Black Friday 2016

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What is Black Friday?

It's be beginning of the Christmas shopping season and the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA, followed by Cyber Monday the next week
The day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, where many of the biggest retail stores offer deep discounts on their products either early in the morning, or throughout the week (so you can make the biggest savings on your Christmas shopping).

When is it?

It's officially the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, making it the fourth Friday of November. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will always be the last friday of the month. In 2016, it'll be the 25th of November and for some brands it’s the biggest shopping day of the year, as thousands of customers line up to grab the amazing deals on offer, however be on the lookout for deals starting as early as the 14th as most brands will try to start early to win customers.

What is it like?

Online, it's results in many websites experiencing significant delays as websites struggle to cope with the huge demand - The Argos and John Lewis websites were heavily affected in 2015, while Amazon sold more than 7.4 million items. Offline, 2015 was more relaxed than the year before, as shoppers and stores learned their lessons and planned ahead.
Some retailers have decided to stop taking part in the day, such as Asda, who now discount their pricing throughout the whole shopping period instead of just for one day.

To get the best deals, you have to be quick, as many of the best sales items may sell out even before 9am: in 2015, stores that opened at midnight (and online sales that started at the same time) resulted most stores seeing double the number of sales that they expected, leading many products to go out of stock remarkably quickly.

Why is it called black friday?

There are many reasons why it's called Black Friday, but originally it was a given that name in 1966 by the Philadelphia police, who named it after the immense rush of crowds struck highstreet retailers, causing traffic jams. More recently, retailers are embracing the day, using the name to signify their success: in accounting, black means profit.

Why do we have it?

The day as we know it was brought to the UK by Amazon, when they started their black friday discounts in 2010. Every year since then, more and more retailers have joined in to offer their own incredible discounts. In the USA, stores like Walmart have been featured on the news where thousands of customers, desparate to fill their baskets with electronics for their Christmas shopping, cause sales to explode on the day. Many UK brands have adopted the day because of this immense popularity.

What time does it start?

The time it starts will completely depend on the retailer. Some retailers will open their doors (or set the offers live online) at 5am, while others may start at midnight. A lot of retailers have also started launching their deals in the week or two before the day, however we usually find that the biggest offers are still saved for the Friday. Look out for announcements from each of your favourite brands in the weeks before, then set your alarms. Keep a close eye on Amazon's lightning deals, as a new deal can go live every few minutes.

What shops are doing black friday sales?

Most big retailers have a number of offers available on the day or during the week or two before, but the list changes each year as more brands jump in on the craze. Regardless, you can look forward to excellent online deals and christmas shopping fun, with the latest Apple iPad Air being one of the most anticipated Christmas gifts this year.

Here’s just a few of our merchants who we expect to join in on black friday in 2016:

ASDA logo Argos logo Currys logo eBay logo Disney Store logo
Microsoft logo Tesco Direct logo Very logo Debenhams logo GAME logo

Savvy Shopping Tips for Black Friday

1) Research the prices in advance.
Keep an eye on the internet. Most major retailers will release their pricing in the week or two before the day, so bargain hunters should keep an eye out to find the lowest price on their shopping must-haves.
Remember that online sales will often come with cashback, so be sure to shop through TopCashback before purchasing.

2) Buy only what you need.
It’s tempting to get a brand new 4K, 3D, LED TV on the day when it’s marked down by 50%, but do you really need it?
Buying for Christmas is the most expensive time of the year and unnecessary luxury shopping only adds to the bill. Only buy what you either need for yourself, something you would definitely be buying anyway (likely at a higher price), or something that you need to buy as a present for friends or family.

3) Get in early, or know when to stop.
In-store, large swarms of shoppers can quickly obliterate all stock in the store, so if you absolutely can’t miss an offer you’ll need to get there before anyone else.
Online, it can be very similar, as even large websites can have trouble loading as thousands of visitors hit the site at once - you’ll need to be on your computer hitting f5 until the sale starts, then get to the checkout with your basket as quick as possible to avoid the disappointing “This item is no longer in stock” message.

4) Don't spend all of your money.
Both because spending all of your money is never a good idea, as well as that cyber monday deals lie just around the corner - on the following Monday the online shopping madness returns as stores reveal their cyber monday offers, which in many cases can be even better than those on Black Friday.