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How do I use my Gift Certificate?

Once your Amazon code has been issued, it will display on your Gift Certificates page. Select the 'click to use' button, copy the gift certificate code, and click on ‘Use Now’ to go to the website.

To apply the gift certificate to your Amazon account, go to the ‘Payment and GC’ section, and then ‘Apply a gift certificate to your account’ – copy the gift certificate code into the box and click ‘Apply to my account’.

Your gift certificate will then show in your Amazon account balance and is available to spend at anytime, but you must redeem your Gift Certificate on the Amazon site within 12 months of issue. Gift Certificates and gift cards must be redeemed on the website or the affiliated website, towards the purchase of eligible products listed in their online catalogue and sold by, Amazon's Preferred Merchant or any other seller selling through the platform.

How long will it take to receive my Gift Certificate?

We are proud to say that we offer really quick payouts via Gift Certificates. We typically issue Gift Certificates requests towards the end of every working day. Once you have placed your request for a payout and it has been processed by our Payments Team, then it will appear immediately on your account.

This means that once you've requested a payout for an Gift Certificate, you should receive it within a few days.

Obviously, it might be a little longer if you made the payout request over a weekend or Bank Holiday because it won't be processed until the next working day, and payout speeds can also be affected by seasonal demands.

Once your Amazon code has been issued, it will display on your Gift Certificates page.

Why haven't I received my Gift Certificate yet?

If you've still not received your Certificate 7 days after requesting it, then please contact us via a support ticket.

What happens if I've accidentally clicked onto my Amazon code in error?

Don't worry, you can still view the code. Go to Payout > Payout History > View details of the relevant payout > Scroll down > Click to Use, you may need to minimise the page in order to view the code clearly and copy it over to your Account. The code will be usable until you redeem it on the actual website.

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