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Tried to register with equifax twice online but had to call & be on hold for some time on both occasions. I've had to go through all my personal details again to then be told I need to send them identification before I can be registered. Both times, i've added my credit card details before being told this & hasn't just been as simple as register online. Not worth the hassle!
  dennis79 | 24 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
Surprised to see such positive reviews for this crowd. It didn't track and it's necessary to call a premium line number to cancel the service (where they take the opportunity to hard sell you more products). The product itself is reasonably good.
  OZrated | 28 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
As like everyone else has said do not use this company to click through. When the request for me to submit my id which to me is irreverent in my view. Since I have had fraudulent transactions on my current account in the last 10 days I did not need this. Avoid! *i later called to advise them to cancel my account to which I was told my account had not be set up due to me not uploading any id's therefore I will not be charged. I shall see if this is to be.
  abfab | 08 May 2013 Report Abuse
'Transaction cannot be traced' - avoid these thieves unless you really want to waste your time.
  radioheed | 13 Apr 2013 Report Abuse
Equifax couldn't trace my transaction so waste of time
  DJD13 | 04 Apr 2013 Report Abuse
Didnt track and my claim got rejected even though I supplied all the correct information. Like others I wonder if they dont pay out unless you become a fully paid member, cheats!
  P13ULC | 26 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Like many out there my cashback could not be traced...I wonder if this company is trying to tempt you with the cashback and then it gives nothing unless youbecome a paying custumer which I would if it was suitable for my needs .It is only company on tbc which has failed to pay me so far the rest has oustanding...Thank you tbc,,,very gooo
  josfto | 22 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Cashback did not track, I have lodged a manual claim and this has been refused as they cannot find any trace of the transaction, this means that I have just given them access to all my personal details for free. The cancellation process is ok but they do keep trying to sell you more products so just say no. I am unimpressed and will never use again and I urge others to be weary as-well.
  stevietec | 22 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Be carefull with equifax. I took the 30 days trial (cancelled within 20 days without any issues - which is the only positive thing), created a missing cashback claim straight away, and now after 2 months the equifax say that I did not take the trail through the topcb website. I will keep pushing for it - will let you know if I had any luck or not.
  bartosz_klimowicz | 22 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
I took out the free 30day trial with equifax but my "purchase" has never tracked and after submitting a claim through topcashback, equifax now effectively say they can find no record of my transaction. I have now cancelled my 30day free trial. Not at all happy with equifax but tcb pursued my claim well.
  Tree | 22 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Transaction didn't track (as is usually the case with topcashback, as opposed to other cashback sites). Equifax allegedly dismissed the claim saying they couldn't trace my transaction from the correct order number I provided them. I did everything right, but equifax is just as dishonest as I suspected. Do not use them, especially if you're just doing it for the cashback.
  drspa44 | 22 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
I applied for a free credit report, as £5 cashback was very appealing. It took ages for their system to recognise my address, and then I was asked to phone to confirm some more details. After 10 minutes on the phone (at 45p a min) they then asked me to send my driving licence and passport. At this point, as I had nearly spent the cashback already I decided not to go ahead. So now am down £4.50, Not the best experience for a topcashback newbie
  bertie1606 | 18 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Joined 25/01/13, didn't track. I read somewhere that it can take up to 21 days to be eligible so I let it run for a while. Cancelled 22/2/13 as coming to end of free month. Unable to put in claim because it has been cancelled. Was worth it in one sense because there was an incorrect entry against my name. However, customer services took over a week to respond to a query. On a plus side, easy to cancel and no pressure to stay.
  swerved | 05 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Do not touch this with a barge pole. I just signed up last night, go to see my credit report. Fair enough. Tried logging on today. Wouldnt let me log on. It said I had to phone a number, took 10 mins to get through. Could hardly understand the girl talking, she was asking me crazy security questions then said I had to provide two forms of identity to verify my account. When she said the first was my passport, I hit a gasket. I told her there was not a hope in hell I would be forwarding that and she said they could not procede. I am away to contact my bank and discuss blocking any attempts for them to access my account. Oh and I asked where they are based (seeing as I could hardly understand her) and she replied 'the philippines', errr it's all a bit dodgy to me.
  zengs1 | 22 Feb 2013 Report Abuse
Got most of the way through the credit report signup only to have the credit card verification fail at which point I was told to call a local rate number to complete my transaction. Tried this and after 7(?!!) phone menus and being on hold for nearly 10 mins I gave up. Do you really think this is a good way to do business?! surely you should be doing everything possible to help people signup, not be putting up these kind of barriers? i'll be sticking to creditexpert in the future.
  ianchadwick | 27 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Poor service - just a complete nightmare to deal with. Be warned that it'll cost you money and time before you see any cashback.
  Bonnycashback | 26 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Absolute joke, do not waste your time! couldn't complete my sign up online, had to ring up and then they asked me questions i'd already filled out online, they also wanted me to send a copy of my passport and bank statements. No chance! so gave up in the end. Bit sceptical about it all, seems like a bit of a con. Got no cashback and the phone call cost me! didn't even get my report. Not impressed
  richy_royals | 25 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Awful!! apparently you have to have all you financial history available when your online application fails (tried twice)they have an american call centre who you can't understand and end up being asked to post documents. Not worth the hassle, went to credit expert, went through straight away had report in minutes!
  helen4474 | 20 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Waited about 6 months to have it rejected, filed a claim and also had that rejected. First time this has happened and i've used tcb for years now.
  scott72555 | 02 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
Got charged £1 on my card for a free trial. Not very happy and tcb didn't track... Didn't even phone to confirm account when the number is full rate. Rather disappointed. :( Can't understand it when so many people say it is good.
  RandomPeopleDancin | 27 Nov 2012 Report Abuse
Very suspicious website. Says that the card information didn't work (i use this card all the time no reason for it not to) furthermore they ask that I scan in a utility bill and passport to verify my account. This has nothing to do with my card and they haven't even asked for my card details again. Also to do this I had to sign up to another website for the same company but with a different style of web design. It all felt extremely insecure to be sending very important documents over. I rang to cancel but was told they didn't have my full details so they assure me I wont be charged I am very sceptical about this and concerned now that I may be charged anyway.
  fagan89 | 21 Nov 2012 Report Abuse
Horrible experience like many on here. Feel like ive been duped and was stupid enough to read the comments after having applied. Afraid now that money will be taken from my account at the end of the 30 day period. Have called twice and keep getting the same script. Please dont be fooled by the 94% high rating that is given. I wish i'd never joined. Now this dodgy company have my details. Stay away and avoid like the plague.
  SandyL | 19 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
Showed paid as nil, done everything by the book as always, have submitted a claim.
  scott72555 | 05 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
Sounds like I was just unlucky but it took 3 attempts to get their site to work without it timing out. When it finally did it gave me a number that I had to call (5p per min) then sit on hold to finally be connected just to be told that due to a system update there were no online or over-the-phone registrations available today. It would have been a better idea to have taken the application system offline altogether during the update rather than wasting people's time and money.
  garethebbern | 01 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
Utter rubbish! signed up online for a free 30 day credit report trial. After putting in all my personal details and credit card details I was asked to ring an 0844 number to activate my account. After 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to someone who I could barely understand and was told I would have to apply again on the telephone. Since my account was not activated online I couldn't claim cashback or apply again and the report was useless. Now I feel my personal details have just collected and even more suspecitable to identify fraud and spam.
  neverwinter | 09 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
After submitting a missing cashback claim for this merchant, I had to wait for 2 years for a resolution. Of course, as with an apparently increasing number of merchants advertising on tcb, it was then declined without reason (or justification). The credit report itself is worthwhile but don't rely on this dishonest company to honour their cashback offers.
  Gazzaaaa | 30 Jul 2012 Report Abuse
Just signed up for one of their watch lite service and at the end of the purchase they have the gall to say i, yes i, must call them on an 0844 number at 5p per minute for 'further questions'. If they want my business they should be calling me or at the very least provide a freephone number. What a cheek these organisations have. Ive a good mind not to call and see how much they want new business. Dont forget you dont have to subscribe to their pricey subscriptions and get locked in for a period of time. You can easily get a statutory report for £2 and request it as many times as you wish. They dont like it because it costs them far more to provide it than the fixed £2
  bersama | 29 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
Hopeless equinox wanted me to tel them about all my credit cards when I joined my bank... Sure thats what I pay for , for them to give me the infomation , they keep you on the phone for as long aas possible and it costs you to call them... Waste of time
  smiggylad | 27 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
What a joke. They were unable to verify my account, which I found out at my expense through having to phone them to be asked questions regarding what credit accounts I have taken out in the last 6 years and the date including month. I understand security issues but this was ridiculous, and the guy on the phone was rude.
  Kthindmarsh | 17 May 2012 Report Abuse
Cashback tracked, then went to zero. Put in a claim, topcashback kept me up to date all the way through, but merchant rejected cashback claim saying I didn't qualify. Now using experian!
  markbarnett23 | 07 May 2012 Report Abuse
Avoid like the plague!!! they charged me £6.99 For the "free" trial, and I never received any promised cashback. After being on hold for over an hour, I finally got through to someone who didn't speak much english, and just kep repeating some set phrases which didn't help at all. If you need to phone them, I hunted out a free number... 0800 0665825 I'm furious with them!!!
  BigHairyKev | 24 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
What a rubbish company. No obvious way to cancel the free trial other than ring up and spend probably the same amount of money on an 0845 number. The 'free' report was rubbish. Didn't give you a score unless you paid for it... Not useful. And I still haven't received my cash back... Despite doing in it the beginning of february! don't go anywhere near this stupid company, it's a waste of time.
  Charlician | 11 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
My cashback was stopped even though I had the trial for nerly a month. It states I havent met the reccomendations after being tracked for 8 weeks, avoid like the plague its a con.. Avoid!!!!
  jjmcc25 | 04 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
My cashback was stopped even though I had the trial for nerly a month. It states I havent met the reccomendations after being tracked for 8 weeks, avoid like the plague its a con.. Avoid!!!!
  jjmcc25 | 04 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
Signed up for free cashback, and to have a peek at my credit score. Transaction hasn't tracked and equifax offer no information free of charge. I also tried to cancel which has to be done by phone, spent 5 minutes in a queue to be told they couldn't do it at this time.
  11295140035 | 24 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
No cashback!!!
  BigHairyKev | 20 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
This is the second time I have tried to get a credit report from equifax. Both times, they have conveniently had a technical problem during my application, which meant I would have to ring their 0845 number...... No thanks, you money-grabbers! i'll stick to just being skint, rather than skint and hacked off with being sat in a queue paying silly money for nothing.
  Tigersfandownsouth | 16 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
Did not track. I had to raise a claim. As for customer service, you'd be kept online waiting for several hours. But they have a free phone number.
  17nov2011 | 04 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
Didn't track and no response from topcashback after raising a missing claim - disappointing.
  Ravey_Davey | 26 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Strange, not tracked at all. After filling out details, then asked me to ring and give more details which I did, then said they would send me an e-mail link... Again which hasnt happened... Very dubious and now very concerned...Watch this space
  Happychap | 24 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
I tried to check my credit score with this company and had to fill out a lot of on-line forms to then be given a reference number that I need to quote when I phone them (5p/minute and a very long time on hold!) which was very frustrating. Once I eventually got through a women that was as much use as a chocolate tea pot was all I had to help me to complete the registration of my account. As she was thicker then a whale omelette and did not understand what was coming out of her own mouth I decided to not go through with the registration as the company is extremely unprofessional and caused me a very frustrating evening. Avoid like the plague I cannot stress enough!!!
  danielturner740 | 18 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Equifax wants ur id and lot of questions to open the account. Doont waste time use experian as its easy, hassle free to open as well as cancel account
  Honesty | 23 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
So much hassle trying to register for free trial-filled in boxes,then have to call them to complete process(0844 number)when I eventually got to speak to someone they went through all info already submitted,then said I had to send copy of passport and utility bill to them to complete registeration.....Alot of hassle-did everyone else have to do all this???
  cazsilver | 21 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
Had to put a claim in and despite having order number and proof they still refused to pay out cashback. Total con, have cancelled my account with this company there are far better and more honest credit information companies!
  sueaitch | 04 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Ha so ok I signed up online here for a instant online credit report ...Instan and online!! it was also a free 30 day cash back trial. I spend time filling everything in and then get a page telling me to call a number..5P from a landline, I dont have a landline so use my mobile, sit on automated options and finally when through am being charged to get asked a heap of questions then get told I need to post off some documents....So how was any of that free...Instant..Online.....I just paid about £5 for nothing other than to feel like and be jooped!!!!!!
  summer1234 | 20 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Poor experience. Phoned number at end of on line application and asked a bewildering array of personal financial questions and to send driving licence and utility bills to them ! not in this day and age of electronic applications, I will go elsehwhere.
  Member52082235818 | 20 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Didn't get cashback, struggled to cancel after the trial (you have to ring) they keep chasing me too. Don't bother.
  edthedog | 19 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Found it extremely time consuming & difficult to cancel the service.
  TrueMisterSix | 17 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Awful you must call their customer service number to confim @ 5p / min, took over 5 mins to get through the inapropriate options and speak to someone with poor grasp of english. After answering the security questions I was told because I had no loans or mortgages in the last 6 years I had to send them a utility bill or bank statement - no chance!!!! when they have my debit card number, which would not authorise unless I had the correct name and adress, to then ask me to send my personal property to them is a joke.
  fras3r | 14 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
The equifax service is dreadful. It is so un user friendly it is untrue. Its almost impossible to ask them a question and the log in page frequently does not take your password and you have to keep changing it. This is the worst online product I have used. Credit expert is more epensive but so much better to use. I am trying to cancel it but they make it difficult to cancel with equifax
  anonmattyt | 10 Aug 2011 Report Abuse


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