Cookies used by TopCashback

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Cookie Name Reason for Cookie
CookiesEnabled Check if web browser is accepting Cookies
_ASBPShown Shown an ad block pop up
InitialReferrer Logs Referrals to website
InHouseReferral Logs Referrals to website
ReferralID Referral ID from a referal link
TCBLLIAUTH Logs ID of the member
GoogleAnalytics Logs Analytics data
TCB-BAS-V3 Authentication Cookie
TCB-Signin-V1 Sign in Access
pref Publisher Tracking Cookie
prefl Publisher Tracking Cookie
prefi Publisher Tracking Cookie
EmailClickedMemberDetails Email Tracking Cookie
NewMemberCashbackReminder Recognises new member
LoggedIn Tracks if member is logged in
IsMobileV3 Logs mobile devices
DeGui Device tracking
IsVariant Testing Cookie
BTO_HRS Logs Region
TopGiftCardNotification Pop-up for Top Giftcards
Login Stores the member GUID
TCBSESSION Session Cookie
MobileSplashShown Tracks the mobile splash
LatestSeenPromoVersion Promotion Screen Cookie
TopCashBackMobileCookie Shows mobile pop-up
LLIMINF Logged in Member Cookie