Top Cashback in the USA

Posted on 14 Dec 2011 Posted in  Cashback Diary

We've launched in the USA!

We're really pleased to announce that has just launched in the USA, to enable our friends across the Atlantic to also enjoy 100% cashback on all their online shopping.

This is a really exciting achievement for, so we would like to take this opportunity to also say a big thank you to all our UK members for enjoying and entrusting our service. Without you making us a success - particularly by telling your friends and family about us - we wouldn't be able to negotiate better rates for everyone. Remember; the more members we have, the more generous the merchants get!

Know someone who lives in the USA?

If you've got friends or family in America, perhaps you could help them save money on their festive holidays and sales shopping by letting them know we've launched in the States?

Thank you very much for your continued support. We hope you're still enjoying saving money through us,
UPDATE:We have now also launched to India! If you want to earn cashback on any purchases made in India TopCashback India is the place to be!

Member37209477152311 Mar 19 - 20:02I live in the uk but a website I want to get Cashback from has now been removed from and now only resides on the .In website. Can I use the .In site instead and receive my Cashback over PayPal in my home currency?
You can do this if you like :)

Best wishes,
bobsig13 Jan 12 - 18:46Hi there
Can I use this acc when in america?As I spend a few months a year there.
caseUnauth114 Dec 11 - 17:54Hi

Good questions. Unfortunately the functionality to award referral fees from one site to the other doesn't exist.

However, we would recommend that you create your own account and refer people from there. When it comes to payout, send us an enquiry and we'll make sure that we sort you out into your preferred currency.

I hope that helps...
wertius14 Dec 11 - 17:09I would be interested in this also!
mateypeeps14 Dec 11 - 16:49It is not immediately obvious if we have our id embedded in the link or if we are doing this "for free".

I would welcome a referral link for the Yanks that I could include on my Blog, where coincidentally I just mentioned TCB and how it is Hard Cheese that the Yanks cannot join.
Discogod14 Dec 11 - 16:39Great idea... Are uk members able to get £5/£10 for recommending it to us people?