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If you’re looking for the hottest products at reasonable prices, The Hut reviews you’ll find below suggest you should give them a try. There is plenty of positive feedback, with many of our members commenting on how quickly they received their cashback. One said: “Just about the quickest to reach payable I’ve experienced. Very prompt delivery and very reasonable prices.” Other remarks you’ll find include “hassle-free cashback”, “tracked and paid out quickly” and “great retailer — cashback received quickly, would highly recommend”.

Someone else said: “A reasonable amount of cashback paid in a fairly short space of time.” Other The Hut review feedback includes comments about the service provided by the online department store. These include “great service and fast delivery” and “excellent service, would recommend”. The majority of feedback on Trustpilot is also positive, with one happy customer saying: “Great place to find branded gifts at fairly reasonable prices. Ordering is easy and items are delivered quickly.” Review this merchant

The Hut Reviews
friend icon all ok
  slowphil | 03 Sep 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Great qulaity products. Cashback is ok and can be slow to be dispersed.
  patrickjkeaney | 12 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon The cashback on DVD's seems to be 3.5% of the net of VAT price not 6% as advertised. I wouldn't have used The Hut if I knew that this was the rate I was getting I would have used Play who give the same cash back and I would have got Play Points (by using my Play Card). Did track in 2 hours though hope they pay as quick.
  TimWB | 14 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon When they actually have the stuff you order in stock they're Ok although cashback not very reliable. However, if item goes out of stock after you order it, they don't tell you, they just cancel the order. The only way to find out this has happened is to log into your account and discover order status is cancelled. Even worse, if that means your order no longer qualifies for a money off offer - they often do £3 off £30 order or similar - they just cancel the discount and charge you the full amount. Pretty shoddy customer service really.
  wychemike | 30 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Never seems to track 80% of the time. Never have problems with play and ebay and other sites. Only ever problems witht The Hut. Creating a claim never seems to do much either!
  wayneratcliffe | 21 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Still waiting for merchant to credit correct amount as illustrated. Missing cash back claim lodged.
  Tina_Waesch | 01 Oct 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback not honoured so will think again about using them.
  pcn1976 | 07 Oct 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Is It me only, every time I order something the cash back shows good amount pending, but when it is payable it shows couple of penny's, not first time from the hut, last 3 or 4 times done the same, not going to bother to use cash-back next time for the hut, they are useless, have no problem with any other merchants.
  JAMAL78 | 21 Feb 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon What a dreadful customer service The Hut has. The order took 2 weeks to prepare, then they had a problem with PayPal, and in my subsequent emails they take on average 6 days to reply and don't bother to ask all the questions. I will never order with The Hut again. I ordered at the end of October 2012, and as of today 7th December there is still no sign of anything happening. Pathetic.
  MichaelSee | 07 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Placed order with the hut on a Friday informed on Monday half my order has been canceled as they don't have the item's in stock the rest of my order. Is awaiting despatch if I get it.what a waste of time shopping with the hut will go back to my other websites have never had problems like that with them
  loopylor | 11 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Fast to track and pay, but The hut is useless when things go wrong, I will not use the hut again, 3 weeks on and still no item
  raindropsies2 | 08 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Very very long wait, 12 days on and still the order has not been dispatched even though it is in stock, will never use the hut again
  raindropsies2 | 29 May 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Never Again will I use this excuse for an online retailer!
  nitro111 | 30 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Paid 1% not 10%... Vast difference, awaiting review
  Sandgrounderjen | 13 Dec 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Their own codes never work as they say there are 'exclusions' that are not clearly stated, only hidden away in the small print somewhere that exclude nearly everything. Then if you do have the misfortune to speak to anyone at their 'customer service' the lack of actual 'service' is amazing. So much for 'the customer is always right!'. The to top it off if you buy anything they always manage to wrangle out of paying the cashback. I have bought a couple of things over the years and both times they have wriggled out of paying, so now I will take my money elsewhere thank you very much!
  langfordclose | 11 Jul 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon It said 12% at the time on my 206.50 fallraven jacket so i should of had 24 pound back. They knocked off 20 vat if i knew tha was the case id of gone else where. And saved more money, wont be using again
  Dannydindins | 17 Dec 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Didn't pay - be very careful
  adehughes | 31 Jan 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Impossible to opt out of emails from these people, if you try you are directed to an insecure website
  Snorkie | 06 Dec 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Purchase din't track despite clearing cookies and making sure purchase made after clicking through....disputed, then declined. Seems to be happening more and more often!
  rolothecat | 24 Mar 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Cancelled my order without informing me, no information supplied, no update. I had to log into my account to find out it had been cancelled. I queried why? to be told they had run out of stock?! Do they not have stock control on their website? Won't be using these again, after their lack of customer service.
  MandaYB | 26 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon A dreadful retailer. On more than one occasion they have failed to send goods within anything even vaguely resembling the advertised timescale. Customer services often ignore messages sent to them and when they do deign to reply the content of their messages are usually unrelated to the specific issues raised, lacking in any form of apology for the poor service received and often full of spelling and grammatical errors. I recently tried the retailer again after two years (having been thoroughly wound up by their ineptitude and rudeness). From the date of order for an item that they claimed was in stock and available for dispatch within 24 hours it took 17 days for the goods to arrive! They weren't even sent until 5 days after the order was placed (claimed to have been sent at this point although I am amazed that it took Royal Mail 12 days to deliver something to me, and I haven't found similar problems with goods coming from another retailer).
  Zagreus | 15 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Shocking delivery time and poor customer service/communication. Only ordered a DVD. All the benefits of ordering from the back of a comic in the 1970s.
  | 24 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I have used the hut quite a few times and always found them to be a good retailer until my most recent purchase. If you pay for next day delivery then you may or may not get it but if you don't then don't expect them to care much about it.
  silentbob | 02 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Pre-ordered a CD A day after the release date I was emailed to say they could not get stock and my order was cancelled. Not happy at all Will think twice about using them again
  wbh1138 | 26 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I wouldn't use The Hut again. I ordered an item they said was in stock. It was then said to be dispatched and they took my money. A couple of weeks later I get an email saying they've cancelled the order but don't worry as they won't charge me...but they already have!! There's no way I'll use them again.
  Lewis1212 | 11 May 2012 Report Abuse
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