somehow I can't help feeling as though I have been diddled and perswaded to buy from them with a false promice.
  12457877128 | 06 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
Hastings direct need to send their customer services on a course to learn how to talk to people politely. Phoned up to query something on our paperwork and the operator was offhand and nonchalant . Very upsetting.
  IloveCarrot | 25 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Bought insurance in aug 2010. Almost 6 months later and still no cashback paid from merchant. Will not be using again.
  xembox | 07 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Very slow to pay out
  ceh | 04 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Very very slow still waiting for cashback 6 months and has already exceeded payment date wont be using again
  JDahbi | 02 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Took out a policy in july 2010, and still waiting for cashback. Sent through a claim, but all it states is waiting for retailer. Be aware you probably won't get they cashback advertised.
  a1tone | 19 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Good price for car insurance, decent cashback and tracked quickly - but beware if you want to make any changes to the policy! 0844 number (rip off), a £35 amendment fee (completely non-negotiable!) and indifferent staff. If you are completely sure that your circumstances will not change, then go for it - you'll probably get a pretty good deal. For me, with over 33 years driving free of bans, serious accidents or claims, I expect a bit more respect and not to be treated as an easy way to make a quick £35 (wiping out all of the cashback and more). I will definitely never use them again, even if they are the least expensive when the policy ends (it's another £55 if you want to cancel before)!
  fewbob | 21 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
I attempted to get cash back from hastings direct and purchased a reasonably competative policy but they failed to track the cashback even though I sent my policy details to them and it had registed that I had been to the site on the day of purchase. Top cash back were helpful but i've given up in the end. I've changed home address since april and found hastings direct customer services very poor and unprofessional, they sent me the wrong information through the post and the staff don't seem to know whats going on.
  playton | 25 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
When the policy arrived it was not what was expected. To cancel would cost £25, which I suspect is illegal under distance selling regulations, to put it right would cost £10 extra. Not a very good start & will be giving this insurance provider a wide birth when the policy comes up for renewal.
  andreti | 18 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
I would definatley not use this company again I have finally recived a refund for monies take from my credit card without my prior knowledge or consent !as for getting the cashback , all I can say is doubt full!
  robintumble | 12 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Do hastings direct know what there doing , I don't think so. Numerous phone calls with 30min+ waitting, and a four week trial to gain my documents. I am just hoping they have repaid to my account the £237.00 They messed up on, taking two payments. Lets see if my m.O.T bit, and cash back pay up. No I wont use them again. No complaints with topcashback, always excellent service thanks.
  Grinch | 10 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Further to the comments I made below, I contacted the watchdog via email. I rec'd a reply very quickly, I then attached that email and sent it to hastings and topcashback for their information. I rec'd a letter 2 days later from hastings saying they were looking into it, a further 2 days later I rec'd a phone call from hastings saying they would put a cheque in the post to cover the £60 cashback which, I s what it was when I took out the policy. This will take 7-14 days to come, still waiting after 7 days but I would encourage others who have problems to contact the watchdog/ombudsmen and include their email to hastings. ........................................................................................................................... Avoid at all costs. Whilst the quotes may seem very competitive when you take into account cashback they will not pay!!! I took out car insurance in feb and I have just been told they will not pay me the cashback of £60 which was on offer at the time! their excuse was that a 3rd part was involved. I will be looking at contacting the watchdog over this issue, I would encourage others who have had similar experience in being refused their cashback to do the same. Lee lee221 - 11/08/2010 07:41:00
  lee221 | 02 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
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