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nerosmum15- 29 Jan 2015
What a great site. I was registered to a similar site but could only get my cash back once a month when they paid it, so if you get paid and miss that day you wait another whole month. Here when it is payable you can get your cash when and how you want it. Absolutely fantastic site, ive earned well over £400 since the end of november. I have had 2 payouts and still have a good chunk left to claim. A pleasure to deal with when a claim needs tracking. I have 6 referred friends so even more cash for that, a great site. Wish id been here earlier. Total A+ 10/10 keep doing what your doing top cashback as its so appreciated. Thanks guys
majorclanger- 23 Nov 2014
£1500 the richer Well, it has taken some time but this latest withdrawal from Topcashback takes my savings to £1500. Everything from furniture to fuel, to flowers it all adds up. In this day and age you have to play the companies at their own game. My latest savings? £70.70 for changing my central heating maintenance to a tariff that would in itself have saved me £250 compared to that quoted from my exisiting provider . The most ridiculous one? Swapping from one tariff for Gas and Electricity, yet keeping the same provider, earned me £45 and a better monthly deal. So in the last hour I've earned £115. It is not a no brainer, you have to look at the deals and work it out, but a little effort has big rewards. Topcashback, an internet winner.
mcelroymf- 13 Nov 2014
Yet again well done to Topcashback for honouring payments when merchants let them (and me) down. Not only good to get the cashback, but good to know there's a site that stands by its commitments. Big pat on the back to Beccy for chasing the issue down. Martin
librajc- 30 Oct 2014
Great website, Fantastic payouts Ive earn' t over £100 this year in cashback, Brilliant idea for just buying the things I would normally buy, no complaints from me as payouts are made easy to understand and whole process very smooth !!
fallingstars- 1 May 2014
Since joining Topcashback last month, I have saved over £50 cashback on things that I would normally purchased - DVDs, clothes and more. I really recommend this site.
braders95- 16 Apr 2014 is brilliant! I signed up last year and II have already saved over 100 pounds cashback, They have a massive selection of merchants to choose from so I try to avoid going direct when I could be saving money, Its also great as a savings account for christmas time and even then I will still be saving. Defo recommend to anyone, what do you have to lose?
valentine681- 3 Apr 2014
Thanks "Top Cash Back " for persuing my Cash Back claim with the AA Breakdown!! Much appreciated !!Peter
den59- 20 Mar 2014
I have just joined topcashback and will start shopping on the site next month after reading all the testimonials I am looking forward to my first shop.
coderkaren- 10 Feb 2014
Yet again Topcashback have doggedly tracked down my missing cashback. A claim from July 2013 has just gone into my account today 10th Feb 2014.Thank you!!!! I recommend Topcashback to all my friends-just wish I had found it earlier.
paul_cashman- 21 Jan 2014
WOW I can see why this company is called TOP CASHBACK its the top of the league and why use any other site.I have been nothing but impressed and believe me I am hard to please !!!!!!!!!!!!! why oh why did I not join years ago ? Well done to you all,simply the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
torso- 26 Nov 2013
Just wanted to write and say, speed and accuracy of tracking is phenomenal at the moment, I am in peak pre-Christmas internet shop mode at the moment and was concerned I would forget to check whether purchases were tracking. But I don't need to worry - the 'new credit' emails just keep popping up in my inbox. brilliant thanks.
RobsonCotton- 19 Nov 2013
Exceptional Customer Services from Sarah Spruce, Customer Services Senior Adviser. Without doubt the most professional, confidential and personal assistance I have ever known. What became a major concern from me against BT, was resolved, speedily efficiently in a manner which I can only describe as exceptional. Informative with personal letters, emails every step of the way, Mrs. Spruce deserves a commendation for her great efforts in resolving the complaint to BT.
jamespywell- 18 Oct 2013
TopCashback is a must-have for any student. As a student, you realise that any money you can save is a bonus and getting cashback on items you buy everyday as well as on items you treat yourself too is great! Recommended to all my friends!
Cheeky_Man- 12 Sep 2013
I have just topped the £1,000 mark in cash back and I'm telling everyone. Top cash back is fantastic, free and fair. Well done to all those behind it.
mrsrdonohue- 12 Aug 2013
Just a quick thank you for sorting out my missing cash back from Aviva, £60! I'm so impressed with this site, easy to use and its helping me save up for Christmas!
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