Top 10 Toys For Christmas 2015

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Top 10 Toys Christmas

Top 10 Toys For Christmas 2015

There can be no better sight on Christmas morning than seeing your child’s face light up when they open their presents. However, with so many options on the market, you might be struggling to decide just what the little ones would love to find under the tree. Fear not if you are worried about feeling like a turkey when you fail to hear your kids screaming with delight when they see what Santa has delivered as we at TopCashback have come up with a cracker of a list of the must-have toys for 2015. The list features items for all ages, interests and budgets, so you are sure to find something ideal for your little angel.

All of the toys on this list can be purchased from merchants on TopCashback, meaning you will get money back if you buy through us - Yule be sorry if you don’t!

  1. Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island Playset - Thunderbirds are most definitely go this year thanks to the new CGI series on TV. The playset looks like the toy which sold out in the 1990s but has been given a serious upgrade, meaning children will be eager to begin the famous five, four, three, two, one countdown on Christmas morning as they excitedly wait to get their hands on it. It boasts more than 40 action and rescue sounds, plus a wearable communicator, while it also knows which craft is launching. Launch Thunderbird 1 from beneath the sliding pool or open the hangar door for Thunderbird 2 and watch the palm trees fall away. However, the rescue vehicles and action figures have to be bought separately. Recommended for: Age 3+. Price: From £69.99.


  1. Disney Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Doll - Buy this for your child and they will certainly not want to ‘Let It Go’. They will be able to sing a festive duet with interactive Elsa as the microphone can recognise who is signing. Place it near Elsa’s mouth and she will belt out the full length version of the movie’s smash hit, but take it off her and she will stop singing and start playing just the music so your child can go solo and be the star of the show. What’s more, Elsa also lights up to create a magical winter wonderland. Recommended for: Age 3+. Price: From £34.99.


  1. Little Live Pets Clever Keet - There is no need to get in a flap this Christmas when shopping for presents - just buy your child a parrot which they can teach to talk, sing, dance and swing on a perch. What’s even better is that you will not have to clean up the mess from a real bird with this microchip version. This interactive pet will come to life, is ideal for creative play and will spark your child’s imagination - and he even drives his own cart! Your child can give their feathered friend a name and he will respond if they ask him questions. Recommended for: Age 5+. Price: From £39.99.


  1. Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset - Shopkins collectables are a huge hit in the States. The super cute and fun characters live in a big shopping world and can be found in adorable shopping bags. This playset allows children to go on a spending spree with the Shopkins and comes with two characters, two cooler bags, a display board and spinning stand, as well as the ice cream van. Store your Shopkins in the freezer or sit them in the front of the Scoops Truck, which has moving wheels, and take them for a ride. Recommended for: Age 5+. Price: From £16.


  1. My Friend Freddy Bear - This is the bear who really knows you! Download the free app to an iOS or Android device and type in all sorts of information about the child and their family to bring the bear to life. Your child will be amazed that their bear knows all about them, while the app also includes lots of activities with counting, colours, animals and more which grow in complexity over time as the child develops. When not connected to a smart device, Freddy Bear is a lovely teddy who will talk when he is cuddled, tipped upside down or thrown in the air! Recommended for: Age 2+. Price: From £19.99.


  1. LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel - Your child will have endless construction fun and be able to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime at the Grand Hotel in Heartlake City. The set includes five mini-doll figures - Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan and Nate - plus a dog and a cat. As the cab pulls up in front of the hotel, your child can help Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia hand their luggage to Nate the bellboy. Head through the revolving door and into the lobby with its chandelier, collect the keys from Susan at check-in and take the elevator to the bedrooms. Check out the view from the balcony, head up to the rooftop pool or enjoy a coffee from the cafe before spending the evening in the bar. Build this gigantic hotel with its amazing features and accessories, while its modular structure means you can rearrange it however you wish and make up endless stories. Recommended for: Age 8+. Price: From £80.


  1. Pie Face - Everyone loves a board game and this messy marvel is sure to be a hit with the family on Christmas Day. Just put some whipped cream or a wet sponge on the hand, put your face through the splash card mask and start turning the handles of this fast action game which is filled with fun and suspense. Beware, however, as it could go off at any time - so keep your fingers crossed it’s not you! You score a point for every time you turn the handle without getting pie-faced and the first to 25 wins. Recommended for: Age 5+. Price: From £19.99.


  1. Minions Tumbling Stuart - Stuart falls forwards and backwards but somehow always makes it back on his feet. Not one to let a little stumble bring him down, the animatronic plush soft toy talks in his original movie voice and laughs. He also has a fun talkback feature which is sure to bring a smile to any Minions fan’s face. Recommended for: Age 4+. Price: From £33.32.


  1. Real FX Slotless Racing Set - Give your children thrills and spills this Christmas with no lanes and no limits. Real FX combines Artificial Intelligence technology with a unique customisable track to create the ultimate real life, video game-style racing experience. The Artificial Intelligence will help you to stay on the track and drive like a pro, but you will still need great skill to be the fastest driver in the race. You can overtake or undertake your opponents, but you will need to deal with virtual track hazards, from tyre blowouts to transmission failure, and comply with pit-stop call-ins. It is fully customisable and offers more than 40 track layouts, as well as single and multiplayer modes. The set comes with two race cars, two handsets, 20 track pieces and instructions. Recommended for: Age 3+. Price: From £79.99.


    1. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber - The force will be with you on Christmas morning if you buy this, the ultimate lightsaber, for the Star Wars fan in the family. As well as the main lightsaber, which simulates classic lights and sounds, you will also get two independently lit lightdaggers, an expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, a dual connector and a cross connector, allowing children to imagine the thrill of battle and create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe. It is customisable with other Bladebuilders lightsabers. Recommended for: Age 4+. Price: From £44.99.




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