Your Pet can benefit from Cashback too

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Pets can be expensive to keep and many people find that they are now struggling due to the credit crunch. Don’t disappoint your pet. Look to TopCashBack to help you save money on the necessities for looking after your fluffy or not so fluffy friends. We have a variety of good deals in a variety of costly areas when it comes to animals, giving plenty of reasons to wag that tail.

1) Pet Insurance

The dreaded Vet bills can be a disastrous unexpected expense so make sure your loyal friends get the best treatment possible, without hurting your bank balance. Make sure that they are covered through a pet insurance plan so that you don’t have to pay out if the worst happens. Choose from a variety of pet insurance companies through TopCashBack most of which give approximately £40 cashback when you take out a policy. Purr-fect.

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Get up to £42 cashback from More Than or Direct Line Pet Insurance!

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2) Pet Food   

The weekly food shop is the wallet’s nightmare as it is, without the added price of the dog’s dinner. Be wise and get cash back from companies via TopCashback that can offer up to 10% cashback on pet food  purchases (Be cheeky and look around our site for cashback off your own dinner too. For example: Get £5 cashback for your first purchase at Tesco) Stock up now while discounts are available so you don’t have to worry where the next meal is coming from.

3 Great stores to get cashback on your Pet Food:

Love Pets 

Pet Planet 

Pet Supermarket 

3) Pet Essentials

Just adopted a new friend? Well they need a bed, a bowl, a collar and a variety of different accessories depending on what species you have chosen. These things may also need replacing every so often. When buying new pet products ensure you go through TopCashback to get good savings on your purchases. We cater for all creatures great and small so not to worry; from ponies to fish we have you covered.

3 retailers to get cashback on your essentials:

Pet Supermarket

Muddy Paws

Mad 4 Ponies

I’m sure TopCashBack can find you some cracking deals from pet food and accessories merchants. Just let us know your favourites that you would like to see on our site and we will try our best!

Top Tip: Make sure you sign up to top cash back and follow the links through our website. This is so we can track your click through and ensure that you receive your cashback.

This blog was written by Emma, our resident pet expert.

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