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What happens when I reach the end of my Plus Membership (Preview) period?

If you joined TopCashback after the 5th June 2013, you will have joined as a Plus member with a one month ‘preview period’ to help you decide which level of membership would suit you best. During this time, you could take advantage of the range of benefits that come with Plus membership, including a bonus added to all transactions, an enhanced Tell-a-Friend bonus, and increased payout bonuses when you withdraw your cashback.

When the preview period is over, we‘ll automatically roll you onto full Plus membership. However, if you don‘t want to remain a Plus member you can switch to Classic membership from the Membership Details area of your Profile pages. This option will be available throughout the preview period and will remain until you have become a full Plus member and have started to earn cashback. If you wish to switch after this time however then please get in touch with us via a support ticket and we would be happy to advise further.

You can see the date that your TopCashback Plus trial ends on your Account Overview.

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