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Many TopCashback members have left positive feedback for Vodafone having purchased from them through us. One customer says they would highly recommend them for great cashback deals, while another describes the network as being great, saying the “customer service has been faultless for me”. Our members also describe how they have had no issues with Vodafone, are very happy with them or had no trouble transferring their number from O2, while one calls them a “great phone company”.

Customers also appear to be pleased with both the amount of cashback they have earned and how quickly it has been paid, with comments including “would recommend as the cashback deal I got was effectively worth two months of line rental” and “this has been the fastest cashback I’ve ever received. From the date of order to withdrawing the funds, it took less than three weeks”. Another review points out that the author’s £101 cashback reached payable status before they had paid their first monthly bill.

Although being rated as one star on Trustpilot, there are four and five-star reviews which commend them on everything from their customer service to their coverage and signal. Positive feedback highlights the fact Vodafone resolved issues one customer had, while another reviewer states they have two lines with them and have never had any problems.

Other reviews talk about the fact that their 4G and 3G has been strong and fast, no matter where the customer has been, while one reviewer says they have “been with Vodafone for over 20 years and always found their service to be great”.

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Vodafone SIMO Contracts Reviews
Cashback will only be paid on SIM Only tariffs after the contract has been held for Three months. Please be aware that all SIM Only cashback will initially track at £15 and will be updated to the correct amount after the 3 month validation period.
TopCashback | 25 Jul 2011
friend icon Tracked quickly
  Sprintfellow | 17 Nov 2007 Report Abuse
friend icon All the best top nothing bets it
  bury | 16 Nov 2007 Report Abuse
friend icon Confirmed within a day of receipt of goods. Excellent!
  fiveelms | 15 Nov 2007 Report Abuse
friend icon Voucher: vodablue1

offer: free bluetooth headset with every mobile contract purchased.

the voucher will keep running as long as stocks of the headsets last
  caseUnauth1 | 13 Nov 2007 Report Abuse
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