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📲 Excitement is building about the release of Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones, believed to be the S8 and S8+, so we decided to take a look at the latest rumours to see what the fuss is all about...

The expected announcement will take place on the 29th of March in New York, and Samsung are likely to unveil a feature-packed device.

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Here are the top five features we expect to see.




A bigger, bezel-less screen

Say goodbye to the thick bezels at the top and bottom of your phone. Leaked images suggest that Samsung have reduced top and bottom edges of the phone to thin slithers – giving owners more screen to see and play with.

In addition to the standard S8, Samsung are also rumoured to be announcing the S8+, a 6.2in version of the phone. As with the Galaxy S7, the new S8 will also have a curved, edge-to-edge display.

Samsung Phone Leak 

(Image Credit: Evan Blass, Twitter @evleaks)

Super-slow-motion video

With camera technology always advancing, Samsung have pushed their technology to newer limits, by developing one capable of recording video in 1000 frames per second– meaning you’ll be able to take super-slow motion videos.

Bixby – a whole new personal assistant

Samsung have developed their own personal assistant, and have named it Bixby. The new system, which aims to reduce the need to repeatedly pick up your phone, will have a dedicated button on the phone.

A Virtual Reality focus

Samsung are likely to announce a new Gear VR headset alongside their Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The new headset, which is said to be a bigger size due to the screen size of the new device, is rumoured to come with a controller – an addition that should make their VR solution even more immersive.

An Iris Scanner for extra security

Samsung developed iris scanning technology last year, and talk is that the new device will include it. By scanning your eye, you’ll be able to unlock the phone without a password or even a fingerprint. Iris scanning is one of the most secure authentication methods because each person has a unique pattern that’s almost impossible to replicate – making your phone even more secure.

While these are currently just rumours, we’ll know for certain on the 29th of March. Be sure to check back on Top Cashback then for the best deals, with deliveries expected to begin in mid-April.

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Posted on 24 Mar 2017  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
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