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Tracked first at £12 but took an extra day for the full amount to come to £16.66!
  PrettyFlower | 25 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Ordered my 30-day free trial yesterday, tracked overnight but only at £12 instead of the advertised £16. Contacted tcb team who have advised a wait of a week to see if cashback reverts to correct amount, then to submit a claim.
  DemelzaCat | 25 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
A quick and easy to use site full of use information. The cashback was in my account very quickly too.
  buddy1 | 23 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Went through all the form filling only to have to phone up. Unfortunately phones aren't open on sunday! so having entered credit card details will they now take the money? seems a terrible system to me.
  Member280993 | 23 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
^^^Sc52 above also says the same about having to call them when the purchase isn't made, suggesting that even if the purchase doesn't complete and you're told to phone them they might still take your money. Sounds very unfair if that is the case. People should exercise caution if that is what happens.
  LCF1 | 22 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
For no reason I know of, they wouldn't accept my perfectly valid mastercard at either my current new address or if I gave my previous established address, so couldn't proceed unless I call their mon-fri 9-5 helpline.
  LCF1 | 22 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Registered online today then had a 'next step' thing to ring an 0844 number to finish setting up the account. Ths cs then told me I would receive a cal in 24 - 48 hrs to verify my report. Seems a lot of hassle and not sure all this wont invalidate the cashback from their point of view. Didnt have this problem a couple of years ago.
  hilary1 | 20 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Don't you all get it? its a con! usually its only people with credit problems that want to check their file - this way they find out where your currently living and you will notice an increase in debt letters arriving. This happened to my mate and he is still waiting for his cashback
  chubster1908 | 17 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
No cashback given.
  hazelangus | 04 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
I signed up for 1 month free trail with them ,cashback tracked quickly but when I tried to cancel the order within 1 month ,they ignored to cancel and charged me 1 month fee instead.I didn't get cashback either eventhough the payable date already passed 1 month ago.I am still struggling to cancel them ,i am not sure they have cancelled yet or not .Again need to confirm .I believe this merchant isnot good for cashback .Don't trust them .Thanks
  biren | 27 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Not received the cashback - still pending - since october I think!
  lillie3208 | 23 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
I was due £20 cashback from equifax by 31/10/10. To date I still have not received it, it is now 10/12/10
  Noosey | 10 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
I have waited months for this cashback to become payable. Very disappointed service.
  hcl222 | 03 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
This looked like a good deal, but the cash was supposed to be payable in october. Its now december. :(
  Clarehs | 02 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Has anyone yet been paid?!
  Craig_Jackson | 01 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Has anyone seen any cash from this offer?
  Jessdance1 | 23 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Not paid on date stated payable. Not likely to use again
  fday1985 | 15 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Overall very pleased with equifax, easy to use!
  shellyt86 | 09 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked next day and useful service.
  CBLB | 08 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Despite follow up no cash back was ever received. This was a waste of time.
  BazzaCas | 01 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked almost instantly! superb
  Arialmawr | 20 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Just cancelled my 30day free trial. Had to put a claim in for £20 cash back that is still not showing. I had to call equifax to finish my subscription which was annoying as the woman I spoke to was barely able to speak english. I had to answer questions about previous credit card limits and dates that credit agreements ended. If you do apply, be well prepared otherwise it could take ages.
  nikipedia24 | 19 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
This is a scam. Cash back has not been tracked and it is near on impossible to cancel the free trial.
  Tinabombina | 12 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked immediately with no problems thus far.
  mickey12 | 05 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Waited a week so far and I still haven't been tracked. Went through the signup procedure as instructed and without problems but still no tracking so far...
  dwarfer | 04 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Still not tracked since july- tcb chasing them up. When I phoned to cancel the trial they said I had never started the trial despite the fact that I had received confirmation email from them and they charged me for a month!
  Rabia | 03 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Good merchant!
  helby2507 | 02 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Very comprehensive database, easily readable, recommended to check credit status.
  Saibal | 01 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Just spent 30 minutes on the phone to someone who had trouble understanding english, and simply would not answer my question, just tried to promote the product, in the end she was going to hang up on me, until I stopped her. Really worrying customer service when its your credit at stake!
  Bluedan7425 | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
What is the promotional code fro the £20 cash back with equifax. Cheers
  Frisky167 | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I have registered for this last night with no problems but I am unsure how to get the £20 cashback? are there any other steps you need to take or do they just automatically pay it to you?
  Member91205631611 | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I see these companies as little more than crooks. Not only do we indirectly provide them with the data which they process and sell back to us but they pray on peoples insecuries, fears and the nessecity to keeping a clean record......
  off | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I didn't have to make any phonecalls it was all very straightforward and in 5 minutes I could see all the details I wanted.
  julie778 | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Excellent so far. Had no problems registering and transaction tracked very quickly. Just waiting to see how easy/difficult it is to cancel after the free trial.
  JillScott | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Equifax credit file advice centre p.O. Box 1140 bradford bd1 5us is the address. Its opposite 24h tesco on canal road. Near foster square
  dealnodeal | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
"I found their freephone number on saynoto0870 website and it worked for me: 0800 0665825 -jonrumens" i shoulda seen this earlier.. Darn! its o.K. I know where the office is.
  dealnodeal | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Also regarding your q charmeddan the lady on the phone assured me that unless the details are not verifier or documents are not sent in the account is not activated and therefore we wont get charged. So what should we do? take precautions! check with your bank to make sure they dont get any money imo.
  dealnodeal | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I got as far as entering my previous address but the next screen went blank every time. I've tried refreshing and I tried starting again from scratch but I get nothing. Should I call them because I entered my debit card details on the first page? I haven't had a confirmation email from them or created a login. I wish i'd read these comments before trying :-(
  grado | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Just got off the phone, they ask you questions that you can hardly answer. Dont ring unless you know all your credit agreements, payments, dates of payments etc off by heart, also I called from my mobile because they didnt mention a seperate rate for mobiles. Just as I was ending the call I realised that the office for sending documents in is right near where I live!!! bradford bd1 postcode, i'm 1 mile away, so will pay them a visit if any1 has got any beef let me know!!
  dealnodeal | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I think once they get your cc details then its done so you need to ring them, same thing happened to me. First time i've ever had to verify my details like this. I think its just a chance to try add on an extra service. Will keep you updated after I call them.
  dealnodeal | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I got to the 'phone us for more questions' ... I just gave up and clicked the x. Does this mean they will charge me £6.99 A month now and I have to cancel or did it not complete so I am fine??
  CharmedDan | 29 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
First cashback experience was constructive and and reasonably easy to access - thank you cashback team!
  ticketyboo | 26 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
If bb63 paid via direct debit, then they can simply cancel that direct debit by writing to their bank and copying in equifax - under the direct debit guarantee scheme, to which all fsa regulated banks comply, any direct debit taken without due authority must be promptly refunded to the account holder's account.
  Chris007 | 25 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
This is a total rip-off. It has been 7 weeks since I registered at equifax via topcashback. My transaction has not even tracked - depite several messages I have left with topcashback. Equifax then make it extremely difficult for you to cancel. I telephoned them, emailed them and wrote to them before the 30 days was up, yet still they charged £6.99 To my debit card. When I telephoned to complain on their 0844 number (charging me 5p per minute) I was put through to their call centre in the philippines who then kept me on hold for 37 minutes and still they have not cancelled my membership! this means they will continue to take £6.99 Per month from my bank account. Do not trust equifax!
  BB63 | 24 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Still waiting for my cashback from equifax applyed on the 12th august
  cashbackhotty | 20 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Abject waste of time. I'll now have to call these jokers on their number to ensure they haven't taken money for something they aren't providing! my advice - heed the advice lower down the page advising you to avoid (i wish I had!).
  kenej2005 | 18 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
This worked a treat for me. Tracked no problem. Excellent money for nothing and a great way to check your credit report. The issues that other people are having are related to their security questions. If equifax cannot confirm your identity they will ask you more questions. This is to protect you and to ensure that you are the person applying for the report.
  Alicia_Pym | 15 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
I found their freephone number on saynoto0870 website and it worked for me: 0800 0665825
  rumjo | 14 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
After filling in details they want you to call them for "more questions"
  Kingo | 14 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
For some reason all the comments for this retailer have been deleted, most if not all were negative with people saying, including myself that cashback did not track others commented that it was possibly difficult to cancel the free trial and needed a costly phonecall to do so. This is undoubtedly one to avoid. [Ed:topcashback-sorry - this is because as of 1st september, equifax have moved to a different tracking network and so it's had to be set up as a new merchant within our system.]
  Fraggle81 | 05 Sep 2010 Report Abuse


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